WWE Money in the Bank 2010

World Wrestling Entertainment – Pay-Per-View
July 18, 2010 – Kansas City, Missouri
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler & Matt Striker


Kane won the SmackDown! Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy vs. Christian
Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Cody Rhodes
Alicia Fox defeated Eve Torres (WWE Diva’s Title Match)
The Hart Dynasty defeated the Uso Brothers (Tag Team Titles)
Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Championship)
Kane defeated Rey Mysterio in :54 (World Heavyweight Championship)
Layla El defeated Kelly Kelly (WWE Women’s Title Match)
Mike Miznain won the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. John Morrison
Chris Jericho vs. Mike Mizanin vs. Mark Henry vs. Evan Bourne
Sheamus defeated John Cena (Steel Cage / WWE Championship)

WWE Money in the Bank

Santino Marella defeated William Regal:

Kane defeated The Big Show and Kofi Kingston and Matt Hardy and Christian and Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes: Vickie Guerrero was not out there with Dolph Ziggler. The announcers mentioned how Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes were victims of a Nexus attack on this past week’s episode of NXT. The Big Show cleared the ring and tried to climb a ladder but it broke! Big Show then tried to pull his personal giant-sized ladder out from under the ring, but everyone ganged up on him. Drew McIntyre tried to climb the ladder but Matt Hardy rammed him with another ladder. Hardy tried to climb but Christian pulled him down. Christian tried to climb but Hardy pulled him down. They brawled outside of the ring. Rhodes tried to sneak up but Kingston prevented him from getting close to the briefcase. Kingston tried to climb but Ziggler intercepted him. Ziggler tried to climb and had his hand on the briefcase but Christian joined him on top of the ladder exchanging punches until Christian hip-tossed Ziggler down to the mat. Hardy pushed the ladder over, sending Christian down but landing on his feet. Kane got involved with Hardy & Christian, who took Kane down with a double DDT. Hardy & Christian sandwiched Kane between two ladders, then rammed each other. Christian set up a short ladder and begain to climb, but he was pushed over by Rhodes – sending Christian over the top rope taking out Big Show in the process. Kingston started climbing the short ladder but Rhodes took him down. Rhodes & Hardy climbed up a ladder only for McIntyre to push them over. McIntyre pushed Hardy violently shoulder-first into the ring post. McIntyre also threw Rhodes not-so-violently into a corner post. McIntyre tried to climb but Ziggler intercepted. McIntyre fought back and threw Ziggler into the corner post too. Kane pulled McIntyre out of the ring and cleared the spanish announce table. Kane tried to put McIntyre through the table but he fought back. Kingston rammed Kane with a ladder and took the fight to McIntyre, who ended up laid out on top of the spanish announce table. Kofi seized the opportunity and climbed up a 10-foot ladder, jumped off, and put McIntyre through the table with a Boom-drop!! Matt Striker commented “gentlemen, you cannot manufacture passion!” Inside the ring, Ziggler climbed the ladder and came oh-so-close but Big Show pushed it over and choke-slammed Ziggler down to hell! Kane clashed with Big Show in the middle of the ring. Big Show avalanched Kane with a ladder. Rhodes jumped in but Big Show took him out. Christian & Hardy tried to take down the giant, but he destroyed them too! Big Show pulled out his specially made giant-sized ladder from under the ring. It took some time, but he managed to get the 350 pound structure into the ring. Big Show set up the giant ladder in the ring and began to climb, but Rhodes snuck in and rammed Show’s previously injured ankle with a step ladder. Rhodes began to climb, but Ziggler took him down violently. Dolph began to climb the giant ladder, but Big Show smashed him down. Big Show took out Hardy and began to climb again, but Kingston spring-boarded half way up the giant ladder – only to be pulled down by Big Show. Kingston DDT’s Big Show to take him out. Kingston began to climb the giant ladder, but Rhodes jumped off the top rope and drop-kicked Kofi down! Rhodes hit Kingston with the Crossroads on top of the collapsed ladder. Rhodes began to climb the giant ladder, but Ziggler took him down. Ziggler hit a botched ZigZag, sending Rhodes into the giant ladder. Big Show head-butted Rhodes & Ziggler, and then kicked Kingston out of the ring. Big Show limped around the ring and began to climb the giant ladder. Kane got back in and pushed the giant ladder over, sending Big Show tumbling over the top rope! Big Show was then buried in ladders as everyone began throwing ladders on top of him! Everyone jumped in the ring and tried to climb the giant ladder. Everyone scrambled to make it to the top first, until Kane was left standing. Kane started to climb until Ziggler showed up and literallly climbed over Kane to beat him to the top. Ziggler was on top of the giant ladder, but couldn’t get the briefcase unhooked. They came down and Kane pushed Ziggler off the ring on top of the pile of ladders (where Big Show was buried). Kane then choke-slammed Kingston on top of the pil of ladders. Kane went after Rhodes, who desperately tried to run away, and rammed him into an armoured truck being used for the set. Kane rushed back to the ring and stopped Hardy from climbing the ladder. Kane was taken out and Hardy & Christian climbed opposite sides of the giant ladder. They exchanged punched on top of the ladder but both failed to grab the briefcase. Both men were sent crashing down to the mat below. Drew McIntyre, who had disappeared outside the ring after going through the announce table, slipped in the ring and slowly climbed up the ladder. Kane recovered and joined McIntyre on top, choke-slamming the “chosen one” down to the mat and snatching the Money in the Bank briefcase to earn a contact for a championship match any time up to one year! This was one of the best Money in the Bank matches ever.

