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robbie-eRing Rust Radio had TNA Star Robbie E on the show this week, and it was a great episode with plenty of exclusive content.

Ring Rust Radio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ringrustradio/2014/09/23/ring-rust-radio–sept-23-w-wwe-night-of-champions-review-tna-star-robbie-e

Ring Rust Radio: You and your girlfriend Brooke Adams will be competing on the 25th season of the Amazing Race. The show premieres Friday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. What were some of the similarities and difference between wrestling and reality television and what should the fans expect from you in the competition?

Robbie E: When you think of me and when you think of Brooke, you think of two of the wildest and craziest people in wrestling. I think we are perfect for reality TV. We are the perfect two people to race around the world and do a whole bunch of crazy stuff. It is going to be a wild and exciting 12 weeks. You’re going to see Robbie E. do things you probably didn’t think he would ever be willing to do. Let’s just say I don’t like animals.

Ring Rust Radio: Having had the opportunity to travel the world as a professional wrestler, in what ways did that experience help yourself and Brooke when it came to having success on The Amazing Race?

Robbie E: I definitely think when you’re racing and you’re going to new places for a lot of people its outside of your comfort zone. I’m used to traveling for wrestling and being places I’m not familiar with so I think that will help. Also the race is kind of like expect the unexpected. There are so many different factors and things that can hurt you. There is really no way to properly prepare for it. Being an experienced traveler definitely doesn’t hurt in this situation, but I don’t know how much it will help.

Ring Rust Radio: TNA has undergone major changes over the last several months. With a move to a new night and turnover on the roster, what are your opinions on Impact Wrestling’s future on Spike TV and beyond?

Robbie E: I think change is a good thing. It keeps things fresh and exciting. The new night is a shock to some people. Our ratings are already where they normally were.  Wrestling really hasn’t been on Wednesday nights before. I think it’s a new setting, it’s ours, and we own it. As far as whether we end up staying on Spike TV or going somewhere else it doesn’t really matter.  Our fan base is going to follow and TNA is here to stay.

Ring Rust Radio: TNA turned a lot of heads when it announced that Bound For Glory would be held in Japan this year. With that event now just a few weeks away, how do you feel TNA is going to benefit from having its biggest show of the year in Japan?

Robbie E: Change is good, something different is good. It is pretty rare and random for a wrestling P.P.V. to be held outside the U.S. especially somewhere like Japan. I think it builds excitement, it’s something different, and you don’t know what to expect. I’m excited to be a part of it; everyone is excited to be a part of it. I think it will be fun as a fan to watch. I think it will be a whole new cool experience with everyone involved.

Ring Rust Radio: You have quietly amassed a very impressive championship record. As a former X Division champion, tag team champion and television champion, are there any moments that really stick out as the top highlights from your career thus far?

Robbie E: The records speak for themselves and the longevity speaks for itself. I’ve been here four years and wrestling is always constantly changing. I remember when I started in TNA; the locker room I was in about 95% of those guys are gone now. When you would have looked at it, they probably would have said Robbie E. would have been one of the early ones out. I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere. That proves right there that I deserve to be where I am at. Look at the gold bro, look at the records. I would say winning the tag titles for a second time at the One Night Only P.P.V., putting a beat down on Ronnie from Jersey Shore, and breaking my big VIP sign over my former bouncer. That was something funny I will never forget because it’s fun to break stuff over people’s heads.

Ring Rust Radio: Tag team wrestling has really taken center stage recently in TNA with Team 3D, The Hardys and The Wolves competing in a series of matches for the tag titles. As a tag team wrestler in your own right, what are your feelings on the current state of tag team wrestling in TNA?

Robbie E: I think it’s coming back and we have great wrestlers. Tag teams weren’t just guys working together. They looked alike, thought a like, and they were a gelled unit. Tag team matches for a while were almost just two singles matches. They were just two guys thrown together and the art of tag team wrestling was gone.  I think we are definitely moving forward and getting it back to where it used to be. You just listed some of the greatest tag teams of all time and currently in pro-wrestling, we’re on the right track.