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In the world of professional wrestling, few have a story quite like Sam Houston. Known for bouncing back from adversity, Sam joined ClubWWI.com for a 52 minute shoot interview that looked at not only his career, but his life.

Sam Houston spoke to James Guttman on ClubWWI about a ton of topics including: Bouncing Back From His Time in Jail, The Popularity of Soap Operas Among Inmates, Missing Mid-South Wrestling, Misconceptions People Have About His Father Grizzly Smith, His Brother Jake Roberts, The Day He Got Fired From The UWF, Why Some Considered Him a Turncoat For Going To WWF, Calling Vince McMahon, The Popularity of Soap Operas Among Inmates, Funny Stories of Ghetto Indy Championships, Losing His House in Katrina, His Sister Rockin’ Robin and The Story of Her Ab-Lounger, Bad News Brown, Kofi Kingston, “Dangerous” Danny Davis, The New Mid-South Wrestling, Baby Doll, and More

Houston’s personal problems have been thrust into the public spotlight through both his recent time in jail and his family’s depiction in documentaries like “Beyond The Mat.” The son of Grizzly Smith and brother of both Jake Roberts and Rockin Robin, Sam has had many fans view his family through things they’ve heard about. However, Houston’s relationship with his dad is very different than most would expect. James asked Sam about his famous dad and whether the way his brothe r Jake depicted him was accurate. Houston responds:

“It’s inaccurate, but there’re a whole lot of things you have to look at. OK? And I guess, I’m an alcoholic. I’m addicted to something. I’m addicted to a substance and that substance is not good for me. Now, to get that substance when I was in my addiction, I would lie. I would cheat. I would steal. I would do whatever it took me to do to get my substance because I’m addicted to that substance and when you’re addicted to something like this, there is no reality in life. That’s all you can focus on. ‘Cause I don’t want to contradict my brother – Mine and my father’s relationship was very, very good. My father and I are probably closer than any two people you’d ever meet. There’s a special bond there. We’ve been through really, really hard times together.”

Sam tells the story of sleeping in his car with his dad and staying alive through the light of a candle. He has battled tons of adversity in his life and, as he says, bad weather seems to follow him around. From losing a home to Katrina, losing one to a tornado, and even landing in L.A. 20 minutes before riots broke out, Houston has never been a stranger to tragedy. However, he’s always come back and continued in. After his time in jail, he’s preparing to launch a new version of Mid South wrestling. JG asks Houston about all these topics including how he has managed to keep his alcoholism in check while pushing on. Sam explains how he manages to ClubWWI.com listeners:

“It’s kind of like what they say in the program – one da y at a time. What I’m trying to do basically is not get overwhelmed. I try to handle each dilemma one at a time. I realize I have a problem and my problem is I cannot stop drinking. So, what do I do to battle this problem? Don’t’ start. I’m an alcoholic. But today I choose not to drink and I have to look at it that way. I can look at five years down the road and say I’m gonna be five years sober. I can’t say that because I can’t promise myself that. But I can say today that I choose not to. Today I choose to do all the right things. Tomorrow, I have to wait until tomorrow comes.”

In the end, it’s about a daily victory – not a long term one.

“The way I look at it, the end of each day I don’t use, I can claim a victory for that day.”

Sam Houston’s uplifting story is something that any fan needs to hear. Not every “tragic” wrestling story needs to end that way and Houston is doing whatever he can to push for a happy ending. Even if you forget the Alamo, you won’t forget this shoot with Sam Houston.

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