WWE Royal Rumble 2012

WWE Royal Rumble

January 29, 2012 – St. Louis, Missouri

Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler & Booker T

Daniel Bryan beat Big Show and Mark Henry (World Title Cage 3-WAY)
Beth Phoenix‘s Team defeated Kelly Team (Eight Diva Tag Team Match)
John Cena vs. Kane ended in a Double Countout (Super Grudge Match)
Brodus Clay w/flash dancers defeated Drew McIntre (Singles Match)
C.M. Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler (WWE Championship)
“The Great White” Sheamus won the 25th Annual Royal Rumble Match!

INTRODUCTION: The road to WrestleMania begins now….


Daniel Bryan beat Mark Henry and The Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight title: The finish saw Bryan escape the cage to retain his championship. Big Show had grabbed Bryan’s wrist trying to pull him back in but he couldn’t hang on and Bryan fell to the floor.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hyping John Cena.

WWE Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart & The Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres & Alicia Fox & Tamina: Late in the match all the girls were fighting on the floor and Kelly did a dive off the top rope onto the pack. 30 seconds later Beth finished Kelly off with the Glam-slam!

Zack Ryder + John Laurinaitis + Eve Torres: Zack Ryder came in wearing a chest brace sitting in a wheel chair. John Laurinaitis welcomed Zack to the show and was very condescending. Eve came in and yelled at JL for putting Zack at risk. Eve was looking forward to seeing JL get fired on RAW.

John Cena vs. Kane ended in a Double Countout: John Cena came out and got booed. Kane came out and continued his mission to make Cena “embrace the hate.” Late in the match, Kane attempted to soffocate Cena with the claw to the face. Cena fought out of it and applied the STF. Kane powered out and hit a side slam. Action went back and forth for several minutes. Cena did a five knuckle shuffle off the top rope. Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment but Kane escaped and tossed Cena out of the ring. They brawled on the floor and were both counted out. The brawl continued through the curtain into the backstage area. Kane repeatedly smashed Cena with a chair until he was out cold. Kane kicked in Zack Ryder’s door and soffocated him in his wheel chair. Kane wheeled him out to the ring and dumped him out onto the floor. Kane rolled Ryder into the ring. Eve Torres ran down and begged Kane not to hurt Zack. Kane picked him up and Tombstoned him in the middle of the ring. John Cena ran down and went after Kane but he got choke-slammed to hell! Kane bailed out of the ring and went backstage satisfied. Some referees and a trainer came down to check on Cena & Ryder. Ryder was put on a stretcher and taken out with Cena watching on.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hyping The Rock.

Brodus Clay w/flash dancers defeated Drew McIntre: .

C.M. Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE championship: John Laurinaitis came out wearing a referee shirt and did his introduction gimmick. JL announced that he decided he would do his officiating from outside the ring and leave the in-ring officiating to a regular referee. Before the match, JL enforced the stipulation from RAW and banned Vickie Guerrero from ringside. After 10 minutes, the referee in the ring was accidentally taken out. JL turned his attention to the fallen referee while Punk forced Ziggler to tap with the Anaconda Vide in the ring. Punk yelled at JL to get in the ring. Ziggler snuck up behind Punk, and Punk rolled Ziggler up for a pin but again there was no referee. JL got in the ring and exchanged words ith Punk. Punk picked up Ziggler for the GTS, but spun around and accidentally hit JL in the back of the head. Ziggler hit a big Zig Zag, but miraculously Punk kicked out! Moments later, Punk hit a GTS on Ziggler and JL slipped in and counted the 1-2-3! JL hand delivered the WWE championship to Punk.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They played the “All About the Numbers” video..

