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SHIMMER standout and former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx (Roxxi) is writing a new column to share her nutrition and fitness expertise with our readers. Write in to former PGWA Champion Nikki with your diet and exercise questions, and she’ll be happy to answer them for you right here.

Nikki Roxx — My Life Roxx! And So Can Yours!

Clean Eating






This article is geared towards how to clean up your eating habits. I have gotten lots of questions about what to eat, and when I tell people to eat clean they don’t necessarily understand. I don’t mean wash your food, or a couple of people thought it meant they had to eat like me and be a vegetarian. Clean eating is just cleaning up your decisions of what you chose to eat.

For instance, who doesn’t love pasta? Some pasta with red sauce or olive oil and grated cheese. Ok, maybe I’m starving right now. Lol. But instead of white pasta switch it up with some whole wheat pasta. I know lots of people think ewww! Even Momma Roxx and my younger brother complain about how it tastes different, and all that crazy stuff. I snuck it to them one day, and they never even noticed! I told them after they ate the whole meal and they were surprised. They don’t really let me cook for them now though, unless they’re watching, lol. It’s a small price to pay to prove my point.




Another thing to cut out is soda of any kind. Even diet soda isn’t good. If you can even cut down your intake you’re better off. Try some Crystal Lite. It’s so good! And so many different flavors. Or some sugar free green tea is good. Or this might sound crazy but….. some plain old water! I drink about a gallon of water a day. It helps your hair, skin, and body overall.

Lots of people think eating clean means you can’t eat fast food or at restaurants anymore, but that’s not true. Almost every restaurant or fast food place carries healthy options. It’s really amazing! Grilled chicken, salads, sweet potato fries. Your options are endless!

So in closing: no fried food, no white flour, no candy or chips. Lol. Any questions you guys know where to find me.

Health, Headlocks and Hugs!
-Nikki : )


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