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Ring of HonorRing Of Honor – Chicago Ridge, IL – Saturday June 29, 2008 – Vendetta II – 900 fans

Pre Show: Josh Raymond Abercrombie (sans mustache but now with braids) & CJ Otis defeated Kyle Durden & Mitch Franklin in pre show match when Otis pinned Durden with a German suplex with a bridge.

Pre Show: Trik Davis defeated Shane Hollister with a kick to the head

Pre Show Main Event: Dirty Ernie Osirus defeated Egotistico Fantastico with a code red (sunset flip powerbomb). Ego, a Chicago product and former WE developmental worker, was super duper over and got a “please come back chant.”


1. A 4 corner survival turned into a tag team match when “Addicted To Love” Rhett Titus (great gimmick) & Delirious with great wrestling mind JJ Dillon I mean Daizee Haze defeated Sugarfoot Alex Payne & Silas Young in 7:11 when Rhett pinned Sugarfoot. Very good opener with the storyline being Delirious infatuation with young Daizee. When he was in the corner he wasn’t paying attention the match, he was just looking down with stars in his eyes saying “Daizee” and when she looked up he would wave hello. Other times during the match, he would sulk when Rhett did something impressive or took Daizee’s attention away from him. Delirious’ sulking during the match was FIVE HUNDRED STARS awesome. The double team of Delirious & Rhett Titus tried to do a double team but Rhett was hitting on Daizee, which of course make Delirious mad. Finish was a Rhett doing a blind tag as Delirious hit a sunset flip on Sugarfoot, Rhett dived over Delirious and while Delirious held him down stole the pin for the win. The fans chanted “that was gay”

2. Erick Stevens defeated Jay Briscoe in 8:49 with the doctor bomb. A brief yet fun stiff match with lots of chops and elbows. It was a strong style match to the fullest, complete with 2-3 chop battels. Early on, Stevens (who is growing his hair out) tried his cho cho clothesline into the corner but Jay ducked and hit a guillotine leg drop. Stevens hit a high German suplex with release and a choke slam for a near fall. He went for the doctor bomb but Jay worked his way out of it and came back with a Death Valley Driver and a Yakuza kick for a near fall. After two more Briscoe near falls and a j-driller attempt, Jay attempted another Yakuza kick only to have Stevens duck it and hit the doctor bomb for the win.

3. Lights out (no pinfalls, man has a ten count to get up) match: Chris Hero defeated Pelle Primeau in 8:26. Great fun. Hero (who along with Sara Del Ray were wearing their innergender tag team championship belts) jumped Pelle pre bell. Hero beat the holy piss out of young Pelle for most of it and goddamn was it great. 28 seconds into the match Hero threw Pelle into the ropes and followed him with a super harsh roaring elbow and an eight count. That got a “Chris is Awesome” chant. Hero put Pelle up for an atomic drop and just dropped him down without the knee for a nine count. Pelle did some ranas for a comeback including an awesome one on the outside which launched Hero into the guardrail for eight count. Back in the ring Hero hit a massive kick to the back of Pelle’s head for a seven count. Damn that ruled. I could watch that again and again. Pelle was down and slowly getting up and Hero was arguing with Todd “needs a haircut” Sinclair, Hero tripped Pelle up at seven. Sinclair saw this and restarted the count. As Sweeney was arguing with Sinclair and had his attention not focused on the ring, Brent Albright ran in and hit a half nelson German on Hero. Both men down. Todd Sinclair (who resembles a middle aged Dennis the Meanice) counted both guys down and Larry Sweeney distraction allowed Del Ray to guillotine kick Pelle in the back of the head as he tried to get up he dropped down as Chris was revived and got up on his feet at nine for the win. Very good story in this match.

4. The Age Of The Fall (Necro Butcher & Tyler Black with the lovely Allison Wonderland) defeated Kevin Steen & El Generico in 11:30 when Necro schoolboyed (no, that’s not a typo) Kevin Steen after Tyler Black hit Steen with a chair for the pinfall. Kevin Steen was super over here, which was good news for fans of Mr. Wrestling, with chants of “Next World Champ.” Steen actually did a flip to the outside onto Tyler & Necro pre match and then it was on. As Steen was paired with Necro for brawling and Generico and Black went at it. Generico and Steen took turns choking and facewashing Tyler Black with his own t-shirt. Generico hit a split legged moonsault on Black for a two. He attempted his Yakuza kick to the corner, but missed and that brought in the Necro Butcher who proceeded to beat the hell out of Generico. He hit a number of punches and chops to Generico. It must have been something like this: punch, chop, punch, chop (repeat 10 times)-it was brutal. Lots of heat on Generico, Steen finally made the hot tag and went wild and were totally into him and Brent Albright tonight. Generico finally hit a harsh yakuza into the corner with Necro and Steen went up top for a Senton, but Necro got his knees up, as Steen landed on them. It appeared that Necro hurt his knee while doing this as one seemed sorta puffy – and bleeding. Necro then held Steen and put his head outside the ropes where Tyler Black hit it and then Necro schoolboyed him for the pin. After the match Austin Aries got on the microphone and asked Necro why he does Jimmy Jacobs dirty work. “Do they care about you, or are they out to manipulate you.” Good segment.

