WWE WrestleMania 2008 (24)

WrestleMania 24

March 30, 2008 – Orlando, Florida

WWE WrestleMania 24

Kane won a Battle Royal to win an ECW World title shot;
John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Fit Finlay -Belfast Brawl-;
C.M. Punk won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match;
Batista (SD!) defeated Umaga (RAW)- Brand Supremecy Match-;
Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in 5 seconds -ECW World Title-;
Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair -Career Threatening Match-;
Beth & Melina defeated Maria & Ashley -BunnyMania Match-;
Randy Orton defeated John Cena & Triple H -WWE Championship-;
Floyd Mayweather defeated The Big Show (Boxer vs. Wrestler);
The Undertaker defeated Edge -World Heavyweight title-;

Kane won and earned a shot at Chavo Guerrero’s ECW World title: The participants of the match were Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Brian Kendrick, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jesse, Festus, Mark Henry, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Chuck Palumbo, Domino, Deuce, The Great Khali, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, Gene Snitsky, Val Venis, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston, Elijah Burke, Matt Striker, Jamie Noble..

KICKOFF: John Legend kicked off the show by singing “America The Beautiful”..

John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Fit Finlay w/Hornswoggle: They used kendo sticks, trash cans, tables, cookie sheets, ring steps, and the shillelagh.. JBL tried to use the shillelagh but Hornswoggle came in and whacked JBL with a kendo stick! JBL went through a table, but he recovered and nailed Finlay with the clothesline from hell!! Editor’s Note: During the match; you could see a plane in the air dragging a “WOOOOOO!” Banner..

BACKSTAGE: Kim Kardashian (who is famous for no good reason) talked about the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.. Mr. Kennedy came in and said it would have the same winner as last year – Mr. Kennedy! (yelled in her ear)

C.M. Punk defeated Mr. Kennedy and Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho and Carlito Cool and Montel Vontavious Porter and John Morrison:

  • ~February 18, 2008 – RAW: Jeff Hardy defeated Snitsky to qualify (later suspended)..
  • ~February 18, 2008 – RAW: Mr. Kennedy defeated Val Venis..
  • ~February 22, 2008 – SD!: Shelton Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang to qualify..
  • ~February 25, 2008 – RAW: Chris Jericho defeated Jeff Hardy to qualify..
  • ~March 3, 2008 – RAW: Carlito Cool defeated Cody Rhodes to qualify..
  • ~March 8, 2008 – WWE: Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Jamie Noble to qualify..
  • ~March 11, 2008–ECW: C.M. Punk defeated Big Daddy V. w/Matt Striker to qualify..
  • ~March 14, 2008 – SD!: John Morrison defeated Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to qualify..

    John Morrison did a moonsault off the top rope with a ladder against his chest onto four guys on the floor! Crazy. Shelton Benjamin did a sunset flip followed by a triple tower of doom off the ladder on two of his opponents. Shelton Benjamin got to the top of the ladder but got pushed over sending Shelton to the floor though a ladder! Chris Jericho put the Walls of Jericho onto John Morrison on at the top of a ladder while Mr. Kenendy climbed up. Carlito Cool hit Chris Jericho with a Back-stabber off of the ladder – everyone was down and out at this point. MVP was alone and was about to win when Matt Hardy showed up and hit MVP with a Twist of Fate off the ladder! C.M. Punk and Chris Jericho battle on top of the ladder and Jericho got his leg caught and Punk grabbed the MITB briefcase!

    IN THE RING:: Howard Finkel introduced the WWE Hall of Fame Inductees Class of 2008..

  • The Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry Brisco)..
  • Gordon Solie (represented by his family)..
  • Rocky Johnson (who did his soulman dance on stage)..
  • Peter Maivia (Represented by wife Lia and daughter Ata)..
  • Eddie Graham (represented by Mike Graham)..
  • the GREAT Mae Young
  • “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (represented by his four children)..

    INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham interviewed Snoop Dogg. Snoop said he was having a great time and said he was hanging out with new friend Festus.. Santino Marella interrupted and Snoop Dogg rang a ring bell and Festus snapped and chased Santino away.. Grisham asked where Snoop got the ring bell, he said “I know a guy” and Mick Foley showed up with Mr. Socko at the end of the segment..

    Batista (representing SmackDown!) defeated Umaga (representing RAW): General Managers William Regal (RAW) & Theodore Long (SD!) both introduced their representatives..

    Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero in nine seconds to win the ECW World title!:

    IN THE RING: Raven Simone (star of the Cosby Show and That’s So Raven) introduced the 50 kids from 50 states granted wishes from the Make-A-Wish Foundation..

    INTERVIEW: Mike Adamli interviewed “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (wearing a brand new robe).. “The Nature Boy/WWE Hall of Famer” Ric Flair said his game plan tonight was to BE THE MAN….. WOOOOOO!