Josh Mathews & WWE champion Sheamus: Sheamus was nervous and pacing back and forth. Sheamus said he was a man of tremendous pride, but he’s not stupid. Sheamus said he sat back and watched the Nexus attacks, but because of his pride he believed he was untouchable until this past Monday night when he stared into the eyes of the Nexus. Sheamus said a light went off and he finally realized that the Nexus are a threat to everybody, including himself. Sheamus said he had to choose a side. Sheamus said he sent a message to the Nexus on RAW and wants to beat John Cena himself tonight. Sheamus said when he defeated Cena for his first WWE championship he got zero respect, and when he pinned him at Fatal 4-WAY he still didn’t get the the accolades he deserves. Sheamus said he hates John Cena, and complained that all he does is make fun of his beautiful Irish skin and his accent. Sheamus said the people think it’s funny but to him, their opinion is completely worthless. Sheamus said we’ll see how funny Cena is tonight in their steel cage match! Sheamus said the Nexus is a threat, but tonight Cena will find out he is an even bigger one.

Alicia Fox defeated Eve Torres to retain the WWE Diva’s title: Matt Striker talked about the WWE’s plans to run shows in China soon! Eve went for a second rope senton but Alicia pulled up her knees to block it. Alicia followed up with her Axe-kick for the win!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jack Swagger was on the phone making excuses for abandoning his father on SmackDown!, and allowing him to be choke-slammed by Kane. Jack said his father got what he deserved because he was trying to steal his spotlight. Jack said his father will be able to bask in his glory again when he wins back the World Heavyweight title tonight.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart) defeated The Uso Brothers (Jimmy & Jey Uso w/Tamina) to retain the Unified Tag Team titles: Quick match. The girls started fighting on the outside, and David Hart Smith made Jimmy Uso tap out with the Sharpshooter!

Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight title: Jack Swagger focused his offense on Rey Mysterio’s previously injured ankle (injured at the hands on Swagger himself on SmackDown!). The finish saw Swagger try to apply the Anklelock, but Mysterio had loosened his boot, and the boot came off. They called it one of Eddie Guerrero’s old tricks. Swagger ended up in the ropes and Rey hit the hurricanrana for the victory! After the match, Swagger attacked Mysterio and applied the Anklelock until Kane ran down and chased Swagger backstage.

