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On Wednesday November 28, 2012, Sami Callihan sits down for a LIVE fan-interactive, shoot interview at 8 pm and you can watch as it happens on iPPV at HybridEnt.TV.

Sami Callihan’s ‘Reflections and Refractions’ takes you through his journey from The NEW Horror to the Callihan Death Machine – His story, his life, battles, friends, enemies, career…ALL in his words. PLUS, some of his best CZW matches with some of his own commentary.

Submit your questions by tweeting #CZWReflections to take part!

Also, pre-order CZW’s biggest LIVE event of the year, ‘Cage of Death XIV’ on iPPV airing on Saturday, December 8 from The Flyers Skate Zone, 601 Laurel Oak RD in Voorhees, NJ at 7:30 pm (in a double header with EVOLVE at 4 pm).

See the replay of MASADA’s ‘Reflections and Refractions’, CZW ‘Redemption’ at The Ultraviolent Underground, The Matt Tremont Timeline Series…and more!