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Main Event 2Alberto Del Rio Def. Dolph Ziggler
A good match and a good way to kick off this show. Ziggler lost on Raw and Main Event so clearly he is in the dog house. There is still no real direction there taking Del Rio’s character but a win is a win if they are taking him a certain direction. The character is lost and they need to start building him back up to what got him over in the first place. Cars, being a rich guy who is better than everyone else, ETC. Right now he is very plain and un interesting. Good match 3-5* Match.

Damien Sandow Def. Santino Marella
It is what it is, comedy match but it got Sandow over which is important. Does this win do anything for our “The Intellectual Savior of the (Unwashed) Masses” I’m not sure but it’s nice to see him get that W. Comedy match 2-5* Match

Kofi Kingston Def. Fandango
An entertaining match but what does this server other a filler match? Kingston wins every other match and Fandango hasn’t been irrelevant in months. He isn’t on TV as much as he once was and it’s silly they have a great talent in Johnny Curtis as this Fandango. The guys can “go” and his has “It” but will WWE repackage him? Not very likely but one can hope.

A good edition of Main Event just for the action, No real build towards anything then maybe Kingston getting a win if they continue his feud with The Miz (Which I think they will)

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— Andy

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