WWE Royal Rumble 2010

January 31, 2010 – Atlanta, Georgia
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler & Matt Striker
Theme Song #1: “HERO” by the band “SKILLET”
Theme Song #2: “Martyr No More” by “FOZZY”

Christian beat Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal (ECW Championship)
Mike Mizanin beat Montel Vontavious Porter (WWE United States Title)
Sheamus beat Randy Orton by DQ (WWE Championship Match)
Mickie James beat Michelle McCool w/Layla  to win the WWE Women’s Title
The Undertaker beat Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Title
Edge made a shocking return and won the 30-Man 2010 Royal Rumble Match!

30-Man Royal Rumble Match for WrestleMania Title Shot
RAW Participants:
John Cena
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
The Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Mike Mizanin
Ted DiBiase Jr.
Cody Rhodes
Mark Henry
Jack Swagger
Chris Masters
Evan Bourne
Carlito Colon
ECW Participants:
Shelton Benjamin
Zack Ryder
Yoshi Tatsu
Surprise Participants:
Beth Phoenix
SD! Participants:
Chris Jericho
C.M. Punk
Drew McIntyre
John Morrison
The Great Khali
Dolph Ziggler
Matt Hardy

WWE Royal Rumble

Gail Kim & Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres & Nikki Bella & Brie Bella defeated Maryse Ouellet & Natalya Neidhart & Jillian Hall & Alicia Fox & Katie Lea:

Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal to retain the ECW championship: Savannah was the ring announcer for this match, which was representing the ECW brand. Ezekiel Jackson earned the right to challenge for the ECW championship by winning the ECW Homecoming tournament. Ezekiel dominated the first part of the match with his power offense. William Regal was ejected from ringside after the referee caught him putting his hands on Christian on the floor. Ezekiel continued to over-power Christian, who had only a few brief failed comebacks. Christian kept kicking out of Ezekiel’s pin attempts, and nailed a surprise Killswitch for the 1-2-3 to win the match and retain the ECW championship!

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & ECW General Manager Tiffany + Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) + The Great Khali + Ranjin Singh + WWE United States champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Theodore Long complimented his former protege, Tiffany, on a great ECW championship match. Cryme Tyme showed up and called themselves the Ziplock Boys (because they stay fresh). Shad has a new haircut. Shad said there was two of them, but only one of them were allowed in the Royal Rumble match. Long suggested they do what they did last year and flip a coin. Shad suggested Long pull some strings and give them someone elses spot. Long said there was no way he could do that. Shad said they “cohersed” somebody to give them their spot. The Great Khali came in and Cryme Tyme said he could kiss Tiffany if he gave them his spot. Tiffany wasn’t going along with that plan. Ranjin Singh showed up and translated what Cryme Tyme was trying to do, and Singh said “no dice, because we keepin’ it real!” Singh & Khali then crossed their arms like homeboys. Singh said they get all their slang from watching reruns of Family Matters. Khali yelled out “DID I DO THAT?” Longs aid Cryme Tyme should be ashamed of themselves for trying to trick the Great Khali. Long said Cryme Tume looked like fools with their pants on the ground. Everybody started singing “Pants on the Ground” from American Idol. WWE United States champion The Miz came in and asked “Really?” saying in five years they will be talking about the time he (Miz) won his first Royal Rumble. Long said this isn’t RAW where there is a guest host, and he makes the rules around there. Long ruled that the Miz would defend the U.S. title agianst MVP, tonight, NEXT!

