WWE One Night Stand 2005

  • June 12, 2005 – New York City, New York (Hammerstein Ballroom);
    • Lance Storm w/Dawn Marie beat Chris Jericho;
    • Super Crazy beat Tajiri and Little Guido;
    • Rey Mysterio defeated Psicosis;
    • Shoot Interview with Rob Van Dam;
    • Sabu w/Bill Alfonso defeated Rhyno;
    • Chris Benoit defeated Eddie Guerrero;
    • Mike Awesome defeated Masato Tanaka;
    • Paul Heyman’s “This is EC-F’n-W” promo;
    • The Dudley Boyz beat Tommy Dreamer & Sandman;
    • Lots of ECW clips were shown during the show;
    • Steve Austin appeared at the end for a beer bash;
    • The anti-ECW guys were humiliated by the ECW guys;


  1. EXTREME HEAT: Hosted by Michael Cole & The Coach (wearing an anti-ECW jersey, and had securty guards)..
    • Michael Cole & The Coach introduced the show sitting on a small stage surrounded by rabid ECW fans..
    • A fan stood behind Cole with a “WWE sucks” sign as fans began chanting “Shut The F*** Up!” (welcome to ECW)..
    • A video package was shown about the historic night that saw Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff & Paul Heyman together..
    • The Spike TV censors tried bleeping out the “F-bombs” but it wasn’t working so they just let it go..
    • They cut to commercial and when they came back the fans were better behaved (musta made a comprimise)..
    • A documentary style video package was shown narrirated by Paul Heyman with interviews with ECW alumni..
    • The footage was shown from the past RAW and Smackdown! when ECW Invaded and out-brawled WWE crusaders..
    • They had to promote the Vengeance PPV with a video clip hyping the Batista vs Triple H “Hell in a Cell” match..
    • A video package was shown of Kurt Angle‘s appearance in ECW and the events leading to his feud with Tazz..
  2. IN THE RING: “The Voice of ECW” Joey Styles! + Mick Foley!
    • Joey Styles opened the show to a huge response and even held back tears as he was showered with chants of ECW!
    • Joey Styles welcomed everyone to ECW One Night Stand with his most famous catch phrase “Oh My, God!!!!”
    • Joey Styles introduced his broadcast partner for the night, a man he loves and respects — Mick Foley!!!
  3. OPENING MATCH: Lance Storm w/Dawn Marie vs “Lionheart” Chris Jericho..
    • As Lance Storm & Dawn Marie came out, they showed clips of Storm teaming with Justin Credible as the Impact Players..
    • Dawn Marie was wearing an outfit that covered her stomach so the jury is still out on whether or not she is pregnant..
    • Chris Jericho came out to his WWE music, but had his ECW gear on and was introduced at “Lionheart” Chris Jericho..
    • Joey Styles explained that ECW doesn’t use mats outside the ring, but the NY State Athletic Commission made them!
    • Joey Styles also made a personal comment thanking the WWE for making this ECW Event possible..
    • Late in the match, Lance Storm smacked Chris Jericho in the chin with a superkick but only got a 2-count..
    • Chris Jericho got the Walls of Jericho on Lance Storm, but Dawn Marie got on the apron and distracted the ref..
    • Justin Credible & Jason (Knight) showed up and Jericho knocked them down, but Credible whacked Jericho with a cane!
    • Joey Styles says it is disappointing that Lance Storm would want his last match to end in that manner..
    • The Impact Players celebrated and left together, while Chris Jericho got up and got a nice ovation from the fans..
  4. RINGSIDE: Joey Styles & Mick Foley..
    • Joey Styles said that the anti-ECW crusaders had purchased a row of seats on the balcony..
  5. TRIBUTE: “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe introduces an “ECW Remembers” video honoring Extreme wrestlers who passed away..
    • Rocco Rock..tag team partner of Johnny Grunge as the Public Enemy..RIP (1953-2002)
    • Terry Gordy..legendary personality in wrestling famous for being a Freebird..RIP (1961-2000)
    • Mick Lockwood..known to wrestling fans as Crash Holly..RIP (1971-2003)
    • The Original Sheik..the uncle of ECW’s Sabu and the original Hardcore Legend..RIP (1926-2003)
    • Mike Lozanski..RIP (1968-2003)
    • Pitbull Anthony Durante..tag team partner of Pitbull Gary Wolfe as the Pitbulls..RIP (1967-2003)
    • Big Dick Dudley..the biggest and baddest Dudley from the Dudley clan..RIP (1968-2002)
    • Chris Candido..member of the Triple Threat and one of wrestling’s tragic deaths..RIP (1972-2005)
  6. INTERNATIONAL THREE WAY DANCE: Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Little Guido..
    • Tajiri was accompanied by Sinister Minister (James Mitchell) and Mikey Whipwreck..
