WWE WrestleMania 2006 (22)

WrestleMania 22

April 2, 2006 – Chicago, Illinois

The Big Show & Kane beat Chris Masters & Carlito Cool (Tag Team Titles)
Rob Van Dam won the 2nd Annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match
John Layfield defeated Chris Benoit (WWE United States Title Match)
Edge w/Lita defeated Mick Foley (No Rules Hardcore Match)
The Boogeyman beat Booker T & Sharmell (Handicap Match)
Mickie James defeated Trish Stratus (WWE Women’s Title Match)
The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry (Casket Grudge Match)
Shawn Michaels defeated Vince McMahon (Super Grudge Match)
Rey Mysterio beat Kurt Angle and Randy Orton (World Title Match)
Torrie Wilson defeated Candice Michelle (Playboy Pillow Fight)
John Cena defeated Triple H (WWE Championship Match)

Won by Viscera: This match was taped exclusively for the WrestleMania 22 DVD home release….. The battle royal included just about everyone on the roster who was not included on the main card. The final five wer Mercury, Nitro, Gene Snitsky, Road Warrior Animal, and Viscera….. Viscera tossed Gene Snitsky and then kissed Lilian Garcia (dejavu)..

Kane & The Big Show defeated Carlito Cool & Chris Masters to retain the World Tag Team titles: Chris Masters accidentally hit Carlito Cool and argued with each other after the match..

Rob Van Dam defeated Shelton Benjamin and Ric Flair and Fit Finlay and Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy: Ric Flair took a crazy superplex from Matt Hardy off the top of the ladder and the referees threw up the “X”. Flair screamed in agony and was helped backstage by the referees, apparently favouring his injured leg. Flair limped back and climbed the ladder but Finlay whacked him with the shillelagh! (Flair took 2nd bump).. The crowd was behind Ric Flair 130% at this point and booed anybody else getting close to getting the briefcase. Rob Van Dam stood on top of the 15-foot ladder and hit a five star frog splash on Finlay (Chant: ECW! ECW! ECW!). RVD climbed the ladder but Shelton Benjamin did an amazing springboard off the ropes onto the ladder! RVD & Benjamin punched away at eachother as Matt Hardy set up a second ladder and joined in. RVD pushed the second ladder over, sending Matt Hardy & Shelton Benjamin crashing to the floor! Rob Van Dam grabbed the briefcase and fell to the mat to become “Mr. Money in the Bank” for this year..

INTERVIEW: Josh Mathews tried to interview Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerland but Randy Orton came in and chased him away. Randy Orton started cutting a promo saying that tonight would be one of his great WrestleMania moments. Batista showed up and had a confrontation with Orton saying he would be coming back pretty soon.

ON STAGE: The Hall of Famers (minus Bret Hart) were introduced by Howard Finkel and paraded out on the big stage. The Fink announced first that Bret Hart was not comfortable with appearing and would not be there. Mean Gene (led out by Kristal Marshall), Tony Atlas (led by Victoria), Sherri Martel (led by Ted DiBiase), The Blackjacks (led by Maria), William Perry (led by Melina), Verne Gagne (led out by Kristal Marshall).. Also Eddie Guerrero, represented by an emotional Vicki Guerrero (led to the stage by Chavo Guerrero)..

John Bradshaw Layfield w/Jillian Hall defeated Chris Benoit to win the WWE United States title!: The entrance ramp was raised and JBL’s limousine drove out from underneath for an impressive introduction. Chris Benoit had the Crossfaqce on JBL, who managed to roll it over and pin Benoit using the ropes for leverage! JBL is now refering to himself as the “greatest technical wrestler of all time.”.

