WWE In Your House 23 (Fully Loaded)

In Your House 23: Fully Loaded
July 26, 1998 – Fresno, California.
Fully Loaded 1998 Gallery

  1. OPENING MATCH: Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett w/Tennessee Lee..
    • Southern Justice (Mark Cantabury & Dennis Knight) were banned from ringside by referee Tim White..
    • Yamaguchi San & Kai En Tai came down, Kai En Tai was ejected, and Yamaguchi joined the announce team..
    • Yamaguchi San avoided questions about his wife appearing in one of Val Venis’ adult films..
    • After the match, Val Venis said that Yamaguchi’s wife was right, he’d never “measure up” to Val Venis..
  2. NON (EUROPEAN) TITLE MATCH: DLo Brown w/Godfather defeated X-Pac w/Chyna to retain..
    • The Godfather distracted X-Pac briefly allowing DLo to hit the Low-Down for the victory!
  3. WWE.COM UPDATE: Kevin Kelly & Tom Pritchard announce that The Undertaker has not arrived to the arena..
  4. TAG MATCH: Farooq & Scorpio defeated Bradshaw & Terry Funk..
    • Before the match, Terry Funk said he’d be taking time off to recharge his batteries – upsetting Bradshaw..
    • After the match, Bradshaw blamed Terry Funk for the loss and attacked him!
    • Farooq & Scorpio came back to help, but Bradshaw attacked them too!
    • Bradshaw hit Scorpio with a brutal Lariat on the floor, and whacked Farooq with a chair!
  5. MATCH: Mark Henry defeated Vader..
    • Vader hit a massive second rope splash, but Mark Henry miraculously kicked out!
    • Mark Henry eventually hit a powerslam and a standing splash for the victory!
  6. IN THE RING: Paul Bearer & Kane/Mankind + New Age Outlaws..
    • Paul Bearer says he knew Undertaker wouldn’t show up because he doesn’t want to face is brother..
    • Paul Bearer says that Stone Cold is in the wrong place at the wrong time, cause they’re gonna finish him!
    • Suddenly, the New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Roaddog) hit the ring with a microphone..
    • Roaddog challenges Kane & Mankind to defend their tag team titles tomorrow night on RAW!
    • The New Age Outlaws attack Kane & Mankind and they have a major pull-apart brawl..
  7. TAG MATCH: Disciples of Apocalypse w/Paul Ellering defeated The Legion of Doom..
    • Paul Ellering distracted the referee and DOA pulled a “switcheroo” to pin the LOD for the win!
  8. IN THE RING: Vince McMahon & Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson & Sgt Slaughter..
    • Vince McMahon says he’s upset at the possibility of the Undertaker not performing at Fully Loaded..
    • Vince McMahon tells the crowd not to blame HIM if Undertaker no-shows..
    • Vince McMahon says it is Stone Cold Steve Austin‘s fault for whacking him with a steel chair on RAW..
    • Vince McMahon says that all the newspaper ads and programs stated that the “card is subject to change”..
    • Vince McMahon reads from the program that “the promoter reserves the right to replace a no-show”..
    • Vince McMahon introduces the Brooklyn Brawler!!!
  9. DUNGEON MATCH: Owen Hart defeated Ken Shamrock (Dan Severn was special guest referee)..
    • This match was fought in the famous “Dungeon” at the Hart Family Mansion under “submission” rules..
    • Late in the fight, Ken Shamrock missing a spinkick and knocked out Dan Severn!
    • Owen Hart knocked Ken Shamrock out with a dumbell, and lifted his limp arm in a tap out motion!
    • Dan Severn woke and declared Owen Hart the winner..
  10. BEST 2/3 FALLS IC TITLE MATCH: The Rock (heel Champ) vs Triple H (babyface) w/Chyna went to a draw..
    • Midway through the match, Mark Henry hit the ring and splashed Triple H on the outside floor!
    • Billy Gunn ran down to chase Mark Henry away but the damage had been done..
    • A few minutes later, DLo Brown tried to interfere but Triple H knocked him off the top rope!
    • The Rock capitalized and hit the Rock Bottom on Triple H and pinned him to win the FIRST FALL!
    • XPac later ran in and gave the X-Factor to The Rock, and then Chyna nailed a DDT several moments later!
    • Triple H crawled over and pinned The Rock to even it up ONE fall a piece..
    • Triple H later hit the pedigree just as the 30 minute time limit expired, resulting in a DRAW!
    • Mark Henry, DLo & Godfather ran down and attacked HHH until X-Pac & The NOA made the save..
  11. WWE.COM UPDATE: Kevin Kelly & Tom Pritchard announce that the Undertaker has arrived!
  12. BIKINI CONTEST: Sable defeated Jacqueline (Jerry Lawler MC)..
    • Jacqueline came out with a very revealing bikini and did a $2 stripper dance and her boob fell out..
    • Sable wore a “conservative” top, explaining that Vince McMahon told her not to wear what she planned..
    • Sable said there was nobody who could stop her from doing what she was about to do..
    • Sable tore off her top revealing bare breasts with hand prints painted on each breast..
    • Jerry Lawler had an anyrism and Vince McMahon came out and ordered Sable to cover up..
  13. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Undertaker & Steve Austin over Mankind & Kane to win the tag titles!
    • The Undertaker & Stone Cold exchanged glances and hand gestures before the match..
    • The Undertaker took a beating for the first half of the match then got the hot tag on Stone Cold..
    • Mankind took a brutal bump off the apron and landed on the spanish announce table, which did not collapse..
    • Stone Cold then took a beating for a while and then tagged in The Undertaker..
    • The Undertaker tombstoned Kane and pinned him to win the Tag Team titles for his team..
    • The Undertaker grabbed the title belts and walked away with both of them in hand..
  14. And that’s a wrap folks…