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Thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski for sending in these updates! Hit F5 or refresh and we’ll continue to post throughout the show. Tonight’s show was originally scheduled to be the Trios Tournament 2007 but has since been changed to the Unscripted 3 and is taking place in Chicago Ridge, ILLINOIS.

1) Pre-Show: Ernie Osirus d. Mitch Franklin (looking VERY jacked) at 5:59 with a standing shooting star press. Franklin had a lot of what the Japanese call “fighting spirit” in the match. Adam Pearce did his Gary Michael Capetta and said there were ten minutes gone by two minutes into the match!

Keith reports the start time was moved back to 8:00 due to the awful weather and how hard it was for people to get there. An estimated 800-900 people are in attendance.

2) Main Show: Austin Aries comes out to cut a promo about being held back in Ring of Honor and how obstacles are being put in his way. Tyler Black came out with Lacey and cut a rebuttal promo about opportunity. Match begins! Austin Aries d. Tyler Black at 14:32 with a brainbuster 450 combo. Black looked very good and the match had a great open followed by a lot of near falls. Aries kicks have improved greatly and he connected with an awesome flying judo chop during the match. Afterwards Lacey cut a promo for Age of the Fall and said it’s not that easy to put down a revolution. Sara Del Ray came out and challenged Lacey to a non-title match.

3) Sara Del Ray d. Lacey at 15:11 in a non-title match using a german suplex bridge. A second girl came out with Lacey for Age of the Fall but wasn’t introduced, however she broke up at least one pinfall. Keith reports both women performed well but the match wasn’t quite up to SHIMMER standards. At one point Lacey said she was parched and asked for a drink of water, when she got it Sara slapped her on the back and she sprayed the water all over the timekeeper. The crowd chanted SHE CAN’T SWA-LLOW!
4) Six-Man Mayhem: Dan Lawrence v. Trik Davis v. Dingo v. Silas Young v. Seth Skyfire v. Danny Daniels. Dingo came out to Men at Work’s “Down Under” and had a Sabu tattoo on his back. Dan Lawrence came out to Andrew WK’s “Party Hard” and had a lot of Ultimate Warrior type fringe on his gear. During the match Young suplexed Lawrence onto the other four “goofs” outside the ring for a big pop. Dingo wins the six-man by pinning Dan Lawrence with a full nelson suplex into a bridge at 9:25. Lots of high flying and great spots – this one was a lot of fun to watch and the crowd was really into it. A lot of people were marking out for Daniels during the match since he’s a local wrestler. Mark and Jay Briscoe came out afterwards for a quick beatdown on Daniels and Young.
5) Chris Hero v. Claudio Castagnoli. Tank Toland apparently didn’t make it to the show, Sweeney is nowhere to be seen, only Bobby Dempsey is in Hero’s corner. Dempsey was wearing his silver jumpsuit and a too tight Chris Hero t-shirt. Hero was cutting a promo on Dempsey about it, then couldn’t get off his own “Survival of the Fittest” t-shirt, and Claudio taunted him and said he was too fat to get it off himself. Hero went to cup Dempsey’s ears so he couldn’t hear this. Hero wore the purple shirt and green tights for this match. When he did his somersault into the ring, Claudio pointed up, Hero looked up and Claudio hit him with a SWEET uppercut. There was a lot of comedy in the first 20 minutes including a fan taunting Dempsey with a Snickers bar. Eventually Lacey got a chocolate bar for Dempsey and when Hero saw this he was NOT pleased. Claudio won with his waterslide move at 21:19.

Larry Sweeney arrived and announced he’d been in negotiations with Ring of Honor and they’d be going 2 out of 3 falls. He called Castagnoli “SWISS-O” and said he was “both dumb AND swiss.” While Castagnoli was listening to this Hero used the Hero’s Welcome to pin Castagnoli in six seconds and take the second fall.

