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RightCoastPro Wrestling “Strange Happenings” Results from 11/7/15 – Newark, Delaware

“Strange Happenings” is the company’s wildly popular annual night of strange and unusual match stipulations. This marks the 3rd year for a sold out crowd for this event!

Quick Results:

  • “Wrestling’s Man of Steel” Chris Steeler takes the RCP Heavyweight Championship from Aaron Stride in the first ever RCP STEEL CAGE MATCH!
  • “The Baldwins” (Harry & Jerry) win the RCP Tag Team Championship titles in a 4 team Ladder Match and become the first ever RCP Tag Team Champions claiming the brand new, debuting RCP Tag Team belts. Their opponents were “The Heavyweights” Sean Royal & Tim Taylor, “The International Initiative” King Kaluha & Latin Lover Chachi plus “Studio 54” Mozart Fontaine & Disco Dave.
  • CEO Mister Crister regains control over the company with the win of Chris Steeler in the cage match. His opposition for the past year, CEO Clarke Kelly, agreed to the terms based on results of the Stride – Steeler cage match.
  • Mister Crister’s signing and surprise return of Ryan ‘Adrenaline’ Rush brought the crowd to their feet as he defeated debuting Wrestler “X” in an un-announced brawl spawned by Clarke Kelly who was ultimately trying to get the upper hand on Crister and his new champion.
  • Newly introduced stable “Better Than You” with Adam Chandler, Justin Pusser & Ms Jasmine got the win over Bazooka Joe, Joey Silver and Ms Caitlin in the first ever RCP Inter-Gender match.
  • “Legendary Chick Magnet” Mike Tobin dressed as Macho Man was the special host and referee for the Legends of Wrestling Costume Contest. Damian Gibbs’ selection from the costume trunk had him dressed as Brett Hart, while Colton Quest picked Hulk Hogan. Late entrants Ruby Rubino and his manager Sebastian Night were stuck with the Fabulous Moolah and Mae young costumes. In the end, it went to the ladies as Ruby Rubino finished with a bronco buster just like Moolah used to do!
  • The Announcers Battle, hosted by “Legendary Chick Magnet” Brian Soscia, had veteran RCP announcer Mike Rose facing Clarke Kelly’s personal ring announcer, Jason Wilson in a serious of competitions (Formal Announcing, impromptu announcing, singing, dancing …) During that competition, Wilson had Rose taken out by the debuting Wrestler “X” dressed in black and wearing a luchador mask.
  • In an attempt to help the fallen announcer, good guy Courageous Cruz confronted Wrestler “X” and it escalated into quite the battle. The referees ended it and claimed a no-contest for both sides.
  • Mascot Coastee’s new friend “Wildlife” William Fitz had turned the tables on Pedro Duro and drug him to the ring bound and gagged just like Duro had done to Coastee last month! To the crowds delight, Duro was thrown into the locked cage and Wildlife ate the key! After giving a brutal beating to Duro, Wildlife escaped the cage by climbing over the top and was declared the winner! Pedro Duro was carried out of the ring once the cage was taken down by the ring crew.


Next Event: December 5th, 2015 – “Turn Table”

  • Join us as Tag Team Champs “The Baldwins” issue an open challenge to any team on the roster!
  • See the “International Initiative” team (King Kaluha & Latin Lover Chachi) battle “Studio 54” Mozart Fontaine and Disco Dave in a “Pineapple on the Pole” match!
  • More matches and guests to be announced!

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