    • Little Guido was accompanied by his FBI brothers Big Guido, Tracy Smothers, JT Storm & Tony Mamaluke..
    • Super Crazy did an INSANE moonsault off the balcony early in the match taking out the entire FBI!
    • The FBI recovered and pulled Super Crazy out of the ring, while Big Guido set up Tajiri for a power bomb..
    • Tajiri spewed the green mist in Little Guido’s eyes, and Sinister Minister gave Big Guido a weak low blow..
    • Tajiri kicked Tracy Smothers out of the ring, while Mikey Whipwreck hit a 2nd Rope Whipper Snapper on Little Guido!!
    • Tajiri then pinned Little Guido to eliminate him from the match, leaving Tajiri vs Super Crazy in a 1-on-1..
    • Super Crazy nailed a top rope moonsault on Tajiri and scored the pinfall to win the match!!
  7. EXTREME MEMORIES: A video package was shown featuring some of ECW’s most memorable moments..
  8. EXTREME LUCHA MATCH: Pyschosis vs Rey Mysterio..
    • Psicosis came out wearing his mask, and removed it “as a show of love and respect for the fans”..
    • A few minutes into the match, the fans playfully responded by chanting “put the mask on!” at Psicosis..
    • Psicosis folded Mysterio over the guard rail and jump off the top rope with a Psycho Guillotine Leg Drop..
    • Psicosis missed a shoulder block and bounced out of the ring, and over the rail and onto the front row!
    • Rey Mysterio dove off the top rope into the front row taking Psicosis down to the arena floor..
    • Rey Mysterio went back to the ring and hit the 619 (crowd booed) and West Coast Pop (cheered) for the victory!
  9. ARENA FLOOR: The Smackdown! anti-ECW crusaders arrived and took their seats..
    • Kurt Angle, JBL, The Bashams, Orlando Jordan, Carlito Cool and Matt Morgan sat down..
    • The fans responded by errupting with a loud “F*CK YOU SMACKDOWN!” chant..
  10. PROMO: Roadkill & Danny Doring (their promo was interrupted by more footage of the SD! guys..
  11. EXTREME MEMORIES: A video package was shown featuring more of ECW’s most memorable moments..
  12. BALCONY: Joel Gertner & anti-ECW crusaders (Kurt Angle & John Bradshaw Layfield)..
    • “The Quintisential Studmuffin” Joel Gertner tried to interview the crusaders but Kurt Angle & JBL beat him up..
    • The fans began chanting “You suck Dick!” and Kurt Angle responded by saying “Your mother taught me how!”..
    • Kurt Angle said they will make sure each and every ECW wrestler gets their ass kicked by them tonight!
    • JBL says he could sell out Madison Square Garden, but ECW could barely fill the Hammerstein Ballroom..
    • JBL attacked the internet fans saying the fans love ECW, because they could be ECW because anybody can..
    • JBL tells the fans to go home and get on the internet and tell all their buddies they saw a “wrestling GOD”..
    • JBL says the only reason this pay per view will be successful is because of him being on it..
    • Rob Van Dam’s theme music hit, and RVD came out accompanied by Bill Alfonso……
    • JBL’s microphone went dead…….
  13. IN THE RING: Rob Van Dam & Bill Alfonso + Rhyno + Sabu..
    • Rob Van Dam says it sucks that the SD! guys are there taking credit for something they had nothing to do with..
    • Rob Van Dam says the fans are sick and tired of having JBL and Angle shoved down their throats instead of wrestling!
    • Rob Van Dam says the office might be blind to what the fans want, but the fans will let them know tonight..
    • Rob Van Dam says that he doesn’t have any creative geniuses writing his scripts and will shoot from the heart!
    • Rob Van Dam reminised when the fans would chant his name from the beginning of the show until the very end!