In the third fall Hero worked on Claudio’s arm and shoulder injured from the first fall, trying over and over again to take Claudio out, but Claudio won the third fall at 3:42 with a rollthrough and an armbar. Afterwards an enraged Hero beat down Claudio on his bad shoulder. Intermission followed.

6) Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn d. ‘Sugarfoot’ Alex Payne & Ernie Osirus at 1:54 with a spike piledriver on Osirus. Hangmen Three came out right at the beginning of the match to interfere throughout. There were lots of “REPO MAN” chants during the match, but that’s about it. Pearce held Osirus and Hagadorn came off the top rope to nail him with the piledriver. This was a total squash or as Keith put it, “It was what it was.” Afterwards Pearce bodyslammed Osirus over the top rope to the floor and yelled “That looked like it HURT!”
7) Brent Albright d. Jigsaw at 8:13 with a half nelson suplex in a very good and competitive match. This match was surprisingly good and Jigsaw got a lot of chants. He hit a beautiful dive onto H3 during the match and got in way more offense than he would have just a few months ago when Albright was getting his big push. At one point he hit Albright with a beautiful DDT but he only got 2. The half nelson suplex came when Albright caught him as he springboarded off the ropes and that was that! BJ Whitmer got on the mic afterwards and said he was looking for a fight and people chanted “CORINO” at him. This brought out Delirious!
8) BJ Whitmer v. Delirious in a no-DQ match goes to a no contest at 15:08. Delirious hit a flip five to the outside on the Hangmen Three – must have been a prerequisite for being on the show tonight! A minute or two into the match Whitmer got on the mic and announced it was no DQ, then hit Delirious with the mic. They brawled all over the place and at one point ATTACKED EACH OTHER WITH UMBRELLAS. Whitmer got good juice in this match. Delirious eventually hit the Shadows Over Hell but before he could do anything he got hit with the Hangmen Three’s chain and they ripped his mask open, then wrapped it around his throat to hang him. This was an absolutely nuts scene with the referee and the pre-show goofs who came out for the save getting beat down. Delirious bladed BIG TIME. This was a great angle, really hot. Albright gave Mitch Franklin a gorilla press into the crowd after the match!

Daizee Haze came out to fight some chick but Jimmy Jacobs jumped out of the second row and speared her. He has a short haircut tonight. He cuts a promo saying “I just destroyed this pretty little thing, now I want to destroy the best in the world.” This brought out Bryan Danielson.

9) Jimmy Jacobs d. Bryan Danielson at 22:32 with a guillotine DDT off the top rope. HOLY SHIT – incredible match! Danielson was bleeding in a big way. At one point Danielson had him beat with the cattle mutilation but Lacey pulled the ref to the outside so he couldn’t see the tapout. Jimmy tried to both outwrestle and outbrawl Danielson – he even left his knee brace outside the ring during the match. The blade spot came when they were fighting over Jacobs’ cane and Danielson managed to grab it, but Jacobs shoved the silver handled end into his face. Jacobs got a two count off elbows to the head followed by a Contra Code before eventually hitting the guillotine DDT for the win, and his new finisher is called “End Game.”
Nigel McGuinness came out afterwards and mocked Danielson, asking if he was going to lose to Bobby Dempsey next. This brought out Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney. Sweney said that when it comes to “superiorocity” Hero was the best man here. Eventually McGuinness and Danielson brawled to the back. In the meantime Roderick Strong came out, said he was a huge fan of McGuinness, and he wanted a match so he could become “world title champion.” McGuinness didn’t immediately accept but it seems to be where they are going.

10) Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe & Erick Stevens v. No Remorse Corps – Mark picks up the win at 24:00 in a very good match by hitting Davey Richards with a cutthroat driver. The match started off slow but picked up a lot near the end as everybody got to hit their finishing moves. That’s the show!

One last note from Keith – there was a car wreck in Indianapolis. Necro Butcher, Human Tornado, Ruckus and Jack Evens were involved. Jack wound up with a concussion but otherwise everyone is okay.