Won by Sheamus!!!!!!! Last eliminating Chris Jericho!: Miz came out and cut a promo on his haters, promising to win tonight and headline WrestleMania. Number two was Miz’s former protege Alex Riley. Miz eliminated Riley. Number three was Miz`s former partner R-Truth. Number four was Cody Rhodes, who joined forces with Miz. Number five was Justin Gabriel. Number six was Primo. Miz eliminated R-Truth. Truth pulled Miz out of the ring and planted him on the floor (not eliminated). Number seven was Mick Foley. Foley eliminated Primo. Number eight was Ricardo Rodriguez (came out to Alberto`s entrance). Foley & Rodriguez eliminated Gabriel. Number nine was Santino Marella. Santino eliminated Ricardo after some silliness. Suddenly Mick Foley was in the ring with Santino. Mick pulled out Mr. Socko and Santino pulled out the Cobra! Number ten was Epico and Foley eliminated him right away. Santino was thrown out by Rhodes. Foley was thrown out by Miz & Rhodes. Miz & Cody Rhodes were left in the ring. Number eleven was Kofi Kingston. Number twelve was Jerry “The King” Lawler (from the announce booth)! 30 seconds later King was eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Ezekiel (13), Jinder Mahal (14), and The Great Khali (15) entered the match. Khali eliminated his former manager Jinder Mahal and then big Ezekiel. Number sixteen was Hunico. Number seventeen was Booker T (from the announce booth)! Kofi was pushed out by the Miz but he did a hand-stand and got back in the ring (awesome!). Number eighteen was Dolph Ziggler. Number nineteen was the winner of the first ever Royal Rumble in 1988, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. 30 seconds later Hacksaw was eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Khali was eliminated by Rhodes. Booker was eliminated by Ziggler. Number twenty was announcer Michael Cole (from the announce booth!). Number twenty-one was KHARMA! She had her baby on December 31st. Kharma eliminated Michael Cole (with help from Booker T & Jerry Lawler). Kharma then eliminated Hunico. Dolph snuck up behind Kharma and dumped her over the top rope. Number twenty-two was Sheamus. Kofi was eliminated by Sheamus. Road Dogg (23), Jey Uso (24), and Jack Swagger (25) entered the match. There were seven men in the match at this point. Number twenty-six was Wade Barrett. Barrett eliminated Road Dogg. Number twenty-seven (the lucky number) was David Otunga. Number twenty-eight was Randy Orton. Orton eliminated Jey Uso. Orton eliminated mortal enemy Barrett. Number twenty-nine was Chris Jericho. David Otunga was eliminated by Jericho. Number thirty was the Big Show! Jack Swagger was eliminated by Sheamus, and Big Show knocked out Swagger on the floor. Big Show eliminated both The Miz & Cody Rhodes with one swoop. Big Show dumped Ziggler next. The final four were Big Show, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Sheamus. Orton dumped Big Show. Jericho dumped Orton (hometown favorite). Final two were Sheamus and Jericho. After several minutes of teasing, Sheamus eliminated Chris Jericho to win the 2012 Royal Rumble!!! Swerve.

(RAW) The Miz
(SD!) Alex Riley
(RAW) R-Truth
(SD!) Cody Rhodes
(SD!) Justin Gabriel
(RAW) Primo
(Legend) Mick Foley
(RAW) Ricardo Rodriguez
(SD!) Santino Marella
(RAW) Epico
(RAW) Kofi Kingston
(RAW) Jerry Lawler
(SD!) Ezekiel Jackson
(SD!) Jinder Mahal
(RAW) Great Khali
(SD!) Hunico
(SD!) Booker T
(RAW) Dolph Ziggler
(Surprise) Jim Duggan
(RAW) Michael Cole
(SD!) Sheamus
(Surprise) Road Dogg
(SD!) Jey Uso
(RAW) Jack Swagger
(SD!) Wade Barrett
(RAW) David Otunga
(SD!) Randy Orton
(RAW) Chris Jericho
(SD!) The Big Show

Alex Riley (by The Miz at #2)
R-Truth (by Miz at #6)
Primo (by Foley at #7)
Gabriel (by Foley/Ricardo at #8)
Ricardo (by Santino at #9)
Epico (by Foley at #10)
Santino (by Rhodes at #10)
Mick Foley (by Rhodes/Miz at #10)
Jerry Lawler (by Rhodes at #12)
Jinder Mahal (by Khali at #15)
Ezekiel (by Khali at #15)
Duggan (by Rhodes at #19)
Khali (by Rhodes at #19)
Booker T (by Ziggler at #19)
Cole (by Kharma at #21)
Hunico (by Kharma at #21)
Kharma (by Ziggler at #21)
Kingston (by Sheamus at #22)
Road Dogg (by Barrett at #25)
Jey Uso (by Orton at #28)
Barrett (by Orton at #28)
Otunga (by Jericho at #29)
Swagger (by Sheamus at #30)
Rhodes (by Big Show at #30)
Miz (by Big Show at #30)
Ziggler (by Big Show at #30)
Big Show (by Orton at #30)
Randy Orton (by Jericho at #30)
Chris Jericho (by Sheamus at #30)
WINNER: Sheamus!!!

WWE Royal Rumble

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