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AISIAS I SEE IT: The McMahon-Helmsley Era – Version 2.0
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Is anyone as unexcited by the McMahon-Helmsley Era version 2.0 as I am, after watching the last few RAWs?

The whole idea of having a program with heel chasing a face, is for fans to buy into the possibility that the face ventually gets back at the heel for what the heel did  to him, right? Well, right about now we have a situation where WWE has again painted itself into a corner with very little way out.

We have babyface Daniel Bryan, who seemed to have a program built to get him over by building to the Summerslam main event, and the resulting passing for the torch by John Cena, when Bryan wins the WWE title at Summerslam. Happy ending, right?

Five minutes later, the win is yanked it out from under him by doing the predictable; having Randy Orton cash in his Money in the Bank stipulation. Usually, WWE teases the really predictable, then doesn’t do it…unless it’s the happy ending at WrestleMania, which they usuually do. This time, they went ahead with the predictable.

I know that the whole idea is to build to a big storyline conflict within the McMahons. But we have the heels HHH and Stephanie who in storyline (and in reality) run the company and hold all the cards. So in this storyline, they’re heels. All the babyfaces are being cowed into submission, giving very little storyline opportunity to have someone help Daniel Bryan get his revenge.

So who’s going to be the babyface within the McMahons? Vince?


Haven’t we had that enough times, only to have him turn heel again? Besides, Vince is better as a heel. “Mister McMahon” is a a great heel. Every time he’s a babyface, you’re already waiting for the heel turn.

Why should fans believe that Bryan will win after this last bait-and-switch push? If they don’t, why should they give a damn about the main WWE storyline?

Yawn. Looks like ratings agree. On top of that, football season starts, with a doubleheader tonight.

Another bone to pick, by the way (actually, two). First, with a company like WWE that has had the history of talent dying young because of drug use and accidents… somehow I don’t think I’d be going out of my way to remind my fans and the public in general of that fact by including it in my storyline, as was done last week with “Big Show” Paul Wight. I realize that according to Dave Meltzer, it’s at least somewhat a legitimate concern by Wight, since he had the pituitary growth that Andre The Giant did, and had it removed surgically.

Speaking of Paul Wight being “Stephanie’s “Giant”, as Meltzer also mentioned…she wasn’t that young when Paul Wight started with WWE. She was 20. She was three years old when ANDRE did, though. Do the McMahons think that fans can’t tell the differnce between Andre the Giant and Big Show?.

FInally, one more reminder, this coming Saturday, September 14, Combat Zone Wrestling returns for its annual Chris Cash Memorial show at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.

* In a rematch, CZW World Tag champions BLK Out (BLK JEEZ & RUCKUS w/ ROBBIE MIRENO) defends against THE OSIRIAN PORTAL (OPHIDIAN & AMASIS)!

* In an Ultraviolent Rules match, after stepping up last month, RORY MONDO will take Nation of Intoxication’s DANNY HAVOC!

* Nation of Intoxication’s LUCKY tHURTeen vs. DREW BLOOD!

* The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match for the CZW Wired TV Title! Whoever survives Dayton on September 7 between AR FOX, SHANE STRICKLAND, ANDREW EVERETT, & ALEX COLON will face off on September 14!

* Intergender Tag Match between PEPPER PARK & CHERRY BOMB as they face GREG EXCELLENT & a partner of his choosing.

Until next time….

— Bob Magee