WWE Survivor Series 2011

WWE Survivor Series

November 20, 2011

New York City, New York

Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison (WWE United States Title)
Beth Phoenix defeated Eve Torres (WWE Divas Title Lumberjills Match)
Team Barrett defeated Team Orton (Survivor Series Elimination Match)
(Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes & Jack Swagger & Christian & Hunico)
(Randy Orton & Sheamus & Mason Ryan & Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara)
The Big Show beat Mark Henry (c) by DQ (World Heavyweight Title)
C.M. Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio (c) (WWE Championship)
John Cena & The Rock defeated The Awesome Truth (Miz & R-Truth)

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeatedJohn Morrison to retain the WWE United States title: John Laurinaitis came out and told everyone who he was. John saidtonight represented the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series and his10th anniversary in the WWE. John told everyone to enjoy the show.Dolph countered starship pain by getting his knees up and hit the ZigZag toretain the title. After the match Vickie said Dolph had something to say. Dolphsaid he’d hate to have to follow that. Dolph said some people think he’s outthere showing off, and it’s not showing off if you back it up every night. Dolphsaid Zack Ryder wasn’t there and nobody doesn’t like him. Zack’s music hit andhe hit the ring. Dolph attacked him but ended up taking a Rough Ryder LegLariat.

Beth Phoenix w/Natalya Neidhart defeated Eve Torresto retain the WWE Divas title: Beth won with a Glamslam off the top rope!

CM Punk & David Otunga: David said he had a message from John. David said last week Punk puthis hands on Michael Cole and that’s assault and battery. Punk said where he’sfrom; they call that loudmouth dork getting what he deserves. David said Johnwants him to apologize to Michael Cole before he competes tonight. Punk said hedidn’t want to be on John’s bad side so he’ll think about it, right after hebeats Alberto Del Rio.

The Rock said when he was 5 years old he sat in the audience at Madison Square Gardenwatched his Grandfather wrestle and when he was 12 he hung out in the back withAndre the Giant. Rock said he watched his dad defend the tag team titles. Rocksaid 1996 he made his debut at Survivor Series. Rock said he made his debut anddespite having a hideous outfit and horrible haircut this is the place wherethe people chanted The Rock’s name. Rock said that night started an epic odysseythat will go down in WWE history from know your role to shut your mouth all theway to layeth the smacketh down. The Rock said from one on one with the greatone all the way to do you like pie to it doesn’t matter what you think all theway back to when the Rock became WWE IC champion, tag team champion, WWEchampion, but that night The Rock became people’s champion. Rock said finallyThe Rock has come back and the people’s era begins tonight because finally TheRock has come back to New York City.Rock said tonight it’s boots to asses. Rock said John called him out and wantedhim to be his tag team partner but what he didn’t count on was he didn’t comealone. Rock said he brought 17000 strong and they’re going to shoot a lightningbolt up his ovulating lady parts. Rock said Madison SquareGarden is special andmagical. Rock said Frank Sinatra performed out there and Ali Frazier deliveredthe fight of the century in that arena. Rock said tonight he wakes up in a citythat never sleeps. Rock said he’s top of the list. Rock got the fans to singwith him. Rock said it’s on, if you smell what The Rock is cooking.

Team Barrett (Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & Hunico) defeated Team Orton (Randy Orton & Sheamus & Sin Cara & Kofi Kingston & Mason Ryan): Randy eliminated Dolph early on with an RKO. Sin Cara messed up hisleg attempting a dive over the top rope, eliminating himself. Cody eliminatedMason with the beautiful disaster Cross Rhodes combination. Wade eliminatedKofi with the Wasteland. Sheamus got disqualified when he wouldn’t stop beatingon Swagger in the ropes. Sheamus hit Swagger with the brogue kick and left.Randy pinned Swagger to eliminate him. Randy turned a springboard move into anRKO to eliminate Hunico. Cody took an RKO and Wade hit Randy right after withthe Wasteland to win the match for him and Cody.

Nikki Bella & Brie Bella & WWE champion Alberto Del Rio + John Laurinaitis: Alberto was flirting when John came over and asked him if he was takingtonight seriously. Alberto said tonight will be the first of many titledefences there and he has all of Mexico counting on him. Albertosaid he’s taking things very seriously and he will leave the building as theWWE champion. Alberto said Punk should be sleeping on the sidewalk in wallstreet. John sent a text.

The Big Show defeated World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry by DQ: After a slow match Mark kicked Big Show in the groin to retain thetitle. After the match Mark tried to crush Show’s leg with a chair again but hegot out of the way and punched Mark in the face. Show crushed Mark’s leg underthe chair with a leg drop.

Matt Striker & Wade Barrett + R-Truth & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin: Wade said tonight he proved that the Barrett barrage is completelyunstoppable. Wade said he wants to be Englands first ever worldheavyweight champion. Miz came in and asked really. Truth said tonights not allabout the Barret barrage. Wade said he’s winning like Charlie Sheen. Miz saidthe focus is everywhere but where it should be. Truth said the most charismatictag team of all time is standing right there in living colour. Truth said theyshould be on billboards. Truth said it’s Rock and Cena. Truth said he wasoutside and he saw pigeons staring at The Rock and Cena. Truth said he told thepigeons that Rock and Cena would lose tonight. Truth said the pigeons didn’treply because pigeons don’t talk. Truth said all they do is crap. Miz said TheRock and Cena are a load of crap. Truth said crap is crap, and tonight, crap isgonna get got.

CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE championship: Punk managed to make Alberto submit to the Anaconda Vice.

The Rock & John Cena defeated Mike “ The Miz” Mizanin & R-Truth: Rock proved he’s still got it by showing off a bit in the beginning ofthe match. Rock ended up winning the match by hitting Miz with the spine busterand following up with the people’s elbow for 3. After the match Rock hit Cenawith the Rock Bottom.