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AISIAS I SEE IT: Raise a Glass!
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Was anyone really surprised at Daniel Bryan getting the title yanked off of him last Monday? Or that it took that long?

So…this week, time for the WWE Monday Night RAW Drinking Game. You know the drill: when ridiculously common things happens on Monday Night RAW; have a drink of your favorite adult beverage.

Hint: Keep in mind that you need to have dinner first to get something in your stomach. Additional munchies may also be necessary throughout the night. Have a comfortable place to nod off, too.

When a HHH promo goes over five minutes, have a drink. In fact, have two. You may turn the channel otherwise.

When WWE puts up a graphic listing deceptive or fabricated figures on attendance or TV ratings (like  adding each show’s viewers as if they are separate people), have a drink.

When WWE emasculates a babyface on air, with no path to getting their heat back down the road, have a drink.

When Jerry Lawler tells a bad or corny joke, have a drink  Keep in mind, some munchies are good when watching Jerry.

When Michael Cole makes reference to something being “Vintage [insert name of WWE ‘superstar’]”, have a drink.

When HHH or Stephanie say something is “Best for Business”, take a sip. You’d be in a coma if you took a full drink.

When Dolph Ziggler starts an elbow drop sequence, and JBL makes a reference to Jerry Lawler’s heart attack, and Lawler laughs along, have a drink.

When there is an awkward ad placement, have a drink. If there’s a whole segment devoted to an awkward ad placement, have two.

When Michael Cole or another WWE perform…er, Superstar mentions the “WWE Universe”, take a drink…of water (you wouldn’t make it through the first hour if you didn’t).

When JBL says “I love it” or makes Michael Cole look like an ass, take a sip. Happens too often.

When Booker T appears backstage for no apparent reason, have a drink. (no problem with Booker…just please explain why he’s around…)

Feel free to send in some of your own.

Until next time….

— Bob Magee