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Raw 3Welcome to the post show of Survivor Series from Long Island, New York. Let’s get into it:

Randy Orton comes down to the ring for Episode 1070. He says that he is owed an apology from everyone that he couldn’t beat the Big Show. He welcomes to the “Authority” down to ringside. They say there can’t be anymore pleased about him retaining the WWE title. Triple H says that he knew what he could be and they needed him to finally reach his potential. Randy said he proved that he is the face of the WWE as Daniel Bryan chants start up. Triple H says the reason they came down to the ring is because it looked like he was going to lose. Randy says that he is the greatest star in the WWE ever and John Cena’s music plays. Cena says that he wants them to listen to this folks and the administration BS like Randy Orton about being confused little boys. He asks who is champion? He wants to cut through the BS and he says it’s time for there be one champion. He challenges right now to a unification match tonight. Stephanie they have been thinking about that possibility. Triple H makes an epic in his term, in three weeks at TLC PPV. They’re going to have a TLC match for both world titles. That’s historic.

AR’s Truth: A good opening from all participated. I like that Orton was fired up and actually acted like he cared in this segment. I think this is a swerve and the winner will get both belts. They will have the unification match at WM 30. 

The Shield Def. Rhode Brothers and Rey Mysterio in 8:29
AR’s Truth: Seen it a lot lately but still better than other stuff on the show. Short and sweet, Reigns once again shined in this match and was the focal point. There really building him up no doubt. Good 3-5* Match. 

Miz TV time with Michael Strahan & Titus O’Neal with a gap in his teeth to mock Strahan. 
AR’s Truth: Well that was certainly odd, don’t know what to say except WWE confused their fans about Miz bring a heel or face. The End!

Big E. Langston and Mark Henry Def. Curtis Axel and Ryback in 2:18
AR’s Truth: What was the point of that? I like the team of Henry and Langston but that was too short from my liking. Are they tag team because that is what I’m getting from the announcers. If Axel and Ryback aren’t “Heyman Guys” anymore then why are they still a tag team. Lots of questions and no answers. 

Hampton Hardcore Match: Damien Sandow Def. Dolp Ziggler in 11:25
AR;s Truth: A good match but had some low points to the match. They got good time and delivered but cut it down to the main points and it could have been better than last week. Are they going to do this every city they go to now? 2.5-5* Match

2-3 Handicap Match: Daniel Bryan and CM Punk Vs. The Wyatt Family Ends in a Double DQ
AR;s Truth: A hell of a match with a hell of a twist at the end. Where did they take Bryan and what are they going to do with him? Is the Shield and Wyatt’s understanding each other now? The fans were very invested in this and it’s a hot angle So WWE strike when it’s hot. 

The Miz Def. Kofi Kingston in 5:10.
AR’s Truth: A rematch from Survivor Series? They will continue this program with the intention of turning Miz fully heel at some point. An ok match 2-5* Match. 

John Cena & the Big Show Def. Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton in 15:30
AR’s Truth: A good back and forth action match. I’m not sure where there going with the Big Show concussion story. My speculation is the “Authority” tells him he isn’t cleared to compete and it leads to he and Triple in a match at TLC PPV. Also Orton making his statement by attacking Cena was a nice touch. 

Overall Rating: A good episode throughout. I usually get bored by three hours but either the show was really good or I was busy as it was a newsworthy show. A nice balance of Wrestling and storytelling made it an enjoying episode of Raw. They have three weeks to sell the TLC PPV and there actually building the card to a certain point. They still have a couple of Superstars without stories that need to be put in a program before a week or the week of the TLC PPV. 

There on a good path and we all have to hope they can continue it on it. 

— Andy

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