    • Rob Van Dam says it was a lot of pressure but he didn’t sweat it because he wanted the fans to go home happy!
    • Rob Van Dam says he got to do his part, and that’s all that matters, cause he’s the “WHOLE F*CKIN’ SHOW” (censored)
    • Rob Van Dam reminds the fans that he held the Television title for 1-year, 11-months, 18-days, 2-hours, 42 seconds..
    • Rob Van Dam says it was the best time of his career and ECW understood how to showcase R-V-D..
    • Rob Van Dam says he went to Vince McMahon and suggested that he do an ECW Pay Per View..
    • Rob Van Dam says he wanted “One Night Only” to do a show with no storylines and Vince liked his idea..
    • Rob Van Dam says the dream became a reality and Vince McMahon agreed to promote a one-time ECW pay per view..
    • Rob Van Dam says then he suffered a knee injury and had to have surgery and isn’t available to compete tonight!
    • Rob Van Dam says missing this show sucks more than missing Booker T’s wedding and even missing Wrestle-friggin-mania..
    • Rob Van Dam says he would gladly give that up to be able to compete tonight — beacuase R-V-D IS E-C-W!
    • Suddenly, Rhyno showed up and viciously Gored Rob Van Dam and assaulted RVD’s knee until the lights went out!
    • The lights came back on and Sabu was in the ring — and a referee showed up and the match was started!
  14. MATCH: Sabu w/Bill Alfonso vs Rhyno..
    • Sabu’s body was ripped to schreds and bandaged from his Barbed Wire match at Hardcore Homecoming two nights ago..
    • Sabu did a triple jump springboard Air-Sabu dive onto Rhyno outside of the ring and set up a table on the floor..
    • Mick Foley commented that he’s been called a “Hardcore Legend” for a while but could never live up to SABU..
    • Rhyno went for the Gore, but Sabu moved out of the way, and Rhyno accidentally Gored the referee..
    • Rob Van Dam got in the ring and smashed Rhyno with a chair and then kicked a chair into Rhyno’s face!
    • Sabu jumped off the top rope and hit an Arabian SkullCrusher on Rhyno through the TABLE!!!!!!!!
    • Sabu covered Rhyno and pinned him to win the match!!!! RVD & Sabu celebrated and paid tribute to The Sheik..
  15. PROMO: Al Snow & HEAD introduced another video package of more Extreme memorable moments..
    • Al Snow yelled at HEAD and said tonight was for ECW and not for a bunch of Smackdown! assholes!!
  16. ARENA FLOOR: The RAW anti-ECW crusaders arrived and took their seats..
    • Eric Bischoff, The Coach, Edge, Christian, William Regal, La Resistance, Gene Snitsky Maven & Tyson Tomko..
    • Eric Bischoff was told to “F*ck off” by a fan, so Bischoff shot back with “No, you F*ck off!”..
    • Eric Bischoff had beer spit on him by another fan, causing Bischoff to reach out and shove him..
    • Joey Styles said he’s glad he didn’t bring his wife, cause Edge would steal her!
  17. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero..
    • Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero both came out to the WWE entrance music to fight a Japan-style match..
    • Eddie Guerrero managed to nail a super-plex off the top rope on Chris Benoit a few minutes into the match..
    • Eddie Guerrero went for a frog-splash but MISSED — Benoit & Guerrero then began exchanging CHOPS to the chest!
    • A few minutes later, Chris Benoit climbed to the top rope and nailed a Suicide Headbutt on Guerrero…
    • Chris Benoit managed to lock Eddie Guerrero into the Crippler Crossface submission in the middle of the ring!
    • Eddie Guerrero withstood the pain for about 30 seconds before finally tapping out and giving up!
    • On the balcony, JBL & Orlando Jordan applauded in support for the two “Smackdown!” wrestlers performances..
  18. COMMERCIAL: Vengeance PPV (They just can’t do anything 100% authentic can they)..
  19. BALCONY: Joel Gertner & anti-ECW crusaders (Eric Bischoff)..
    • Joel Gertner says he has a very important question for Bischoff —- CAN I PLEASE HAVE A JOB??????
    • Eric Bischoff spits out his beer and laughs along with the other crusaders — and calls Gertner a scab..
    • Eric Bischoff says he runs the biggest show on the planet, Monday Night RAW, and would never hire a SCAB!
