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Last night in Milford, DE, Riot City’s Most Wanted had a chance to capture two Power Pro Wrestling championships but came up short in both matches.

First, the team of Matt Wylde and Jason Sythe took on PPW tag team champions BLK OUT, but an injury to Wylde turned the match into a handicap “2-on-1” defense for Robbie Illuminati and Ruckus.  Sythe fought bravely but was eventually pinned by the champions.

Then, in the main event, Sicend, the current ACW champion, tried to recapture his PPW title when he locked up with “The Element” Brandon Mercury in an intense grudge match!  Mercury was accompanied to the ring by the PPW Tri-State champion X Man and his own personal referee Craig Z-List.    Sicend took the fight to Mercury all over the building and looked ready to recapture the title, but “The Element” used the interference of X Man, and some crooked officiating, to retain the title by disqualification.

The PPW locker room emptied as it got crazy in the ring, but PJ Parker, the Southern Grizzly, and other members of Riot City’s Most Wanted helped restore order.  Brandon Mercury may still wear the PPW title today, but this feud is far from over!

In other action, “Pretty” Jimmy Dream defeated Vic Ramon, Talon defeated PJ Parker by disqualification, “New Age Nasty Boy” Adam Ugly defeated Doyle Day, and Rhino defeated the “Greek God” Papadon!