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Corruption revealed on November 10th!
Greg DeMarco, the Voice of RPW
November 10th was supposed to be a night of competition and triumph. The first ever NWA Arizona Tag Team Champions were being crowned, and NWA Arizona Heavyweight Champion “XXX” Lawrence Tyler was defending his title against former partner, friend, and protege “Miracle” Mike James. But the night was marred in controversy, as RPW Commissioner JS Crock showed his true colors, aligning himself with Black Metal, Dean Radford, El Suavecito, and Redrum to reform “The Evilution,” a faction that Crock once founded in the past.

It all started in the first semifinal match of the evening, when Metal & Radford defeated Jacob “The Riot” Herzberg and “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake after Crock appeared and pulled Drake from the match, leaving the rookie Herzberg alone with Metal & Radford. Following TNT’s (Brandon Nitro & Johnny Dynamite) victory over Aggravated Assault, Malice & Mayhem handcuffed and attacked both crowd favorites, and no wrestlers in the locker room were sent our to save them from the attack.

These confusing questions were later answered in the main event. After Nitro & Dynamite overcame outside interference and constant cheating by Metal & Radford to be crowned as the first NWA Arizona Tag Team Champions, Crock entered the ring to present the champs with their new titles. But the celebration was cut short, as the lights went out, allowing “The Man From Hell” Redrum to enter the ring and begin a 4 on 2 attack on TNT with Metal, Radford & Suavecito. The attack was stopped b Commissioner Crock, only to see Crock show his true colors and attack Nitro & Dynamite on his own, leading to a new 5 on 2 attack. During the attack, Crock removed his dress shirt to reveal an “Evilution” t-shirt, and informed TNT that at the next RPW show, the titles were “coming home…to us!”

This revelation by The Crock answered many questions regarding the chaos at both shows in October and November, but opened up a world of new questions about the Commissioner. Who are the members of The Evilution? What other decisions regarding RPW have been corrupted? What does the future hold for the promotion with a corrupted commissioner?

So far, we only have one answer to many questions. The National Wrestling Alliance, upon hearing news of this turn of events, has requested video footage of the past RPW shows, and has launched a full scale investigation into Crock’s actions and decisions reaching back to his appointment in August 2006. Crock has already begun to respond, demanding to know who contacted the NWA, and promising that there would be hell to pay for anyone who stands in his way. With Black Metal, Dean Radford and Redrum backing Crock up, the promise of hell to pay will undoubtedly come true, and will prove to be quite painful for other members of the RPW roster.

Two other news worthy items came about on November 10. The Hawaiian Lion, after forcing Don Montana to tap out, challenged Mikey Nicholls to a match when he returns from Australia. Nicholls has been mocking Lion’s wrestling style, and even his Japanese style streamers for the past few months, while remaining undefeated in RPW competition. Lion made the promise that if Nicholls can defeat him in a one-on-one contest, Lion himself will throw streamers for Nicholls after the match. In other news, “XXX” Lawrence Tyler successfully defended the NWA Arizona Heavyweight title against former partner and protege “Miracle” Mike James, pinning the challenger with an O’Connor Roll. Tyler then showed a surprising sign of respect to James after the match.

Complete results:

Black Metal & Dean Radford defeated “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake & Jacob “The Riot” Herzberg to advance to the NWA Arizona Tag Team Title tournament finals

“The Man From Hell” Redrum defeated Country Bear with a triangle choke

TNT (“Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro & “The Combat Vet” Johnny Dynamite) defeated Aggravated Assault (Malice & Mayhem) to advance to the NWA Arizona Tag Team Title tournament finals

The Hawaiian Lion forced “Da Latin Terra” Don Montana to tap out

“XXX” Lawrence Tyler pinned “Miracle” Mike James to retain the NWA Arizona Heavyweight Championship

TNT (“Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro & “The Combat Vet” Johnny Dynamite) defeated Black Metal & Dean Radford to become the first NWA Arizona Tag Team Champions

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