    “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels defeated “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair: Ric Flair offered a handshake, but when Shawn Michaels reached, Flair pulled back and yelled “WOOO!”.. A few minutes later, Flair shoved Michaels and said “Old Yeller, huh?” and Michaels slapped him! Michaels did a spring-board moonsault, missing Flair, and landing chest-first on the announce table! Ouch! A few minutes later, Michaels missed a second moonsault on the floor but they sold it as if he nailed it. Michaels later nailed a top rope elbow drop but he was clearly hurting in the mid-section after he did it. Michaels went for the super-kick, but hesitated, and Flair immediately applied the Figure-4 Leglock! Michaels reversed the pressure of the Figure-4, forcing Ric Flair to break it and continue with the match.. They went back and forth, until Michaels connected with a sudden super-kick – but Ric Flair kicked out! Michaels set up for another super-kick but had to help Ric Flair up – where Flair kicked Michaels low! Michaels locked in his version of the Inverted Figure-4, but Flair got out after a thumb to the eye! They started exchanging chops until Shawn Michaels hit yet another super-kick! Micheals once again hesitated.. Flair slowly got up (crying) and Michaels said “I’M SORRY, I LOVE YOU” before nailing one last super-kick! Shawn Michaels pinned Ric Flair 1-2-3 and then hugged him on the mat and whispered some private words into his ear. Shawn Michaels left, and Ric Flair got up crying along with his family members who were sitting in the front row. Ric Flair slowly walked back down the isle for the last time (as a wrestler) and turned back to wave to the fans.

    INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham interviewed World Heavyweight Champion Edge.. Edge remembered sitting in the crowd at WrestleMania 6 watching his hero Hulk Hogan lose in the main event. Edge said that the Undertaker never loses at WrestleMania but tonight the streak will finally come to an end.

    Beth Phoenix & Melina w/Santino Marella defeated Maria & Ashley Massaro: Master of Ceremonies, recording artist (rapper) Snoop Dogg drove to the ring in a pimped-out golf cart with all of the “Lumberjills” strutting behind (so classy).. The Lumberjills included Mickie James (RAW), Jillian Hall (RAW), Cherry (SD!), Michelle McCool (SD!), Eve Torres (SD!), Kelly Kelly (ECW), Kelly (ECW), Layla El (ECW), Victoria (SD!), and Maryse (SD!).. .. .. Mid-way through the match; the lights went out (unplanned) and the emergency back-up system kicked in. Maria was about to pin Beth Phoenix when Santino Marella pulled on her leg from outside the ring.. Jerry “The King” Lawler got up and took out Santino but this distraction resulted in Beth pinning Maria! After the match…. an unimpressed Snoop Dogg took out Santino Marella and gave Maria a sloppy kiss..

    Randy Orton defeated Triple H and John Cena to retain the WWE Championship: Randy Orton started by smashing Triple H with the WWE belt and they all went at it at a very fast pace. Triple H pedigreed John Cena, but then Randy Orton kicked Triple H in the head and pinned John Cena!

    Floyd “Money” Mayweather defeated The Big Show by Knockout: Floyd Mayweather was goofing around with one of his handlers so Big Show smashed and destroyed the guy! The Big Show lifted Floyd Mayweather to the second rope, where Mayweather locked in a choke/sleeperhold. Big Show stomped Mayweather’s hand and his posse went crazy saying that Big Show can’t do that! Mayweather kicked Big Show twice in the gut, but Big Show put Mayweather down with a Side-slam! Big Show stepped on Mayweather’s stomach and stepped over, putting all 441 pounds of his weight onto the boxer’s tiny frame. Big Show delivered a giant elbow drop, and went for a second one, but Floyd’s posse pulled him out.. The Mayweather posse started carrying Floyd down the isle when the Big Show chased after them. Big Show beat up all the handlers and dragged Floyd back to the ring for more punishment. Big Show went for a choke-slam, but one handler came in and smashed Big Show with a chair from behind. The Big Show took out the handler, but Floyd Mayweather got the chair and started smashing Big Show with it! Mayweather put on a set of brass knuckles and knocked the Big Show down with a right hand to the face. Big Show couldn’t answer the 10-count and Floyd “Money” Mayweather was declared the winner of the match.

    IN THE RING: Kim Kardashian (who is famous for no good reason) announced that they set an attendance record with 74,635 people in attendance..

    The Undertaker defeated Edge to capture the World Heavyweight title!: The referee was knocked out cold and Edge grabbed a TV camera and smashed Undertaker in the head with it! The Undertaker sat up and delivered a Tombstone Pile-driver onto Edge, but there was no referee to count. Referee Charles Robinson sprinted (a long way!) down the isle and slid in the ring in time to count two. The Edgeheads, Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder ran down to interfere but Undertaker quickly took care of them. Edge speared The Undertaker, but only got a two-count. Edge hit a second spear but ended up in a submission! Edge held on for a few second before tapping out – giving the Undertaker his SIXTH World Heavyweight title!

    WrestleMania 24 is IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!

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