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Rey 4As seen on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Rey Mysterio made his return once again to WWE. Now I knew that he would be returning at some point but when I saw his music played and ran down to the ring I was not excited. When I was younger I was a fan of his. I watch his matches back in ECW and WCW; he made his WWE debut in 2002 but is he that special? He was World Heavyweight champion twice and not for that long. He was WWE champion for a night but was defeated by John Cena. He is very injury prone but every time he gets injured, he has a spot waiting on him when he becomes healthy again.

I want to go back and see if he is really this great or just a fan favorite.

Yes he had awesome matches in ECW and WCW where he was champion several times. When WCW closed their doors it was only a matter of time before the luchador would be making his WWE debut, so skip to 2002 where he showed up on Smackdown and defeated his old enemy in Chavo Guerrero. He went onto Summerslam to feud with Kurt Angle. Now when you just come into the company and they put you into a program with Kurt Angle then that means they believe in you and there is something special there.

Now I could go through and list everything that Rey Mysterio has done in WWE but that would be a waste. He has held Cruiser-weight, tag team and major championships. Will skip ahead to 2006 where he was positioned in the Royal Rumble after the death of the late, great, Eddie Guerrero. Rey Mysterio won the big event and went on to headline WrestleMania 22 alongside the World Heavyweight champion Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. Did Rey Mysterio belong to be in that match maybe, did he deserve to win the World Tile no. Here is why, Vince McMahon and other backstage people didn’t think Rey Mysterio could be champion. One for his size and for a guy to be 5”6 in the land of giants he never had a chance. I thought they put on a good match but it was pushed down our throats that he won. Please remember that I was a Rey Mysterio fan but he doesn’t belong in the “Top Guy” role. He doesn’t have the microphone skills nor have the presents that he can beat anyone at any time. Sure he has had matches with the likes of the Big Show, Undertaker and Kane but he gets beat down for most of the match.

His title reign didn’t last a long time as he lost the belt at the Great American Bash PPV when Chavo Guerrero cost him the title and lost to King Booker. Now I will say that his feud with Chavo Guerrero was an intense and good rivalry.

Now let’s get to present day, Rey Mysterio is a good wrestler and does bring something to the table. But the fact that he is a larger than life or a special attraction is overrated. He is a guy who has done some good things for WWE but lately the injuries have caught up with Rey Mysterio. He comes in for a bit but not for long and he is out for 6 months to a year or longer with an injury. Why should I care about him, when he will just get injured again and leave? I’m not going to say he should retired because it’s his career but he should look at this. When you get older all of these injuries will cause you intense pain. Everyone has to call it a day sometime and maybe that day will come knocking sooner than he likes.

— Andy

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