SABU is the new Pro Wrestling Holland champion!

sabu_pwh_championPro Wrestling Holland (PWH), one of the biggest Dutch pro wrestling organizations, wrote history in Hillegom on Sunday, November 10th. This city was the location of one of the biggest shows PWH has organized thus far: “Four Corner Combat”. Many Dutch wrestling fans looked forward to the main event which featured none other than the masked marvel Tengkwa, “Modern Messiah” Gabriel Angelfyre, PWH Champion BIG Geert, and former ECW/WWE Superstar Sabu in a Four Corner Combat match for the PWH Championship.

The crowd knew this match would be physical when Sabu entered the ring and threw a chair at Big Geert. When the bell rang, all four contestants fought with all their might to win the prestigious PWH Championship title. After a grueling battle involving chairs, tables and trash cans, one man stood tall: “the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death–Defying Man” Sabu.
He made Gabriel Angelfyre crash through a table with his finisher, the Arabian Skullcrusher. This devastating move was enough to secure Sabu’s victory.

Sabu, the Human Highlight Reel, has become the face of PWH as its champion. Fans of PWH can be very proud that a pro wrestling veteran has won the PWH Championship belt. It is unique to say the least that an American wrestler is the champion of a Dutch pro wrestling organization. This means that Sabu will have a target on its back since every pro Dutch wrestler wants to prove himself by defeating a pro wrestling icon. Until then, the ECW legend will take the PWH Championship belt to Bombay, Michigan and can add another title reign to his already impressive wrestling career.

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