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tna_impactReview of the December 5, 2013 edition of TNA IMPACT!

Opening Segment

AR’s Truth: A really good opening segment that gets the main focus on the two top matches on tonight’s show. Magnus and Roode shined in this segment. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out, if you didn’t read the spoilers.

-Commercial Break-

Tables Match: Jeff Hardy Def. Booby Roode in 8:30

AR’s Truth: A good match that had both men got their offense in. Perfect amount of time but I think Roode should have went over. Granted Hardy sells merchandise like no over and the #1 babyface in the company but Roode needs something big like being world champion. I enjoyed when he was champion and wouldn’t mind seeing him as champion again. Good match 3.5-5* Match

Ethan Carter the 3rd Def. Earl Hebner in 30 seconds?

AR’s Truth: I get this is to get him a lot of heat but when are we finally going to see him wrestle a real match. How many times are we going to see him just beat jobbers. Time will tell but when is enough? NA Rating

Bad Influence comes to the ring; they say they have found out some interesting things about Joseph Parks. Daniels says that they know the truth about Parks but the man himself comes out. Park says they need to stop, he says they have won and maybe their right about him not being a wrestler. Park says that he is just an attorney but they know the truth about him. He grabs it and rips it up. Kaz has a video shown with Bad Influence is at a attorney office and they walk into an empty office that is supposed to be Parks office. He had an office thirteen years ago and it was closed. Daniels says that they found out what has he done for the past thirteen years. Park asks them to leave him alone but they said they won’t leave him alone. Kaz spits in his face and calls him a liar. Both men attack him but Eric Young makes the save and they exit the ring. EY says that he is tired of the bullying and makes a tag match next week.

AR’s Truth: Bad Influence was really good as always but when are they going to end this. Yes we all know he is Abyss let’s move on please. What is this the second or third time we have seen this tag match? Let’s just have Abyss return and get is revenge. Bad Influence is good and right now TNA has a comedy group as their world tag team champions. Is it just me or isn’t that just wrong?

Tag Team Title Match: Bro – Man’s © Vs. Gunner and James Storm in 4:00

AR’s Truth: A decent match but the finish was lame. A DQ? If you don’t want Gunner and Storm to be champion’s fine but TNA has a lack of the tag division that a comedy group is champions. Is it just me or is that picture wrong. Decent 2.5-5* Match

Sting is about to go to Kurt Angle’s locker room but Spud stops him and tells him that he can’t see him. He leaves anyways.

AR’s Truth: that was just terrible, why would Sting walk away even though he didn’t care about spud telling him not to go in. He just walks away? Does he have memory loss?

Open Challenge: Gail Kim Def. Laura Dennis

After the match Kim hits her finisher again and Led’I Tapa is about to hit her finisher but ODB makes the save and sends them to the back.

AR’s Truth: What I thought this feud was over with, Granted ODB got a good reaction but I thought there were going forward with the enhancement matches from Kim. What’s the point of going right back to someone we already seen her defeat ODB.

TNA World Title Tournament Last Man Standing Match: Magnus Def. Kurt Angle in 15: 00

After the match Roode attacks him even more with several right hands. Jeff Hardy makes the save and then Hardy faces off with Magnus.

AR’s Truth: A good match but the crowd was completely dead when the winner was announced. Earlier in the night when Magnus was doing his promo he had no reaction as well. If you’re TNA then you might want to be worried about that. He has the skills to hold his own but does he have the skills to hold the company together as a world champion.

Overall Rating: I had high hopes for this show but after the first segment if went sideways and little to no logic was made. TNA is got my hopes up and I actually like the new arena but if this is what we can expect for the next month then it’s going to be a long month. Show rating 5-10* Match. 

Thanks for reading and will see you next time.

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