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WWE Royal Rumble
Location: Atlanta Georgia
Date: January 31st, 2010



ECW Champion Christian defeated Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal to retain!

The match started with Ezekiel overpowering Christian several times before Christian smacked him in the face and ran! Christian got back in the ring and dropkicked Ezekiel to the face, then springboard cross body blocked him! Ezekiel got back into the ring and began dominating him. Christian went for a killswitch but it was blocked. Christian got out of a gorilla press slam and went to the top rope but Ezekiel knocked him off of it out of the ring. William got too close to Christian so he was ejected from ringside! Ezekiel threw Christian into the steps and took control of the match, Christian smacking Ezekiel in the big grinning face whenever he got a chance. Ezekiel went for a superplex but Christian pushed him off and hit a shoulder cannon. Christian hit a missile drop kick and went for the killswitch again, but it was reversed, so Christian settled on an inverted DDT instead! Christian went for a diving head butt but Ezekiel moved out of the way! Ezekiel went for his urinagi but Christian countered it and went for the killswitch, which was once again reversed. Christian managed to hit a huge tornado DDT a minute later at the turnbuckle, and went for the killswitch for a forth time! Ezekiel countered it and picked Christian up into a powerslam, Ezekiel ran at the turnbuckle with Christian still on his shoulder but Christian got loose, pushed Ezekiel into the turnbuckle, and hit the killswitch for the 3!



Theodore Long & Tiffany + Cryme tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard) + The Great Khali & Runjin Singh + U.S Champion The Miz

Theodore congratulated Tiffany on her brand having a good title match when Cryme Tyme entered. They complained that only one of them were in the Royal Rumble match. Cryme Tyme said they would coerce someone for their spot when The Great Khali entered. Cryme Tyme said if Khali gave Shad his spot they would let him kiss Tiffany. Tiffany looked disgusted (as she should be) when Runjin entered and told them that Khali said no dice. Theodore said they should be ashamed for trying to trick The Great Khali and that they looked like fools with their pants on the ground! (reference to American idol contestant song). Everyone started singing that song when The Miz walked in and said “Really?”. The Miz said in a year no one would remember that stupid song (just like no one remembers the SNL skit he ripped “Really” off of), but that people would remember Miz winning the Royal Rumble! The Miz said they mine as well be saying “Who let the dogs out”, when Theodore said there were no guest hosts there and that HE was running the show, and that Miz had a U.S title defense next against MVP! Miz stormed off and The Great Khali said “Who let the dogs out”!



Randy Orton + Cody Rhodes

Orton was sitting in the locker room when Cody walked in. Cody told Orton that they things he said last week didn’t go over his head, that he knew Orton would win tonight, and that he had Orton’s back. Orton asked Cody what was wrong and Cody said he wished he could say the same for Ted. Cody said that ever since Teds horrible movie came out, he has been going around saying he was going to win the Rumble and then face Orton at WrestleMania! Cody said that they were all a unit and that Orton could count on him tonight.



U.S Champion The Miz defeated MVP to retain!

MVP started off in control, dominating Miz. This was very high energy. Miz took control after he left the ring, and then knocked MVP off the apron into the announce table after getting back in the ring! The Miz started to work on MVP, including locking in a sleeper. MVP got out of the sleeper hold and hulked up, hitting Miz with a bunch of offense including ballin’. MVP went for the playmaker but Miz got out of it, only to be kicked by a vicious yakuza kick! MVP went for a second yakuza kick at the turnbuckle but Miz ducked it, and then went for his skull crushing finale, which was reversed into a pin! Miz left the ring again, MVP close behind. Miz got back in the ring and then grabbed MVP and rolled him into a package for the 3! Miz began celebrating so MVP kicked him in the midsection, and hit the playmaker. The fans booed this and as MVP walked away Miz sat in the ring pouting and kissing his title.



Big Show + Chris Jericho + R-Truth

Chris stopped Show in the hall and show asked Chris if he was jealous because of what Show said about himself and Miz last week, having better chemistry than him and Chris. Chris said he felt sorry for Show because The Miz only looks out for #1 and is just using Show to get what he wants. Show said he knows, and that it’s the same thing Chris did! Chris said he elevated Big Show, and that he made Big Show a giant killer. Chris said if its down to him, Miz, and Show in the Rumble match, Show better not throw him out. R-Truth came out from the corner and said that if Show doesn’t throw Chris out, he will! Truth said it was every man for himself in there, and that it looks like Chris is on his own!



Randy Orton + Ted DiBiase Jr.

Ted stopped Orton in the hall and said that he has Orton’s back. Ted said that lately Cody has been really weird, saying that he is going to win the Royal Rumble match and go on to face Sheamus at WrestleMania! Orton said he didn’t want either one of their help!



WWE Champion Sheamus defeated Randy Orton by disqualification to retain!