Randy Orton + Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes approached Randy Orton and asked if they could talk. Rhodes said what Orton said on RAW did not just go over his head. Rhodes said Legacy has done too much and gone too far to let it just slip away. Rhodes said he was there to tell Orton that he would be there for him. Orton said it was good to hear, and thanked Rhodes. Rhodes added that he wished he could say the same for Ted (DiBiase Jr.). Rhodes said Ted hasn’t been the same since his movie came out. Rhodes said all Ted has talked about is winning the Royal Rumble and going to WrestleMania and beating Orton for the WWE championship. Rhodes said maybe after tonight Ted will get it out of his system, but wanted Orton to know he could count on him tonight.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Montel Vontavious Porter to retain the WWE United States title: This was a short match, which ended with the Miz scoring a quick surprise roll-up for the win! The Miz showed poor sportsmanship and taunted MVP with the title after the match. MVP showed poor sportsmanship as well and gave the Miz a Playmaker. The crowd booed and MVP walked to the back looking very disgruntled. The referee gave the Miz his belt as he woke up and he kissed it!

The Big Show & Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho bumped into his former tag team partner, the Big Show, and wanted to talk. The Big Show said he knew Jericho was jealous that he said he and the Miz had more chemistry than he and Jericho ever had. Jericho said he felt sorry for Big Show, because the Miz is egotistical and only thinks of himself. Jericho said the Miz is only using him for his personal agenda. Big Show said sees it, and it was kinda like what Jericho did. Jericho said they were the greatest tag team of any generation. Jericho said he turned Big Show into a giant. Jericho said he knows if it comes down to the two of them and Miz, he will show where is loyalties are. Big Show said if it comes down to them he would throw both of them out. R-Truth came in and said “if he doesn’t then I will!” Jericho said if R-Truth wanted a piece of him he had to go through the Big Show. Jericho turned around and the Big Show had disappeared. R-Truth said everyone was on their own in the Royal Rumble, and that’s the Truth!

Randy Orton + Ted DiBiase Jr.: Ted DiBiase approached Randy Orton and told him if he needed anything he’s got it for him. Orton asked for Cody Rhodes was, and Ted didn’t know where he was. Ted added that Rhodes has been talking about winning the Royal Rumble and facing Sheamus at WrestleMania. Ted said it’s like Rhodes has already counted Orton out. Orton said he was seconds away from going out and beating Sheamus and he didn’t want help from either of them!

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton by DQ to retain the WWE championship: Late in the match (not a long match), Cody Rhodes jumped the rail and bashed Sheamus in full view of the referee. Sheamus crawled back in the ring and got RKO’d by Randy Orton. Orton went for the pin, but the referee called for the bell and disqualified Orton due to Rhodes’ interference! Orton went into a tranz and Rhodes started to panic at ringside. Rhodes entered te ring to plead his case and justify his actions. The crowd begged for Orton to give Rhodes and RKO. Orton punched Rhodes down and yelled “you screwed everything up!” Orton started bashing Rhodes until Ted DiBiase ran down and pulled Orton off of him. DiBiase went to check on Rhodes, but Orton bashed him (Ted) from behind! Orton kicked both members of Legacy and yelled “you’re both done!” and “WHY? WHY! WHY?” Meanwhile, Sheamus woke up and got to his feet behind Orton. Orton turned around and took an Irish boot to the face from Sheamus! Sheamus left with his WWE championship belt. Orton was knocked out cold in the middle of the ring and Rhodes & DiBiase walked out together.

Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool w/Layla El to win the WWE Women’s title: WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool came down first and called out Piggy James, which brought out Layla in her fat suit from SmackDown!. Michelle made fun of Piggy James by making barnyard noises. Suddenly Mickie James ran down and tackled Layla in her fat suit. Mickie bashed Layla head-first into the safety barrier. Mickie jumped in the ring and the match started. Michelle charged Mickie, but accidentally knocked Layla off the ring apron! Mickie defeated Michelle in less than 30 seconds to capture the WWE Women’s championship! Layla jumped in to check on Michelle, but Mickie kicked her over onto Michelle to get a laugh! Maria Kanellis, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, and the Bella Twins came down with a giant cake to celebrate! Maria gave the cake to Mickie and she dumped it on top of both Michelle & Layla!! Sweet revenge!