5. Claudio Castagnoli defeated Bryan Danielson in 2406 with a launching elevated European uppercut. Second best match of the night. An outstanding match that started with great mat wrestling, fantastic comedy then finally high impact pro wrestling. It started slow with a lot of mat based wrestling and reversals. Claudio attempted the airplane spin, only to have Danielson do the Hogan “no” finger (where he waves his finger at his opponent). A minute later, Danielson got Claudio down and attempted Claudio’s variation of the Giant Swing “The big Swing” and Claudio again wouldn’t let him and now Claudio did the “no” gimmick with the finger. Bryan eventually got Claudio in a 19 count airplane spin, as Claudio got down to the mat, he got up and hit a 7 count big swing on Danielson. As both man were dizzy on the mat – they both attempted kip ups and failed miserably. It was in fact quite outstanding to see two dizzy men attempting to kip up. They both eventually got up and asked the ref for a time out. Ref Sinclair said no and Danielson (being quite jolly pre show with his USA leather vest and unusual requests in the parking lot) went to pick Sinclair up for an airplane spin. Crowd exploded. Bryan then got him up and did an eight count airplane spin on hatred ref Sinclair for an enormous ovation. Claudio attempted for the big swing on Sinclair but Danielson stopped him by saying “its too much”. They put Sinclair in the corner and bowed to him. Both competitors shook hands and Dragon kicked Claudio while shaking his hand and suddenly he comedy was done. Tons of back and forth offence suplexes, euro uppercuts, and various submissions. Danielson hit his cornerstones: the cattle mutilation. Mma elbows to the head. Triangle choke submission. He went for his legendary small package for a two. Claudio whipped him into the ropes threw him up and hit an euro uppercut for the upset victory. By the way, Danielson comment to the WWE rumors “I am under contract with Ring of Honor” and also “I’m going to the Chicago’s Gay pride parade tomorrow!”

Intermission time. ROH returns to the Frontier Park Field house on Saturday August 16th. According to some ROH die hard fans in front of me, the big news so far this weekend was “It was so great to hear the Dayton Crowd chant ‘Dusty Finish’ last night during the title vs. title match.” And “can you believe the ROH toolbar only works for IE?”

6. Bonus shimmer three way: Former Shimmer Champion Sara Del Ray (sporting a shorter haircut and a new makeup style) defeated Daizee Haze and current Shimmer champion MsChif in 4:26 with a royal butterfly on daizee. Highlight was Sara’s German suplex on MsChif into the corner turnbuckle. Good, quick women’s match with a lot of moves crammed into a short amount of time.

Afterward they shot the ROH Bideowire open with MsChif and Sara still in the ring with Dave Prazak. Sara screamed about how she wanted a shot “AT MY TITLE” when her manager Super Agent Larry Sweeney came out and told Sara how the re-match won’t happen until their terms were met and told Sara to eat sushi and caviar in the S & S limo. He then introduced NWA World Champion Adam Pearce along with Reality Show Star Johnny Fairplay. Fairplay then jumped and hugged both men like they were Danny Bonaduce at a reality show awards. Sweeney then introduced the newest member of S&S Inc, Pro Wrestling NOAH’s own Go Shiozaki. Shiozaki came out with a USA black leather vest and Adam Pearce (who just turned 30 and was ON FIRE tonight) had a matching vest. Forget about the mustache 2008 is the year of the USA leather vest! Then Sweeney introduced the greatest intercontinental champion of all time. The Honky Tonk Man. He came out while there was 7 people in the ring (Go, Pearce, Sweeney, Fairplay, Tank Tolland, Shane Hagadorn and the extremely over Bobby Dempsey). After hearing Sweeney berate the fans, it was good to hear Honkey tell us how beautiful of an audience we were and how he wanted to sing and dance for us. However Larry Sweeney would not let him sing or dance and sent him to hang with Sara in the limo. People were not happy about this at all.