The fans were 100 % behind Randy Orton in this match. Orton hit a drop kick early on and literally slithered away from it. Sheamus worked on Orton’s left arm, slamming it into the steps early on in the match. Orton worked on Sheamus’ left leg throughout the match. Sheamus regained control early on by throwing Orton left arm first into the ring post twice! They took turns working on eachother. At one point they threw some punches (the fans booing for Sheamus and cheering for Orton) when Sheamus hit his urinagi backbreaker move. Sheamus went for the razors edge but Orton reversed it and pushed Sheamus out of the ring. When Sheamus was getting back in Orton hit his signature middle rope DDT. Orton got ready for his punt to the head but Sheamus left the ring. Cody jumped the barricade and hit Sheamus but the ref saw! Sheamus got back in the ring and walked into an RKO! Orton pinned him, but the ref disqualified him because of Cody! Cody tried to talk to Orton but Orton knocked him down and began yelling at him. Ted showed up and tried to pull Orton off, but Orton started yelling at him too. Sheamus snuck up behind Orton and hit the bicycle kick!



Mickie James defeated Michelle McCool w/Layla to win the Women’s championship!

Michelle grabbed the microphone and told everyone to listen. She said she was there to give them what they paid for, her! Michelle said Mickie was no where to be seen, and that if she was anywhere near the arena you would definitely see her! Michelle made more fat jokes about Mickie when Layla started to come down to the ring in her fat suit again. While Layla was climbing the steel steps Mickie James showed up! Mickie knocked Layla over and attacked Michelle. Michelle went for a kick but Mickie moved and Michelle accidentally kicked Layla! Mickie hit a big DDT and won in less then 30 seconds! A bunch of the baby face Diva’s came down to the ring with a cake, and they dumped it on Team Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla). They all left with Team Lay-Cool laying in the ring screaming like crazy!



Rey Mysterio

They showed Rey sitting there, ready for his big match



WWE World heavyweight champion The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio to retain!

Rey started throwing punches at Taker but was quickly grabbed and thrown over the top rope! Rey tried to get back in but Taker punched him in the face and sent him out of the ring again! Taker got out of the ring and hit his apron leg drop right onto Rey’s face! Taker went for the chokeslam but it was reversed and Taker was sent into the ropes! Rey went for the 619 but Taker caught him and tried for a tombstone but Rey started kneeing him in the head so Taker dropped him. They ended up outside the ring again and Taker went for a big boot but wrapped his leg around the ring post! Rey went for a hurricanrana off the apron but Taker caught him. Rey jumped onto the ropes and did a springboard moonsault! Takers nose started bleeding but the match wasn’t stopped (Thank god). Back inside the ring Taker began dominating Rey. Taker went for the last ride, but Rey got out of it and knocked Taker into the ropes! Rey hit the 619, and then springboard drop kicked Undertaker back into the ropes and hit another 619! Rey went for the west coast pop but Taker caught him and hit the last ride for 3!



Shawn Michaels + Kane + Triple H

Shawn was watching the match on TV when Kane walked in. Kane said that Shawn’s obsession with Undertaker wasn’t healthy, and that speaking from personal experience, the path Shawn is going down won’t end in light, but in darkness. Kane left and HHH walked in. HHH said he had a feeling Kane wasn’t giving Shawn a pep talk and said he was only in there to wish Shawn luck. Shawn apologized about being selfish last week, and that he hopes the best man wins.



Edge eliminated John Cena last to win the Royal Rumble!!!

Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne started off. They started with some fast paced wrestling, when Dolph hit the ZigZag! Bourne managed to stop being thrown out, and hit the Air Bourne on Dolph! Punk entered 3rd. Punk threw both of them out very easily and Serena handed him the microphone. Punk said they were just the first of 27 others (Punk actually said 29 others, which isn’t right) and that he would win. JTG entered 4th  and was quickly thrown out by Punk. Punk started talking again, and said that not everyone can win, just like not everyone in the audience could be saved. Punk continued to talk about being straight edge, when The Great Khali entered 5th! Punk tried to talk to him, and tried to convert him to straight edge, but Khali answered with a big chop! Khali started to crush Punks head when Beth Phoenix entered 6th! Beth grabbed Khali and made out with him at the apron, pulling him over the top rope, eliminating Khali single handedly! Beth went for Punk next but he hit her with the GTS and threw her over the top rope! Zack Ryder was the 7th entrant. Punk didn’t even bother talking to him and just hit him a few times and threw Zack out! Triple H was the 8th entrant! Triple H and Punk wrestled for a while, Triple H keeping the upper hand, when Drew McIntyre entered 9th! Triple H fought Drew off, and went for the pedigree on Punk. Punk tried to counter it into a GTS, but Triple H grabbed him and eliminated him! Ted entered 10th, him and Drew double teamed Triple H. Morrison was 11th and he attacked Ted and Drew, hitting the starship pain on Drew! Kane was the 12th entrant. Kane beat on Ted and Triple H a lot, hitting Triple H with the chokeslam! Kane got ready to throw Ted out when Cody entered 13th and saved Ted! MVP is 14th, before he can get to the ring Miz attacks him from behind and leaves him laying there! Carlito is 15th, who puts on a great performance, attacking everyone and hitting the backstabber on 3 people! The Miz is 16th, Miz goes straight for Morrison but MVP runs down to the ring (having never been eliminated) and he throws Miz over the top rope, taking himself over too! Matt Hardy is 17th, he is thrown over the top rope by Kane almost immediately, and Kane is thrown out by Triple H right after. HBK is 18th! HBK throws out Carlito, Ted, Cody, and Morrison all by himself! HBK and Triple H both clothesline Drew over! 19th is John Cena. Cena takes down both HBK and Triple H and hits a double 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the attitude adjustment on HBK, but Triple H saves him and hits the pedigree. HBK hits the sweet chin music on Triple H, sending him over the top! Shelton Benjamin is 20th. He goes to work on both Cena and HBK, but is thrown over the top rope by Cena after a failed paydirt attempt. Yoshi Tatsu is 21st. Yoshi attacks both Cena and HBK with kicks, but is thrown over by Cena (Cena actually went for a clothesline but botched it, so he had to pick Yoshi up and throw him out after). Big Show is 22nd. Show almost throws HBK out but he saves himself, is then almost hit with an attitude adjustment, but saves himself from that too, catching show in a hurricanrana position, ending up back on the canvas. Mark Henry is 23rd. Henry starts in a run but slows to a walk seconds after appearing on the ramp (that lazy, lazy bastard). Henry and Show test their strength on each other and Henry gives show a bodyslam! Cena tries to hit the attitude adjustment on Henry but he falls on Cena’s head.  Chris Masters is 24th. Masters goes for a masterlock on Big Show, but is flung over the top rope. Henry tries to throw Show over the top rope but Show hangs on. R-Truth is 25th. R-Truth quickly sees an opportunity and throws both Henry and Big Show out! Jack Swagger is 26th, Swagger hits moves on everyone and nearly clotheslines HBK over the top rope! Kofi Kingston is 27th. Kofi eliminates both Swagger and R-Truth with a body scissors and a head scissors. Chris Jericho is 28th. Jericho gets hit with an attitude adjustment almost immediately. HBK hits an elbow drop on Jericho and goes for the sweet chin music but is hit with the trouble in paradise by Kofi! Cena eliminates Kofi with the attitude adjustment and gets hit with a code breaker by Chris Jericho. Edge is 29th!!!!!! Edge hits spears on everyone and throws Jericho over the top rope! Edge hits some signature moves on Cena and HBK before the 30th entrant comes out, Batista! Batista walks into a spear from Edge and Edge gets an attitude adjustment from Cena. Michaels gets clotheslined to the apron with Edge and hits the sweet chin music on Edge, knocking him back into the ring! Batista knocks HBK to the floor! HBK freaks out, throws a ref down, and gets into the ring. HBK hits the sweet chin music on a referee, and then leaves. Cena throws Batista over! Its down to Edge and Cena! Edge runs up behind Cena, who kicks Edge, Edge grabs Cena right after and throws him out! Edge wins the Royal Rumble! Edge points at the big WrestleMania XXVI logo and the fireworks go off (unlike last year when it took about a minute and a half of Orton pointing).


Dolph Ziggler     
Evan Bourne
C.M. Punk
The Great Khali
Beth Phoenix
Zack Ryder
Triple H
Drew McIntyre
Ted DiBiase Jr.
John Morrison
Cody Rhodes
The Miz
Matt Hardy
John Cena
Shelton Benjamin
Yoshi Tatsu
Big Show
Mark Henry
Chris Masters
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston
Chris Jericho
Order of eliminations
Evan Bourne by C.M. Punk
Dolph Ziggler by C.M. Punk
JTG by C.M. Punk
The Great Khali by Beth Phoenix
Beth Phoenix by C.M. Punk
Zack Ryder by C.M. Punk
C.M. Punk by Triple H
MVP by The Miz
The Miz by MVP
Matt Hardy by Kane
Kane by Triple H
Carlito by HBK
Cody Rhodes by HBK
Ted DiBiase by HBK
John Morrison by HBK
Drew McIntyre by DX
Triple H by HBK
Shelton Benjamin by John Cena
Yoshi Tatsu by John Cena
Chris Masters by Big Show
Mark Henry by R-Truth
Big Show by R-Truth
Jack Swagger by Kofi Kingston
R-truth by Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston by John Cena
Chris Jericho by Edge
HBK by Batista
Batista by John Cena
John Cena by Edge