The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight title: Rey Mysterio went right after the Undertaker from the start, but Undertaker launched Rey over the top rope! Rey cautiously made his way back up the ring apron, only for Undertaker to strike him back down to the floor! Rey avoided taking a leg-drop on the edge of the ring, but Undertaker connected on his second attempt. Undertaker went for a choke-slam, but Mysterio countered it and flung Taker into the ropes. Undertaker blocked a 619, and set up for a Tombstone, but Rey squirmed out of it. Mysterio kicked Undertaker in the head repeatedly. The Undertaker suffered a bloody nose, probably from those kicks. Rey fought hard and kicked Undertaker’s knee into the ring post. Rey went for a Hurricanrana on the floor, but Undertaker caught him. Undertaker threatened to Last Ride Rey at ringside, but Rey escaped and hit a Spring-board Moonsault on the floor! Undertaker bashed Rey into the safety barrier. Back in the ring, Rey Mysterio kicked out. Jerry Lawler remarked that he didn’t know that it was possible for the Undertaker to bleed. Undertaker dropped Rey on his ribs on the top rope and began to choke him. A few minutes later, Rey attempted another comeback, but he was chopped down by Undertaker. Rey hit a move, and just as Undertaker “sat up” Rey did a running dropkick (very clever). Undertaker recovered and went for the Last Ride, but Rey squirmed out. Undertaker fell on the ropes and Rey hit the 619! Rey hit a Spring-board dropkick and a second 619! Rey went for the West Coast Pop but Undertaker caught him and planted him with a Last Ride power-bomb to retain the World Heavyweight title. Undertaker paced back and forth looking at Rey Mysterio with respect in his eyes.

Shawn Michaels & Kane: Kane said Shawn Michaels’ obsession with his brother was unhealthy. Kane reminded Shawn that he has eliminated the most people in a single Royal Rumble match. Kane added that he was the only man to face the Undertaker twice at WrestleMania, and whatever vision Shawn has in his head, whatever obsession is driving him, in the end there is no light… only darkness. Kane left and Triple H entered the locker room. Triple H said it was a big night and wished Shawn luck. Shawn apologized to Triple H for what happened on RAW and said he didn’t have any right to step on his dream. Shawn said “I hope the best man wins” and if there was anybody he wants standing on the other side of the ring it was Triple H. They shook hands but Shawn added that he and the Undertaker was meant to be. Triple H said he knows it is, and that’s why he knows Shawn will find another way.

