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As previously noted, Twitter account @WrestleVotes claimed that an “outstanding” offer was reportedly made to a “current, big time WWE superstar.”

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com discussed the situation:

“Now they did not reveal the name and I know who the name is. Now before I get into this, I am not saying that this person was offered a AEW deal. I’m not saying that happened because I don’t if that happened. In fact, I asked people in AEW about this and I was told, ‘We are not tampering. We are not doing that. Our approach is fresh and independent is the goal for a majority of our recruitment. What you’re likely seeing is a particular agent trying to leverage more money out of WWE by possibly planting shit like this.’

“What I was told this afternoon, was that Randy Orton has been openly discussing his willingness to speak with All Elite Wrestling.”

Thanks to RingsideNews.com for the quotes.

credit nodq.com