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SBI Bookings news on Jimmy Rave, Joey Ryan, and more

Jimmy Rave (TNA/ROH/King Ra Ring) is available for wrestling, seminar and appearance bookings.  Rave twice was voted booker of the year by Georgia Wrestling  for his work with Rampage Pro Wrestling, which was named Promotion of The Year both years as a result.  Rave was featured in the King Ra Ring project in India, and returned to both ROH & TNA for matches within the last year.  Rave is based in Atlanta, GA where he works as the Director of a Peer Support and Wellness Center.

Joey Ryan (WSX/TNA/NWA) is available for wrestling, seminar and appearance bookings. Ryan has quickly become the most well-known of the wrestlers to appear on TNA’s IMPACT WRESTLING’s GUT CHECK after confronting Taz and appearing thereafter in the crowd at TNA tapings.  Ryan is based in Los Angeles.

At a recent NWA Anarchy show in Cornelia, GA promoted by Franklin Dove there was something of a NWA Wildside Reunion (1999-2005) with Anarchy regulars like Dan Wilson, Jeff Bailey, Slim J, Azreal Todd Sexton, Mikal “Adryan” Judas, John Johnson, Shaun Tempers, Shadow Jackson and promoter Bill Behrens joined by the visiting Luke Hawx, Patrick “Bent” Bentley, Mike Posey, Adam Roberts and White Trash.

Website: www.sbibookings.com

Contact Bill Behrens @ [email protected] for booking information on:

The Amazing Red (TNA X Division Original) out of NYC JFK or LGA

Mike Posey (TNA/WWE/ROH/NWA) out of Birmingham, AL  (wrestler/referee)

Christopher Daniels (TNA/ROH) out of Los Angeles   (Curry Man who remains “hot & spicy” is also available)

Jay Lethal (TNA/ROH) out of Tampa

Delirious (ROH/TNA) out of Philadelphia

Jimmy Rave (TNA/ROH/NWA) out of Atlanta, GA

Alex Koslov (CMLL/AAA/TNA/ROH/WWE) out of Los Angeles

Doug Williams (TNA/ROH) out of Tampa

Gunner/Phil Shatter (TNA, NWA) out of Greensboro, NC

Robbie E/Rob Eckos (TNA) out of NYC

Gregory “Sugar Shane” Helms (The Hurricane) (WWE) out of Raleigh, NC (Iimited wrestling)

Shannon Moore (WCW/WWE/TNA) out of Raleigh, NC (appearances only)

Sonjay Dutt (TNA) out of Washington DC Dulles

Eric Young (TNA) out of Nashville

TJ Perkins (New Japan/ROH/TNA) out of Los Angeles

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick) (ROH) (TNA’s Generation Me) out of Ontario, CA

Grizzly Redwood (ROH) out of Philadelphia

“Spider” Nate Webb (TNA/ROH/Midget Wrangler) out of Indianapolis

Jesse Neal (TNA) out of Orlando

Nunzio (Little Guido) (ECW/TNA/WWE) out of NYC

Tommy Dreamer (ECW/WWE) out of NYC LGA

Brother Devon (Devon Dudley) (WWE/WCW/ECW) out of Orlando

Scott Norton (WCW/NEW JAPAN) out of Houston

Kip James (TNA/WWE’s Billy Gunn) out of Orlando

DDP (Dallas Page) (WWE/WCW/TNA/AWA) out of Los Angeles or Atlanta (Appearances & limited wrestling)

“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash  (WCW/WWE/TNA) out of Daytona Beach

Rick Steiner (NWA/WCW/TNA) out of Atlanta, GA

Scott Steiner (NWA/WCW/WWE/TNA) out of Atlanta, GA

Rodney Mack (Red Dog) ECW/WWE out of Lafayette, LA

Al Snow (ECW/WWE/TNA) out of Louisville

“Squire” David Taylor (WWE/WCW) out of Atlanta

Robert Gibson (NWA/WCW/WWE) out of Atlanta, GA

Jerry Jarrett (USWA/WWE/WCW/TNA/NWA/AWA) out of Nashville (Appearances & Seminars)

Vince Russo (WWE/WCW/TNA) out of Denver (Seminars & Appearances)

