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RightCoastPro Wrestling “Turn The Page” Results from 1/9/16
Greater Newark Boys &Girls Club – Newark, Delaware

RightCoastPro does wrestling “RIGHT” in Delaware by opening 2016 with a New Year’s celebration and a packed housed in their new venue – Greater Newark Boys & Girls club!

Quick Results:

  • “Wrestling’s Man of Steel” Chris Steeler retains the RCP Heavyweight Championship over Adam “The Great” Chandler of the “BTY – Better Than You” stable.
  • “The Baldwins” (Harry & Jerry) clearly lose the RCP Tag Team Championship titles to their opponents Studio 54 (Mozart Fontaine & Disco Dave) as RCP owner JJ Johnston counts them out.  A decision reversal was then instigated by Co-CEO Clarke Kelly by bringing the official Referee assigned to the match, Jim Dixon, to the stage to proclaim it a no-contest as he did NOT witness the finish.
  • “BTY” members Justin Pusser & #1 Brian Johnson take the win over the “Heavyweights” – Sean Royal & Tim Taylor in a #1 Contender match for the Tag Team Titles.
  • King Kaluha got the pin over fan favorite, Colton Quest in a hard fought action-packed match up.
  • Pedro Duro returned to perform not a hat dance this time, but a “Lucha Fu” demonstration. With play-by-play narration from the Jason Wilson “Experience”, obviously they were mocking our very talented Demo Team from local business, Newark Kenpo Karate that just performed!
  • “Wildlife” William Fitz and “God’s Gift” Aaron Stride went to no contest after running into the middle of “Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs attempted unmasking of Wrestling “X”. The 4 men ended up battling each other into chaos as Wrestler “X” manager Guy and Stride’s #BFF Josh Maddoxx fought off the mascot Coastee, that escorted Wildlife, on the outside of the ring.  2 simultaneous struggles ensued as the ref called a stoppage to everything and declared NO CONTEST on both the Wildlife vs Stride and Gibbs vs “X” match up’s.
  • Ms Jasmine of the “BTY” Stable gets a forfeit win over Bazooka Joe since he never answered the bell for the match. BTY members alluded to something happening prior to the show and that they took care of her competition for her!  More to come on this story!
  • The big man, “Deal Maker” Ruby Rubino, took the win over “Latin Lover” Chachi after Chachi started the segment off by berating the fat people from Delaware! In response to Chachi’s rant, manager Sebastian Night made a very heartwarming case for the larger breed (while eating a sandwich) and alluded to the great benefits of being a larger man in the ring.  Rubino and Night proved themselves correct and made short work of Chachi to the overwhelming delight of the crowd!
  • “Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs defeated Anthony Bowens in a 1-on-1 match up even though he was perplexed with Bowens being present. Gibbs was unable to prove in an earlier segment that Wrestler “X” was indeed Anthony Bowens, but now he is not sure since both have appeared at the same time!


Next Event: March 5th, 2016 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club

  • Champion Chris Steeler teams with The Heavyweights to face all members of “BTY” Stable with the Heavyweight Title and the #1 Contender spot for Tag Team titles on the line!
  • Colton Quest issues a rematch challenge to King Kaluha.
  • “Prince of Aesthetics” Damian Gibbs faces Ruby Rubino in a fitness challenge.
  • Anthony Bowens goes 1-on-1 with “Latin Lover” Chachi.
  • More matches and guests to be announced!

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