Kane defeated Rey Mysterio to win the World Heavyweight title: Suddenly Kane’s music hit and Kane came back out with his newly acquired Money in the Bank briefcase and a referee. Mysterio realized what was going on and tried to compose himself and prepare for a second title defense. Kane cashed in his contract and the match began. Kane dominated the vulnerable Mysterio and finished him off in about one minute with a Tombstone Pile-driver! Michael Cole said it’s been over a decade since Kane has held a World title. Matt Striker was impressed with Kane, while Jerry Lawler didn’t like what happened.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Chris Jericho and Edge met up and cut promos on each other hyping the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder match. Jericho said he created the match and has been in just as many as Edge. Jericho said he would win tonight and cash in on John Cena or Sheamus. Edge said that was big talk from someone who has never won a MITB Ladder match. Jericho said for Edge, the worst is yet to come!

Layla El w/Michelle McCool defeated Kelly Kelly w/Tiffany to retain the WWE Women’s title: It’s hard to believe the WWE would present two title matches involving Divas on a PPV, but the least they could do is use some trained wrestlers! The match was sloppy and killed the crowd. Michelle interfered, so Kelly & Tiffany took her out at ringside. Kelly went for a second rope sunset-flip but Layla rolled out and pinned Kelly for an extremely sloppy finish. I’m sad that Kaval wasn’t there.

Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Randy Orton and Edge and Chris Jericho and John Morrison and Ted DiBiase Jr. and Evan Bourne and Mark Henry: Michael Cole called The Miz his ‘darkhorse’ to win the match. Ted DiBiase came out with Maryse on his arm. Edge was the last participant to be introduced, and he slid the first ladder into the ring. The bell rang and Edge slipped out of the ring, so everyone could scramble for use of the ladder. Edge & Orton immediately fought. Morrison & DiBiase squared off in the ring. DiBiase rammed Orton off the ring apron with a ladder shot. Miz & Bourne squared off in the ring. Jericho stopped the Miz from setting up a ladder. Henry threw a ladder accross the ring and took out Jericho & Miz! Henry was already acting like he’s wrestled a 1-hour match. Bourne set up a ladder and then took time to make Jericho look foolish. Bourne started to climb up a huge ladder but Edge grabbed his foot – so Bourne jump off and took Edge down. Orton went after Bourne and planted him with a DDT. Morrison went after Orton and took him out with a Flash-kick. Morrison stumbled and might have hit his own head on a ladder. Miz & DiBiase double-teamed Morrison, but Morrison countered and sent both men into a ladder. Morrison set up another ladder and began to climb, but Edge caught him on top. Jericho set up a smaller ladder next to them, and Orton met him on top. Edge/Morrison, and then Orton/Jericho, had their fingertips on the briefcase until Mark Henry got between the ladders and pushed them all down to the floor! Bourne used the ladder for leverage and took out Henry. Maryse was shown checking on DiBiase on the floor, but then she jumped in the ring and set up a ladder. Maryse began to climb a short ladder towards the briefcase. She got near the top, but Morrison grabbed her amazingly tanned ankle and pulled her down. Morrison set her down and politely told her to get out (if it were Hogan in the 80’s he would have atomic dropped her sweet ass!). Meanwhile, DiBiase tried to sneak up the ladder but the crowd went nuts, so Morrison turned around and prevented DiBiase from stealing a victory. The Miz rammed Morrison with a ladder and then performed a classic sling-shot, sending Morrison face-first into a standing ladder (however Morrison landed on his feet on the ladder). Morrison battled Edge in the ring and got tangled up in the middle of a standing ladder. Edge & Miz rammed Morrison’s abs with a ladder, and then Edge rammed the Miz right the face! Edge pushed the ladder over with Morrison still tangled up inside of it. DiBiase was alone in the ring and used a ladder to take out both Jericho & Orton. DiBiase also took out Edge and began to climb, but Henry jumped in and grabbed his ankle. DiBiase jumped off the ladder but was caught with a World’s Strongest Slam. Henry took out Jericho, and put a tiny ladder on his chest, then dropped the Miz on top – crushing Jericho! Henry looked to climb the ladder but Bourne jumped on his back. Henry still managed to climb even with Bourne on his back. Edge & Orton grabbed Henry, but Bourne continued to climb to the top. Edge/Orton threw Henry out of the ring. Bourne had his fingers on the briefcase, but Edge/Orton pulled him down and threw him out into Henry’s arms. Henry took Bourne down with a World’s Strongest Slam. Morrison hit Henry with a Flash-breaker on the floor. Jericho hit Henry with a Code-breaker on the floor. Then Edge hit Henry with a violent Spear on the floor. Henry is finished. The Miz, Morrison, Orton, and Jericho, all tried to climb the same ladder trying to get the briefcase. DiBiase joined the fray, using another ladder as a bridge. At this point, several ladders were set up in the ring resembling a scaffold. They dumped DiBiase out of the ring along with his ladder. Orton hit Edge with a vicious RKO! Jericho kicked Orton out of the ring. Jericho & Morrison were on top of the ladder doing battle, with Jericho getting hung up-side-down. Orton pulled Morrison down and hit him with an RKO. Bourne came out of nowhere with a Shooting Star Press on Orton! Bourne started climbing the ladder with Jericho still hanging off the opposite side. Bourne came within an eyelash of winning but could not unhook the briefcase. Jericho recovered and fought with Bourne on top of the ladder until Bourne got tripped up and fell down to the mat. Jericho had to sell his injuries before reaching again, allowing Edge to climb up and catch him. Jericho stumbled down the ladder and was hit with an RKO from Orton. Orton climbed the ladder and pushed Edge off down onto another ladder. Orton was alone and the crowd began to stir as he climbed the ladder. Orton had his hands on the briefcase but couldn’t negotiate the latch. The Miz came in and pushed the ladder over sending Orton down to the mat. The crowd started to boo as the Miz climbed up the ladder unopposed and snatched the Money in the Bank briefcase to win the match! Michael Cole called it the Miz’s breakthrough moment, and everybody put it over like the Miz was a major star now. The Miz grabbed the microphone and proclaimed “you are all living in my moment!” before cutting a promo saying his victory tonight means that HE MADE IT! The Miz told the critics to get a good hard look at the man with the briefcase because he is Mr. Money in the Bank – a future WWE champion! Because he’s the Miz, and HE’S AWESOME!

