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Rob Conway has opened his own myspace account at www.myspace.com/therobconway

The Blue Meanie captured the Cleveland All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title over the weekend by defeating his old rival Tracy Smothers.

 The Dark Match at One Night Stand saw Santino Marella successfully defeat Chris Masters to retain his Intercontinental title.

 Devin Cutting reported:

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Charlotte Coliseum was imploded this morning at 10:30 AM. Many wrestling events were held at the building, including WWE Judgment Day in 2003 and the episode of Monday Night Raw where Ric Flair returned to WWE as the company’s co-owner.

To read the article, click:  http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/590122.html

 Mike S. from Philadelphia reported:

June, 2 2007 – Making his MMA debut, Brock Lesner takes on Min Soo Kim (Olympic Medalist in Judo for Korea 1996)

After a brief exchange Lesner shoots in and takes down Kim rather easily. Lesner gains the mount position (A dominant position on the ground) and begins to fire punches. After landing 2-3 good shots, Kim taps out (Quits) and Lesner is declared the winner in the first round.