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WWE SurvivorCourtesy of WWE.com:

It’s that time of year again. Just like we did last November, WWE.com cornered some of your favorite Superstars (and Fandango) in the locker room and asked them to choose the four members of their dream Survivor Series teams. The playing field was wide open. Superstars could pick any competitors, past or present, just as long as they gave us a reason why they’d like to tag up with them.

As usual, their answers ranged from awesome to downright baffling. (Michael Cole? Really?) All quibbles aside, here are the 2013 Survivor Series dream teams, as chosen by a British villain, the strongest dude we ever shared an elevator with and an adult man painted gold. Check out their picks and tell us what Superstars would be on your side in the comments below.

Check out the lists here: