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by Simon McCallIn You Head Radio interview with Rob Conway hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards! Here are just a few highlights from the Interview to hear the full Interview head on over to InYourHeadOnline.com


In Your Head Wrestling Radio interview with Rob Conway, Wednesday November 12th 2008


Rob joins the guys and straight away says he loves the name Oneinchbiceps he says it takes guts to have that name.


Jack asks who was most helpful to him in OVW, Robs says Danny Davis helped him the most he was very hands on so too was Nick Dinsmore.


On OVW Robs tells the guys that he helped to train a lot of talent back then including Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton.


Some calls come in, Brian asks who did Robs WWE entrance theme, (the just look at me one) , Rob says it was done by Jim Johnson but everyone thinks it was Randy Newman.


PH420 asks Rob was he disappointed not to have tagged with Nick Dinsmore in WWE, Rob says they did some house shows but never got the chance on TV, but if they did they could have gotten it over.


Joel asks if Rob misses Sylvain Grenier, Rob does and says he had his most success with Sylvain like being WWE tag team champs with La Resistance.


Rob also tells the guys that he got on really well with Sylvain and WWE broke up La Resistance because the started doing the Mohamed Hassan angle and could only focus on one anti American group at that time. On Rene Dupree Robs says he was very young for his push, just 19 and couldn’t even drive a rental car and because of his age they didn’t have too much in common.


A call comes in from kicks who asks what it was like being in the ring with the rock, Rob replies it was a great experience it was awesome he never heard a crowd pop like that it was deafening.


On his time in WWE, Rob says he enjoyed it, he didn’t like his entrance theme he thought it killed the crowd and tried to get rid of it but was fearful of getting heat for speaking up. He though his Ironman gimmick from OVW would have gotten over in WWE because it was basically who he is. When it came to The Conman gimmick you had to use your imagination as to what you made of the gimmick, Rob recalls Vince walking by backstage and yelling at him to do it the Conway.


Jack asks Rob if he would ever go back to WWE, Rob says you never know in wrestling but he was pretty satisfied with his run.


Finally Rob tells us to check out eBay because he usually puts his ring gear up for auction around this time of year to raise funds for a friends son who has a rare bone disease.


You can check Rob out at myspace.com/therobconway

Or contact him at [email protected]


Rob says he has some matches up on ovwrestling.com

And also at nwawrestling.com

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