Won by EDGE!!!!!!! Last eliminating John Cena: Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne drew #1 and #2 – starting out with something to prove. They did some dangerous spots where each was nearly eliminated but saved themselves. Bourne actually hit Ziggler with the Shooting Star Press! Entrant #3 was C.M. Punk and he came down hand-in-hand with the bald-headed Serena. Punk quickly dumped both Bourne and Diggler over the top rope! Serena grabbed the microphone and handed it to Punk, who proceeded to deliver a sermen in the middle of the ring until the 4th entrant (JTG) made his way to the ring. JTG was fired up, but was dumped by Punk within 30 seconds of entering the ring. Punk continued preaching to the fans about his dedication to becoming the first straight edge Royal Rumble winner. Next up, the Great Khali made his way to the ring with translater Ranjin Singh as entrant #5. Punk stopped Khali in his tracks and offered to “save” him. Punk got Khali to raise his right hand and asked him if he chose to accept straight edge into his life. Khali responded by dropping his hand and chopping Punk down! Beth Phoenix ran down and became entrant #6 (the second female to ever compete in the Rumble, the other being Chyna)! The Great Khali picked her up and set her down outside on the edge of the ring, giving her a chance to step down and walk away. Beth planted Khali with a kiss, which caused him to topple of the top rope and eliminate himself (credit goes to Beth Phoenix). Beth stayed in the ring and the crowd went crazy, but Khali couldn’t stop smiling! Punk charged Beth, but she took him down with a clothesline! Beth tried to eliminate Punk, but he countered and knocked her out with the Go-To-Sleep! Entrant #7 was ECW’s Zack Ryder. Punk dumped Beth over the top rope before Ryder made it to the ring. Punk grabbed the microphone again and told Ryder “you have potential!” and offered him a spot in the Straight Edge Society. Ryder considered it, but Punk attacked him and launched him over the top rope and then proclaimed that he was better than everyone! Entrant #8 was Triple H, the man Punk wrestled on SmackDown! two days ago. Entrant #9 was WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre, who took his time walking to the ring. Triple H countered the GTS and launched Punk over the top rope to eliminate him (the crowd popped!). Triple H fought Drew McIntyre and Michael Cole called it the present vs. the future. Entrant #10 was Ted DiBiase Jr., who formed an alliance with McIntyre to double-team Triple H. Entrant #11 was John Morrison, who desperately wanted to get his hands on Drew McIntyre! Entrant #12 was Kane, who already made it clear he wanted to break his own record for number of eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match. Entrant #13 was Cody Rhodes and immediately saved DiBiase from elimination. Rhodes & DiBiase began working over Kane together. Entrant #14 was Montel Vontavious Porter, but he was attacked from behind by the Miz with the U.S. title! Entrant #15 was Carlito Colon, who proceeded to deliver several Back-crackers! Entrant #16 was WWE United States champion Mike Mizanin. MVP returned to the ring and eliminated the Miz, but eliminated himself in the process, as they brawled all the way to the back. Entrant #17 was Matt Hardy, who announcer Matt Striker called “the Heart & Soul of SmackDown!”. Hardy went full steam ahead for about a minute before getting violently eliminated by Kane! But then Kane was eliminated by Triple H! Suddenly Triple H kicked it into a higher gear and started Spine-busting everyone! Triple H tried to Pedigree Cody Rhodes, but Drew Mintyre low-blowed him! Entrant #18 was Shawn Michaels (the winner of two previous Royal Rumbles). Michaels immediately eliminated Carlito, then Cody Rhodes, and then Ted DiBiase. The announcers remarked “this is how bad Shawn Michaels wants to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania! Michaels then dumped John Morrison over the top rope, but was taken down by Drew McIntyre. Triple H & Shawn Michaels double-teamed McIntyre and eliminated him. It came down to Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the ring just as entrant #19 was being announced….. JOHN CENA! The crowd gasped at the DRAMA! Cena took the fight to both members of DX and managed to hit them with a double Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena sent for an Attitude Adjustment on Michaels but Triple H broke it up and hit Cena with a Pedigree! Michaels then super-kicked Triple H over the top rope!!!!! Entrant #20 was ECW’s Shelton Benjamin, making his eigth consecutive Royal Rumble appearance. Benjamin laid out both Cena and Michaels, but Cena recovered and tossed Benjamin out of the ring! What a shame Benjamin barely lasted 90 seconds. John Cena and Shawn Michaels were left alone. Entrant #21 was ECW’s Yoshi Tatsu, who was eliminated by Cena in 30 seconds. Entrant #22 was the Big Show, who tried and failed to eliminate Shawn Michaels. John Cena then tried to eliminated Michaels, but he held onto the top rope and prevented his feet from touching the floor! Entrant #23 was Mark Henry, who went head-on with fellow giant, the Big Show! Henry managed to body-slam the Big Show (with a little help from Cena). Cena then tried to give Henry an Attitude Adjustment, but fell forward crushing his own head. Entrant #24 was Chris Masters (who earned his spot by winning a match on WWE Superstars). Masters tried to put the Big Show into the Masterlock, but Big Show jumped flipped him over the top to eliminate him! Henry tried to eliminate the Big Show, and then Michaels tried to help. Entrant #25 was R-Truth, who miraculously dumped Mark Henry & Big Show over the top rope at the same time! Entrant #26 was Jack Swagger, who sprinted to the ring and attacked everyone while they were down. Swagger clotheslined Michaels over the top rope, but he held on with one arm! Kofi Kingston was Entrant #27 (the slot that has yeilded more winners than any other slot). Swagger was eliminated by Kingston with a slick spot which put Kofi in danger as well! R-Truth was eliminated by Kingston with another slick move that put himself in danger again! What a risk-taker! Entrant #28 was Chris Jericho, who hit the ring fast. Michaels set up for a super-kick on Jericho, but Kofi hit Michaels with the Trouble in Paradise! Cena then eliminated Kingston. Jericho knocked Cena out with a Code-breaker! Entrant #29 was a surprise….. Jericho’s former tag team partner, returning from “career threatening injury,” – EDGE!!!! Edge has a beard. The crowd went absolutely bonkers. Edge speared Jericho, Michaels, and Cena in succession. Edge launched Jericho over the top rope! Entrant #30 was “The Animal” Batista. The final four were 1) Shawn Michaels, 2) John Cena, 3) Edge, and 4) Batista…… A few minutes later, Michaels super-kicked John Cena AND Batista. Then Edge went after Michaels and they both went over the top rope, but held on tight! Michaels actually super-kicked Edge back into the ring! Batista bashed Michaels repeatedly until he fell off the ring and hit the floor thus ending Shawn’s dream of facing the Undertaker in a rematch at WrestleMania. Shawn looked shell-shocked, so he knocked out the referee and jumped back in the ring. A second referee told Shawn to leave the ring, so he super-kicked him! A third referee came down and Shawn left the ring and walked backstage an emotional wreck. Edge played possem in the corner, while Cena knocked Batista over the top rope to the floor to eliminate him (and get payback for 2005)! Suddenly Edge was hulking up, preparing to spear the daylights out of Cena. Batista stood at ringside watching. Cena avoided the spear, but Edge grabbed him and tossed him over the top anyway to become the 2010 Royal Rumble Winner!

