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There are a host of hot-button items in which we find pro wrestlers embroiled.  We’ve become almost immune to hearing Wrestler X has substance abuse issues, Wrestler Y was arrested, and Wrestler Z is in a tumultuous relationship with an unstable partner.  And then there are some issues more deeply seeded, wherein one has to go back many, many years to uncover.  Perhaps Wrestler Z also suffered sexual abuse as a child.  Sean Waltman, who portrayed X-Pac and the 1-2-3 Kid on TV for years, is all three of those wrestlers in one body and mind.
That mind is explored in the premiere edition of the hard-hitting new shoot DVD series “Breaking Kayfabe,” which was released this week at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.  KC frontman Sean Oliver sits down with Sean Waltman for a remarkable 60 minute discussion about the issues which challenged Waltman for years, and continue to challenge him today.  When considering moving his children nearer to him in Florida, Waltman was ambushed by a flood of memories and concern, as he remembered a horrific secret long-buried.  He realized his children would be exposed to a family friend that had molested him as a child.  During the course of the interview, Waltman draws the parallel that people with drug addictions often have abuse issues in their past.
“Addiction goes hand in hand with either child abuse or sexual abuse as a child.  Almost 100 percent,” Waltman says on the program.  The no-holds-barred conversation goes on to explore Chyna‘s recent problems, as well as her accusation that her sex tape with Waltman was a videotaped “rape.”  The series is twist on the typical shoot interview, in that there is very little wrestling discussed.
“The concentration, first and foremost, is on the person sitting before me, and I stress ‘person,’ ” began KC president and host of the series Sean Oliver.  “Of course the backdrop will always be wrestling, wrestlers, and the wrestling business.  But the goal here is to go far beyond the character we saw on TV and read about in the wrestling media.  We know all the ‘whats’ about these individuals.  What I want is the ‘whys.’ “
As for the abuser in Waltman’s past, he says he was discouraged by his ex-wife from going after him full force, as she was concerned about Waltman’s public image after admitting the abuse.  It’s a decision Waltman seems to regret, though he states he’s privately made authorities aware.  “He’s still preying on children, and I’ll get him,” Waltman states.
“Breaking Kayfabe” premiered this week with Sean Waltman’s edition, and Kayfabe Commentaries has Jerome “New Jack” Young slated as the next guest.  A 5-minute sneak preview video is being offered here: http://kayfabecommentaries.com/BK001_TRAILER.html.