Sheamus defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Championship: The rules were escape the cage, but pinfalls and submissions counted because there was a referee in the cage. I hate those rules. After a long grueling match, the Nexus 7 (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Skip Sheffield & David Otunga & Michael Tarver & Justin Gabriel & Darren Young) came down to ringside. Tarver had bolt-cutters, but another referee ran down and snatched them away and ran backstage. The Nexus tried to bully the outside referee into giving them the key, but he took it out and threw it into the crowd! Inside the steel cage, the original referee was accidentally knocked out. Cena got Sheamus in the STF causing him to tap out but there was no referee. Cena noticed the Nexus on the floor and tried to climb out of the cage via the opposite side. The Nexus ran around to intercept, with Justin Gabriel climbing up to battle Cena on top of the cage. Cena fought back and flipped Gabriel all the way down to the middle of the ring. The Nexus group blocked Cena’s escape route. Sheamus saw what was going on and started to climb out the other side. Heath Slater tried to intercept Sheamus, but he knocked Slater down to the floor. Sheamus climbed down and hit the floor first, and quickly bolted with his WWE championship in tact! Cena dropped to the floor on the other side not believing that the Nexus had screwed him once more! The Nexus had disappeared, but several members were still there selling injuries. Cena rammed Darren Young head-first into the steel cage from the outside and then took down Tarver with a running clothesline. Cena picked up the ring-steps and bounced them off of Tarver’s head! Cena said “I told ya I’d take every one of you out!” Cena picked up a Nexus armband and walked backstage on a mission.