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Main Event 2Review of the December 4, 2013 edition of WWE Main Event:

Goldust Def. Ryback Via DQ
This was supposed to be the big match that really feel flat. Goldust has done some good matches in the past and really on his game but Ryback’s style didn’t flow well. It looks like with the Wyatt Family and The Shield already in a program that we will get these guys taking on the champions. Most likely at the TLC PPV.

The Usos Def. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal
A fun tag match but we have seen so many times that it just feels like filler. The Uso’s are mega over and proven they go with anyone in the tag division. 3MB needs to be repackaged in serious way.

Damien Sandow Def. R-Truth
A better match then what I thought we were going to get. Sandow keeps getting his push and onto face Big E. Langston at TLC. I still am not sure he goes out there and wins it but should have a decent feud with the big man. With the IC title they really need to have them have more promo time to actually tell a story instead of just matches over a title. Why is the belt important? That’s the story they need to go back to.

Overall Rating: A fun edition of Main Event, the kick off show didn’t live up to my expectation and the tag match was repetitive. It’s good to see that management is finally getting behind Sandow and he is in a feud that could boost both guys in the end.

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