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John Williams

Chaos Rules at Rising Phoenix Wrestling on October 20
Greg DeMarco, The Voice of RPW

On Saturday night, October 20th proved to be a wild night of wrestling action for the RPW fans packed into the 52nd Street National Guard Armory. By the end of the night, several wrestlers were interfering whenever they please, leaving many to wonder exactly what level of control RPW Commissioner JS Crock has over the wrestlers in the locker-room.

Judge for yourself: It all started early in the show when Country Bear was defeated by Black Metal thanks to interference from Metal’s partner Dean Radford. It wouldn’t end there, as Australian superstar Mikey Nicholls used the ropes to pin Brandon Nitro in the very next match. While Aggravated Assault may not have cheated to win their tag team match against “Sexy” Sonny Samson & “Miracle” Mike James, their efforts in handcuffing their opponents to the ropes after the match and preparing to wail on them with steel chairs more than made up for it. AA members Malice & Mayhem took things one step further when they practically assaulted yours truly at the interview set simply to get their point across. Mikey Nicholls would make his presence known again, interfering in the Hawaiian Lion’s match against Dean Radford, causing Radford to get disqualified and handing a victory to Mikey’s most heated rival. And in the main event, Lawrence Tyler retained the NWA Arizona Heavyweight Championship against Johnny Dynamite in a match that saw interference from Black Metal, Dean Radford, and Brandon Nitro (not to mention a post match attack on Tyler by his former partner and protege “Miracle” Mike James).

Full results:
– The Navajo Warrior pinned “Da Latin Terra” Don Montana
– “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake & Jacob “The Riot” Herzberg defeated Akumu Tatsu & Lucha Reigns in a first round match in the NWA Arizona Tag Team Championship tournament
– Black Metal pinned Country Bear after Dean Radford interfered
– Mikey Nicholls pinned Brandon Nitro with a roll-up while using the ropes for leverage
– Aggravated Assault (Malice & Mayhem) beat “Sexy” Sonny Samson & “Miracle” Mike James in a first round match in the NWA Arizona Tag Team Championship tournament
– The Hawaiian Lion beat Dean Radford by disqualification after Mikey Nicholls interfered
– NWA Arizona Heavyweight Champion “XXX” Lawrence Tyler pinned “The Combat Vet” Johnny Dynamite; “Miracle” Mike James attacked the champ after the match

Is the RPW roster getting out of control? Only time will tell, as Rising Phoenix Wrestling returns to the 52nd Street Armory on Saturday, November 10 at 7:30 PM. Tickets will be available online for only $8 at www.risingphoenixwrestling.com.

On November 10, the first ever NWA Arizona Tag Team Champions will be detemined as the semi-finals and finals of the tournament will take place at this event. The first semifinal match will see an old west coast rivalry reignited as Aggravated Assault (Malice & Mayhem) take on Arizona’s favorite hometown tag team TNT (Brandon Nitro & Johnny Dynamite). In the other semifinal match, the firecracker that is Jacob “The Riot” Herzberg and his reluctant partner “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake will face the intimidating duo of Dean Radford and Black Metal. The winners of both semifinal matches will return later in the show to fight it out to be crowned the first ever NWA Arizona Tag Team Champions. Country Bear, “Miracle” Mke James and The Hawaiian Lion will also be featured on this history making event.

Be sure to visit www.risingphoenixwrestling.com for more details and to purchase tickets for RPW’s November 10 return to Phoenix’s 52nd Street Armory. Doors open at 7 PM, and tickets are $10 at the door or $8 for an online advanced purchase.