Edge w/Lita defeated Mick Foley: Joey Styles joined Jim Ross & The King on commentary and said he was happy to lose his “WrestleMania virginity.” This was a vicious match that included cookie sheets, road signs, a barbed wire bat, thumb tacks, and lighter fluid! Edge speared Mick Foley but cut his arm, when Foley revealed that barbed wire wrapped around his waist. Foley cut the barbed wire off and whipped Edge with it and went outside to get a barbed wire bat! Lita doused a table with lighter fluid and Edge speared Mick Foley off the apron through a flaming table! After the match, the appreciative Windy City fans gave Mick Foley a standing ovation for a great effort. Edge vs. Mick Foley at WrestleMania 22 won RAW Match of the Year in the 2006 OnlineWorldofWrestling.com Awards

BACKSTAGE: Booker T (w/Sharmell) was found backstage trying to calm Sharmell down who was afraid of facing the Boogeyman. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was reprising his “basketball 100 bounce” gimmick with Eugene. They also found Gene Snitsky licking Mae Young‘s toes (eww) | and Goldust dressed like a drag queen.

The Boogeyman defeated Booker T & Sharmell The Boogeyman took a mouthful of worms and kissed Sharmell, causing her to leave Booker T alone..

Mickie James defeated Trish Stratus to win the WWE Women’s title: The fans were actually turning on Trish Stratus and cheering for Mickie James to win the title! They tried to justify the reaction calling the fans “defiant” and saying they can “relate” to James. Stratus went for Stratusfaction, but Mickie grabbed her between the legs and then licked her own hand! Mickie botched a Stratusfaction of her own, causing the crowd to chant “You F*cked up! at her. Mickie followed up with a chick-kick to Trish’s head and scored the 1-2-3 as fans cheered!

BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon (with Family) prayed to God and said he would send his favorite wrestler to HELL!

The Undertaker defeated Mark Henry: The Undertaker did an amazing running dive over the top rope and over the casket onto Mark Henry. The Undertaker tombstoned Mark Henry and rolled him into the Casket to improve his streak to 14-0..

Shawn Michaels defeated Vince McMahon: The Spirit Squad was out there interfering for Vince McMahon until Shawn Michaels ran them off. Vince took a beating for a while until Shane McMahon snuck in and whacked Michaels with a stick! Vince pulled his pants down, but Micheals countered and shoved Shane’s face in Vince’s butt! Michaels hand-cuffed Shane to the ropes and whacked him repeatedly with a kendo stick! Michaels whacked Vince with a vicious chairshot, but decided not to use his superkick. Michaels brought a ladder into the ring and rammed Vince hard in the head (unprotected). Michaels laid out Vince on the table, but decided that the ladder he had was not tall enough. Michaels got a bigger ladder from under the ring and put a trash can over Vince’s head. Michaels laid Vince back on the table and climbed to the top of the “20-foot ladder” and jumped! Michaels, who also used the old DX crotch chop, crashed through the table along with Vince McMahon! A team of EMTs immediately ran out to check on Vince McMahon, but Michaels wouldn’t let them in the ring. Michaels gave Shane a crotch chop, causing the fans to erupt with a Degeneration-X chant. Michaels lifted Vince to his feet and gave him a superkick and pinned him 1-2-3 to win! Shawn Michaels got up and celebrated by giving Vince McMahon the another D-X crotch chop……… Vince McMahon gave the camera the middle finger as he was being stretchered out………. classic!

Rey Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to capture the World Heavyweight title!: Kurt Angle made both Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton tap out, but referee Charles Robinson didn’t see them! The “defiant” fans booed Rey Mysterio, even starting a “You F*cked Up!” chant when he botched a 619. Mysterio hit Randy Orton with a springboard hurricanrana and pinned him to capture the World Heavyweight title!!! Rey Mysterio broke down and cried while celebrating with Chavo Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero (Eddie’s wife)…

Torrie Wilson defeated Candice Michelle:

John Cena defeated “King of Kings” Triple H to retain the WWE Championship: Developmental wrestler C.M. Punk made a brief cameo as one of the “gangstas” accompanying John Cena to the ring during his elaborage Chicago Mob-themed entrance. The crowd booed John Cena and cheered Triple H. Both had elaborate extended entrances to the ring. Triple H whacked John Cena with the sledgehammer but Cena still managed to kick out after a two-count. Cena nailed Triple H with an FU, but HHH kicked out, and Cena used the STFU to make HHH tap out!

WrestleMania 22 is IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!

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