7. Brent Albright & Roderick Strong defeated “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce & Go Shiozaki in 14:53 when the ref stopped it after repeated Albright knee strikes to Pearce’s head. Good match with a lot of stuff going on including lots of heat on Roderick and Albright being very over with the crowd. Go and Roderick got to chop each other several times and overall it was a good grudge tag team match with an interesting finish. After the match Pearce lit a hooooooge (it was quite large) fireball in Albrights face. This brought out all the referees who were beaten down in a very good post match angle.
8. Non-Title: Nigel Mcguinness defeated Jerry Lynn 19:44 with a roll up after a lariet. My expectations for this match were not too high, but this match delivered. Jerry Lynn, 45 years old, looked awesome tonight in this match against the ROH World Champion. The match starfted slow. Nigel got the mic to start the match and told Jerry he could leave the ring if he wanted or else he would “rip his ass.” OH~! Jerry noted Nigel had a horse shit attitude and it was on. Started slow got very good towards the end, especially the last 5 minutes where were quite dandy. Jerry wrestled most of the match with a boot untied which gave Nigel a slight advantage, Nigel worked on the left shoulder of Lynn. They went back and forth and faught to the outside where Lynn hit a beautiful tornado DDT on the ROH guardrail. Back in the ring, Nigel went for a clothesline, but Jerry (having well scouted Nigel) ducked the clothesline and hit a German with a bridge for a two count. Nigel would come back and hit several lariats and a tower of London for some near falls. The crowd was into Lynn, and because of it being a non-title match, believed he had a chance to upset the ROH Champion. Last few minutes were epic with plenty of nearfalls and lariets and the crowd became alive after Nigel went for the Jawbreaker lariat but Jerry ducked it, hit a clothesline of his own and a beautiful TKO for a 2.9 count. The crowd went nuts with “that was three” chants. Nigel went for another Jawbreaker, but Jerry schoolboyed him for another 2.9. Nigel was livid, he finally hit the Jawbreaker Lariet and then rolled up Jerry to make sure he didn’t get back up for the end. Afterward handshake and Jerry presented nigel with the belt and very loud “please come back” and “thank you Jerry” chants. Good times.
9. In the match of the night-which delivered on several levels: Austin Aries defeated Jimmy Jacobs in 26:38 after six dropkicks into the corner and a 450 splash. Outstanding “relaxed rules” match, these guys worked their asses off tonight. Match started with Jimmy Jacobs announcing to the world how he wanted to outwrestle Austin this evening, and how the winner of the match tonight would get to pick “any match they wanted for the Chicago Return on 8/16.” Aries agreed and noted “Lacey told me your little secret and what you are afraid of” and threatened to use it against Jacobs if he won. They started wrestling, then about five minutes in Jacobs kissed Aries on the lips. Aries, then slapped Jacobs and took the fight to the floor. They battled into the stands of the Frontier Park Field House. Aries attempted a suplex on the bleachers, but Jacobs countered into the End Game submission only for Aries to use a fan man and a wall to break the submission. Aries went to work on Jacobs hitting a high knee to Jacobs head while it rested on the apron and a double axehandle to the back while jumping over the top rope. On the outside Jacobs dived off the apron and hit a elbow on Aries on the floor, he then did a “bang bang” to let us know his favorite Mick Foley character. Jacobs set a chair on the outside, sat Aries in it and dived from the ring to the outside. Aries back caught the ROH guardrail and was bloody. Jacobs then proceeded to claw, bite, rip his back. Jacobs face was bloody from all of the biting of Aries back. It was sick. Jacobs after more back attack, hit the end game, only to have Aries flip him out of the ring and hit his super fast tope on Jacobs. Later, as Aries tried to get back in the ring Jacobs speared him to the outside. As Aries came back in, Jacobs hit the end game again and Aries reversed it into the Horns of Aries submission. Jacobs went for the Contra Code, but Aries blocked it, trapped Jacobs on the top rope and hit a sweet and painful Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. They got back into the ring, Aries missed his huge dropkick into the corner, as Jacobs hit the end game again, but Aries reversed it again into the Horns of Aries. The age of the fall attempted to come out and stop the submission but were met by the Briscoes. Then MsChif went into the ring, and did a double stomp on Aries chest – breaking up the submission. Aries went after Chif, but she used the green mist on his face. Jacobs hit a spear, and tried the end game again, but Aries hit a bridge for the near fall. As Jacobs was getting up Aries hit a harsh kick to Jacobs head and hit 6 dropkicks into the corner and then the 450 for the win. Wow. It was indeed something you must see as I wasn’t sure about these two men headlining a show, but it delivered BIG TIME. Jacobs and Aries were both perfect for their roles here and balanced each other quite nicely. It was in fact quite awesome. After the match Aries got on the mic and announced a “No-DQ” match next month for young Jacobs, against THE NECRO BUTCHER (who if you read earlier was I guess the person that Jimmy fears the most and is manipulating). People started throwing stuff into the ring at Jimmy and the beautiful Allison Wonderland, Jacobs left only to return with a TRASHBAG. As he started putting garbage in the bag he noted “I do this because people like me clean up garbage for people like you” and talked about his revolution. Awesome ending to a pretty good show. Highlights being the main, Claudio-Danielson, and Lynn-Nigel.


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