(SD!) Dolph Ziggler
(RAW) Evan Bourne
(SD!) C.M. Punk
(SD!) The Great Khali
(SD!) Beth Phoenix
(ECW) Zack Ryder
(RAW) Triple H
(SD!) Drew McIntyre
(RAW) Ted DiBiase Jr.
(SD!) John Morrison
(SD!) Kane
(RAW) Cody Rhodes
(RAW) Montel Vontsvious Porter
(RAW) Carlito Colon
(RAW) Mike Mizanin
(SD!) Matt Hardy
(RAW) Shawn Michaels
(RAW) John Cena
(ECW) Shelton Benjamin
(ECW) Yoshi Tatsu
(RAW) The Big Show
(RAW) Mark Henry
(RAW) Chris Masters
(SD!) R-Truth
(RAW) Jack Swagger
(RAW) Kofi Kingston
(SD!) Chris Jericho
(Surprise!) Edge!!!
(SD!) Batista

Bourne (by Punk at #3)
Ziggler (by Punk at #3)
JTG (by Punk at #4)
Khali (by Phoenix at #6)
Phoenix (by Punk at #7)
Ryder (by Punk at #7)
Punk (by Triple H at #9)
The Miz  (by MVP at #16)
MVP (by himself at #16)
Hardy (by Kane at #17)
Kane (by Triple H at #17)
Carlito (by Michaels at #18)
Rhodes (by Michaels at #18)
DiBiase (by Michaels at #18)
Morrison (by Michaels at #18)
McIntyre (by DX at #18)
Triple H (by Michaels at #20)
Banjamin (by Cena at #20)
Tatsu (by Cena at #21)
Masters (by Big Show at #24)
Henry (by R-Truth at #25)
Big Show (by R-Truth at #25)
Swagger (by Kingston at #27)
Truth (by Kingston at #27)
Kingston (by Cena at #28)
Jericho (by Edge at #29)
Michaels (by Batista at #30)
Batista (by Cena at #30)
Cena (by Edge at #30)

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