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The Rising Phoenix Wrestling Interview with Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Johnny Dynamiteby Greg DeMarcoThe Voice of RPW 

Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Johnny Dynamite made his RPW debut with Brandon Nitro on January 27.  Since then, Johnny has become a favorite of RPW fans at each show.  I recently sat down with Johnny Dynamite to conduct a face to face interview with this great talent.



Greg DeMarco:  Thanks for sitting down with me today, Johnny.  Tell me how you broke into the wrestling business. 

Johnny Dynamite:  I was a wrestler and football player in high school.  I discovered Jesse Hernandez’s School of Hard Knocks during my junior year when I was 17.  I’ve been to boot camp and trained to wrestle all over the world.  No one has ever worked me harder than Jesse.  He’s hands down the best trainer there is. 

GDM:  You’ve always spoke fondly about your relationship with Jesse.  Tell me about the relationship you have with him. 

JD:  Jesse has been my trainer and my mentor in wrestling for eight years now.  Jesse got me my first match, and has allowed me to wrestle all over the world.  Without Jesse, I never would’ve been able to work my lifelong dream of being a wrestling superstar. 

GDM:  You say wrestling is your lifelong dream. When did you first know you wanted to be a pro wrestler? 

JD:  When I was 4 years old, my mother was trying to clean the house and I kept jumping all over the furniture.  She finally sat me down in front of the TV, and when she turned it on, WWF Superstars was on.  I remember seeing Dusty Rhodes and The Rockers.  It was that day that I decided I wanted to be a pro wrestler. 

GDM:  I know you’ve had some experience outside of the US.  Where have you wrestled internationally? 

JD:  I’ve had the chance to in Germany and Austria.  German fans remind me of the fans in Arizona.  They don’t focus on the technical expertise of a wrestling match, they care about being entertained, and react to who entertains them.  Austria was an amazing time for me.  I was there, wrestling in my Army fatigues, and they were cheering for a US soldier out there.  I wasn’t sure how they’d react to that, so it was very surprising.  I was originally scheduled to compete in Japan in 2001, but it was cancelled after September 11th. 

GDM:  Which leads us to your time with the military.  Tell me about that. 

JD:  It’s always been a goal of mine to compete in Japan.  Japanese wrestling has long been the measuring stick for the skill of a wrestler, and I wanted to show them what I had.  When the show was cancelled, it had a big effect on me.  9/11 had a huge effect on me overall, and I felt it was my duty to enlist in the Army and fight for my country.  The Army kept me active and in shape, and allowed me to see the world.  I fought in Iraq, and was stationed in Bayji—which was Saddam Hussein’s home—for 13 months. 

I’m very proud of serving my country, and everyone is really proud of the decision I made to enlist.  My family has a long history with the military, and this is a personal source of pride for me, something I’ll always have. 

GDM:  How has your military service impacted your wrestling career? 

JD:  Since I couldn’t be a pro wrestler when I was in the military, I thought about wrestling all the time.  Every sit-up, every push-up, everything I did increased my motivation to return to the ring better than when I left.  The military also gave me the change to become skilled in boxing and ju-jitsu. 

GDM:  Now that you are out of the military, what do you see for your wrestling career? 

JD:  I’m training harder than ever, working hard to win championships and prove that I’m the best.  Outside the ring, I want to finish college and be a good father.  In the ring, I want to continue to work with NWA Pro’s Empire Wrestling Federation and Rising Phoenix Wrestling promotions.  I want to entertain the fans—that’s what makes it a thrill every time I go out there. 

GDM:  You and Brandon Nitro form TNT, one of the top tag teams in RPW.  How did that team get started? 

JD:  Brandon and I trained together at the School of Hard Knocks, and we also went to high school together.  Jesse paired us together for training one day, and we immediately clicked.  The rest is history.  Jesse always talked about how explosive we were.  That led to the TNT name.  We were originally going to call ourselves the Blond Bombers. 

GDM:  You’ve been teaming with Brandon for 8 years.  Have you ever wrestled him one on one? 

JD:  My last match before I left for the military was against Nitro.  He won, and I haven’t heard the end of it since. 

GDM:  You and Brandon recently won the EWF tag team championships.  How did that feel? 

JD:  Brandon and I started in the EWF, so this win has been a culmination of 8 years of training and partnership for us.  We had so many chances at the titles, but we never got that big win.  To finally win those belts was a surreal moment that I’ll never forget.  Now I think it’s time for us to wear some gold in RPW! 

GDM:  What’s been the best match you’ve had? 

JD:  Oh man, that’s touch—it’d have to be a tie.  The first is against Jason King in EWF.  Jason is very athletic and talented, and I consider myself pretty athletic and talented as well.  Jason wrestles with a Japanese Strong Style, and can kick harder than anyone I’ve faced.  That match gave me the chance to prove that I can adapt to different styles.  In 2000, I teamed with Brandon against Aggravated Assault.  That match started the feud that is still gong today.  I’ve grown to really respect those guys, but I still hate ‘em! 

GDM:  Brandon Nitro has a shot at the Arizona Heavyweight title on June 9th.  If Brandon wins the title, does Johnny Dynamite deserve a title shot? 

JD:  Johnny Dynamite definitely deserves a title shot.  Brandon and I have always been extremely competitive with each other, and he pushes me to be better.  He knows that if he wins the title, I want a shot at it.  If I won the title, he’d want at a shot at it, too.  We’ll always be friends and partners, but we also want to wear championships. 

GDM:  On June 9th, you’re facing “Miracle” Mike James in a one on one match.  What message do you have for MMJ? 

JD:  Brandon and I beat Mike James in a tag team match in January.  He couldn’t beat me when he had a partner, and he can’t beat me now.  I’ll defeat Mike James on June 9th, and continue to ascend to the top of Rising Phoenix Wrestling. 

GDM:  Johnny, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today.  Best of luck with your match on June 9th. 

JD:  It was my pleasure Greg, thanks a lot. 

See Johnny Dynamite in action on Saturday, June 9th at the Broadway Recreation Center in Mesa, Arizona in a one on one match against “Miracle” Mike James.  This card also includes “XXX” Lawrence Tyler defending the Arizona Heavyweight championship and Glamour Boy Shane wrestling BoneCrusher Fred Sampson in a match as part of the first round of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.   This is one night of wrestling that you do not want to miss!  For more information, including our ticket purchasing site, visit www.risingphoenixwrestling.com. 

Credit:  Greg DeMarco

The Voice of RPW

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