    • Eric Bischoff calls the fans garbage and says ECW sucks..
  20. MATCH: Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka..
    • The RAW wrestlers on the balcony stood up and turned their backs to the ring as a show of disrespect..
    • Joey Styles berated Mike Awesome for walking out on ECW as champion to sign a big money deal with WCW..
    • Mike Awesome quickly did a suicide dive over the top rope and speared Tanaka into the guard rail..
    • Mike Awesome charged at Masato Tanaka, who backflipped Awesome over the guard rail and into the front row!
    • Mike Awesome hit a sick-looking Awesome-bomb off the ring apron through a table – Tanaka landed on his neck!
    • Mike Awesome followed up with an Awesome-splash off the top rope into the ring, but only got a two count..
    • Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka got their hands on a pair of chairs and began swinging them at eachother..
    • Masato Tanaka took the brunt of three stiff wild chairshots but still managed to get to his feet..
    • Masato Tanaka began his comeback and hit a Tornado-DDT onto the folded steel chairs but only got a 2-count..
    • Masato Tanaka put a chair on Awesome’s face and elbow smashed him from the top rope!
    • Mike Awesome hit a fall-away Slam and followed up with a running spear accross the ring..
    • Mike Awesome hit a vicious chairhot off the top rope and then pulled a 2nd table out from under the ring..
    • The anti-ECW crusaders were shown standing on their feet in amazement looking like they were enjoying it..
    • Mike Awesome set up the table, and went for a Superplex but Masato Tanaka reversed it into a Tornado DDT!
    • Joey Styles comments that JBL is cheering for Mike Awesome because he “sold his soul for money”..
    • Mike Awesome hit an inverted Awesome Bomb off the second rope onto the rubble of the broken table..
    • The crowd errupted in a loud chant of “ECW! ECW!” — and then began chanting “This match Rules!”..
    • Mike Awesome set up a table outside the ring and Awesome-bombed Tanaka over the top rope through the table!!!
    • Mike Awesome then dove over the top rope and landed right on Tanaka and pinned him on the floor for the win!
    • Mick Foley said Mike Awesome was a Monster in ECW, and was made to look like an idiot in WCW..
    • Mike Awesome powerbombed referee Jim Molleneux after the match (not exactly sure why)..
  21. IN THE RING: Paul Heyman (Introduced by ECW Ring Announcer Bob Artese)..
    • Paul Heyman came out and got on his knees and bowed to the fans as the fans chant “Thank you Paul!”
    • Editor’s Note: I’ve never heard a crowd chant “Thank you HHH” or “Thank you JBL” or even “Thank you Vince”
    • Paul Heyman held back tears and said he’s not crying, but his eyes are red cause he was smoking a joint with RVD..
    • Paul Heyman thanks Tod Gordon for giving him the chance to be creative and to book for the ECW fans..
    • Paul Heyman thanks two guys in the front row for sticking with ECW and helping to get them a TV deal..
    • Paul Heyman thanks a specific group of loyal ECW fans in the front row who were very familier to ECW..
    • Paul Heyman says that the ECW fans are the craziest bastards he’s ever known and loves every single one of them!
    • Paul Heyman addresses the anti-ECW crusaders standing in the balcony and says he has a few things to say..
    • Paul Heyman says it’s not him with his tail between his legs going to a WCW PPV, Bischoff is in ECW’s House BITCH!
    • Paul Heyman says “hide your wives…. it’s Edge!” inciting a “You Screwed Matt!” chant from the brutal NY fans…..
    • Paul Heyman looked straight at Edge and yells “Matt Freekin Hardy!” causing Edge to spit out his beer….
    • Paul Heyman says the only reason he was WWE champ for a year is because HHH didn’t wanna work on Tuesdays!!!
    • Paul Heyman looks in the camera and says this isn’t WCW, RAW, SD! or WWE — this IS E C F*CKING W!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. MAIN EVENT: The Dudley Boyz vs Tommy Dreamer & Sandman..
    • The Dudley Boyz came out and then Tommy Dreamer was introduced came out and was showered with love from the fans..
    • Sandman came out and did a 10-minute entrance complete with BEER DRINKING and pouring beer down Elektra’s chest..
    • The blue World order (Big Stevie Cool, The Blue Guy & Hollywood Nova) made their presense known and came out..
    • Big Stevie Cool cut a promo and said “we’re taking over” and superkicked Sandman and started to brawl..