King V (Viscera/Big Daddy V/Mabel) (WWE) out of Memphis

Dutch Mantel (TNA/WWE/WCW/USWA/IWA/SMW)  out of Nashville

Steve Corino(Mr. Wrestling 3) (ECW/TNA/NWA) out of Philadelphia & San Juan

Marty Wright “The Night Crawler” (WWE;s Boogeyman) out of Denver, CO

Kenn Doane (Dykstra/WWE’s Spirit Squad Kenny) (WWE/TNA) out of Boston

Paul Burchill (WWE) out of Louisville, KY

Rob Conway (WWE) out of Louisville, KY

Kevin “SeVen” Thorn (WWE) out of Indianapolis

Joey Ryan (NWA/WSX/PWG) out of Los Angeles

Adam Pearce (4 time NWA World Champion) out of San Diego

Scorpio Sky (WSX/NWA) out of Los Angeles

Colin Delaney (ECW/WWE) out of Rochester, NY

Domino (Cliff Compton) (WWE) out of Louisville (can be booked with Deuce former WWE Tag Champions)

Mike Mondo (WWE’s Spirit Squad Mikey) out of Louisville, KY

Ricky Ortiz/Rich “Beast” Ortiz (WWE/UWF) out of Tampa

Matt Bentley (TNA) out of Nashville

Christian York (ECW/WCW/WWE) out of Washington DC

Wolfie D (WWE/ECW/TNA) out of Nashville, TN

Big Vito (WWE/WCW) out of Tampa

Glacier (Ray Lloyd) (WCW) out of Orlando, FL

Savio Vega (WWE) out of Puerto Rico

CW Anderson (ECW/WWE) out of Raleigh, NC (w/ Steve Corino as EXTREME HORSEMEN)

Orlando Jordan (WWE/TNA) out of New Orleans

Short Sleeve Sampson (TNA & WWE spots) out of Syracuse (can arrange opponent)

Stevie Richards  (WWE/ECW)  out of Tampa

Blue Meanie (WWE/ECW)  out of Philadelphia

Super Nova (WWE/ECW) out of Louisville

Shawn Stasiak (WCW, WWE’s “Meat”) out of Dallas

Raven (ECW/WWE/WCW/TNA) out of Atlanta

The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko (AWA, NWA, WWWF, WCW, TNA) out of Orlando

Gypsy Joe (Legend) out of Nashville/Chattanooga

Kirby (Krazy K) & TJ Mack (Dexter Poindexter) (Team Macktion) (WWE/TNA Appearances) out of SC

Chase Stevens (TNA) (of the Naturals) out of Nashville

David Young  (TNA) out of Atlanta

Cassidy Riley (James) (TNA, WWE) out of Monroe, LA

Luke Hawx (WSX/TNA) out of New Orleans

“Fabulous” John McChesney (TNA & WWE appearances) out of Erie, PA

“The Good Guy” Azrieal (JAPW/ROH/Japan/TNA) out of Newark

Ricky Reyes (ROH, CMLL,1MAX) out of NY,NY

Mikael Judas (IWA Puerto Rico,WWE & TNA appearances, NWA) out of Greenville, SC  (TNA’s MURPHY)

Steven Walters (NWA) out of  Ashville, NC

Caprice Coleman (NWA/ROH) out of Raleigh, NC

Patrick Bentley (NWA/bodybuilder/fitness model) out of Alabama (Birmingham or Chattanooga)

Slim J (TNA PPV, NWA) out of Atlanta

“Untouchable” Jeremy Vain (NWA) out of Atlanta

Corey Hollis (NWA) out of Birmingham, AL

Kyle Matthews  (NWA) out of Atlanta

Shaun Tempers (NWA North American Champion) out of Chattanooga

Ace Rockwell (NWA Southern Champion) out of Chattanooga

Usual Suspects (Murder 1 (NWA/UWF) & AJ Steele (NWA) out of Atlanta

Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis) (2 time NWA World Tag Team Champions) out of Orlando/


Kenny Bolin “Star Maker” (OVW manager & commentator) out of Louisville

Earl Hebner (WWE/TNA) out of Richmond

David Hebner (WWE) out of Richmond

David Penzer (WCW/TNA announcer) out of Tampa

Mike Posey (WWE/TNA) out of Birmingham

Paul Bearer (Percy Pringle) (WWE/NWA) out of Mobile, AL

Shannon Rose (Announcer/EA Sports MMA game) out of Tampa

“Sinister Minister” Jim Mitchell (ECW/TNA) out of Orlando

Charlie Cash (RPW) out of Atlanta


Karen Angle (TNA) out of Nashville

The Future Legend “Cheerleader: Melissa (TNA’s Alissa Flash & Raisha Saeed) out of San Francisco

Melissa Coates (Fitness model/NWA/WWE-DSW) out of Atlanta

Krissy Vaine (WWE development) out of Tampa

ODB (TNA) out of Minneapolis, MN

Sojourner Bolt (TNA) out of Louisville

Tracy Brooks (TNA)  out of Los Angeles (Ontario)

Jazz (WWE) out of Lafayette, LA