    • Kid Kash ran out to some kind of music and was referred to as “Mr. TNA Total Nonstop Attitude” by Joey Styles..
    • Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten showed up and all hell broke loose with everyone brawling with eachother..
    • Balls & Axl smacked Nova with chairshot and Joey Styles said it was more painful than being Simon Dean on TV..
    • Kid Kash did a springboard flip off the back of the referee to the floor taking out the bWo, Dudleyz & Balls/Axl..
    • Kid Kash, Axl & Balls brawled to the back with the bWo members and the match finally got started in the ring..
    • Tommy Dreamer brought a cheese grader in and having it used on his own head!!!
    • Tommy Dreamer was busted wide open and had blood pouring out of his forehead..
    • Sandman brought a ladder into the ring and smashed it into both of the Dudleyz, knocking them over..
    • Sandman placed the ladder over Tommy Dreamers head and he spin it around smashing the Dudleyz in their heads!
    • Tommy Dreamer then busted Bubba Dudley open with the cheese grater as the fans chanted “He’s hardcore!”..
    • Sandman teeter-toodered the ladder on the ropes and pulled down one side, smashing DVon Dudley in the face!
    • Sandman covered DVon Dudley with the ladder and hit a rolling Senton off the top rope onto the ladder!
    • Bubba Ray came in and gave Sandman a vicous chairshot, igniting a loud “Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” chant..
    • Bubba Ray splashed Sandman from the top rope while Sandman was laid out on top of the folded ladder..
    • DVon Dudley missed a Cane-shot and accidentally hit Bubba, and Sandman gave DVon the side-russian legsweep..
    • Sandman & Dreamer got The Dudleyz in a pair of Figure Four Leglocks until Lance Storm & Justin Credible showed up!
    • Justin Credible gave Sandman the That’s Incredible Piledriver onto a roll of barbed wire..
    • Francine showed up and kicked Dreamer between the legs, bringing out Beulah for an extreme catfight!!!!!
    • The Impact Players went after Beulah, but Storm accidentally hit Credible, and Beulah kicked Storm “in the BALLS”
    • Tommy Dreamer, with a crimson mask, hugged Beulah (his wife), and they gave the Dudleyz simoltaneous DDTs!!
    • Joey Styles said “I’ve just been informed that I can’t say BALLS. I’m sorry if anyone was offended when I said BALLS”
    • Sandman held DVon’s legs open with a chair over his crotch while Dreamer hit a road sign smash to his crotch!!!
    • Bubba Ray came in swinging the Singapore Cane and cracked it over the head of both Sandman and Tommy Dreamer..
    • The Dudley Boyz then powerbombed Sandman through a table but only got a two-count..
    • The Dudley Boyz hit a Dudley Death Drop on Tommy Dreamer and then slide a table into the ring..
    • Spike Dudley, wearing full old school Dudley-gear, came down with a bottles of lighter fluid for the table..
    • Joey Styles said “they’re gonna throw us in jail” and Foley said “I don’t think we can use lighter fluid on PPV”..
    • The Dudleyz lit the table on fire and powerbombed Tommy Dreamer through it and pinned him for the win!!!
    • Tommy Dreamer sold it like he was just butchered alive and laid in the ring covered in blood..
  23. CONCLUSION: Stone Cold Steve Austin + The ECW Alumni vs The anti-ECW Crusaders..
    • The Dudleyz dragged Beulah McGillicutty into the ring but Sandman whacked everybody with a Singapore cane!
    • Sandman demanded that somebody get him a beer, AND HERE COMES STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Steve Austin says Sandman doesn’t need just one beer, he needs a whole case of beer…..for a beer bash!!
    • The ECW locker room filed out and got in the ring as the anti-ECW crusaders watched in envy from the balcony..
    • Joey Styles noted (in reference to Al Snow) “We got head tonight, and I’m married, it doesn’t happen to often”..
    • Also included: Johnny Swinger, Gary Wolfe, Chris Chetti, CW Anderson, Roadkill, Danny Doring & Elektra..
    • Joey Styles says “this is the kind of love you won’t find in any other locker room”..
    • Steve Austin says he has nearly overdosed on Violence tonight and invites the anti-ECW guys into the ring..
    • Steve Austin says if they don’t come down, he’ll go up there and “slap the piss out of every one of them”..
    • The anti-ECW Crusaders turned and filed out down to the ring to go face-to-face with the ECW alumni..
    • The crowd started chanting “WE WANT TAZZ! WE WANT TAZZ” and right on que Tazz came out to the ring..
    • Tazz got in the ring and went after Kurt Angle and all hell broke loose with the ring full of mayhem!!
    • Rhyno gored Kurt Angle and Tazz got Angle in the Tazzmission outside on the floor and choked him out…
    • Off-camera, JBL stalked The Blue Meanie and viciously punched his face, busting Meanie open & bruising him legit..
    • Some of the wrestlers in the ring, including Al Snow, saw what was going on and did not appreciate JBL’s actions..
    • The Blue Meanie ended up with a cut on the forehead, and a black eye before Maven pulled him free of JBL..
    • Mick Foley yelled at Eric Bischoff, who joined commentary, that they only showed up to “crap on something special”
    • Eric Bischoff says ECW wrestlers are just a bunch of “out of shape scabs who can’t get a job anywhere else”..
    • Mick Foley told Eric Bischoff that what went on tonight was something WCW was void of, and that is REAL EMOTION..
    • Eric Bischoff called the fans 1500 idiots, coolaid-drinking pieces of garbage who still live with their parents..
    • Eric Bischoff says he’s wanted to knock out Joey Styles for a long time, and Style says he never answered his calls.
    • One by one, the anti-ECW crusaders were thrown out of the ring and Steve Austin says they got their ass whooped!
    • Joey Styles says if you want to watch body builders wrestle, then you can tune in on Monday nights..
    • Steve Austin asked Mick Foley to grab Eric Bischoff and drag him to the ring as the anti-ECW crew retreated..
    • Mick Foley tossed Eric Bischoff into the ring, where the Dudley Boyz gave him a Dudley Death Drop..
    • Chris Benoit gave Eric Bischoff a flying headbutt | followed by Rey Mysterio giving him a 619..
    • Steve Austin leaned over Eric Bischoff’s body and asked him what he thinks of ECW now..
    • Steve Austin held a microphone up to Bischoff’s mouth as Bischoff screamed “F*CK ECW!!!!!”
    • Steve Austin then gave Eric Bischoff a Stone Cold Stunner and the Dudleyz dragged him backstage to dispose of him..
    • Steve Austin then started the beer bash with all the ECW Stars including sharing beers with Sandman!
    • The PPV ended with Steve Austin raising Sandman’s arm on the stage with Joey Styles yelling “ECW LIIIIVVVEESSS!!!!!!”
  24. POST SHOW: Tommy Dreamer..
    • All the ECW wrestlers filed out until Tommy Dreamer (who stayed outside the ring during the brawl) was left..
    • Tommy Dreamer looked around the building at the fans and started to cry and and dropped to his knees..
    • The crowd chanted “Thank you Tommy!” as he bowed down and kissed the ECW logo on the ring canvas..
    • The Dudley Boyz returned to the ring and hugged Tommy Dreamer and Bubba said “This is all for you….”
    • Tommy Dreamer reportedly suffered both a separated shoulder and an ear injury of some sort in his match..
    • The next day there was a huge controversy over JBL’s “unprofessional” conduct towards the Blue Meanie..
    • Dave Meltzer reported that a second altercation occured backstage between JBL and The Blue Meanie..
    • Matt Hardy posted the following on his website: What’s up everyone? I got about 50 calls tonight from people buzzing me on the ECW crowd being all over Adam’s @ss about me and the Paul E plug. After reading a couple of reviews of the show, it reminded me of why I loved ECW so much back in the day. Spontaneity. Controversy. Not being afraid to break from “the formula”. Alot of truth and honesty rolled into the “entertainment” aspect of pro wrestling. Regardless of how predetermined or not Paul’s two (or three) words were – “Matt frickin’ Hardy”, I respect him and thank him for going there. It popped me when I heard. Paul Heyman is a truly amazing individual when it comes down to him having his fingers on the pulse of the product. I respect his contributions to the business and wrestling mind greatly. I also respect the f*ck out of the New York fans–more specifically, the more educated, can’t be insulted, we’ll call you out on your feces fans. When it comes to performing, there’s nowhere like NYC and the New Yorkers. As always, I thank everyone for their support–be well.