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Everyone at SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES would like to congratulate Serena Deeb on officially signing a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

From the first day she stepped into a wrestling ring, it has always been Serena’s goal to earn a job with WWE. Serena moved from Virginia to Kentucky on her own dime for the sole purpose of enrolling in the Ohio Valley Wrestling training program several years ago, and she has been a mainstay in the OVW women’s division ever since.

Serena debuted for SHIMMER on May 21, 2006 as a last minute substitution when an opening on the lineup created an opportunity. During the three years that followed, Serena displayed tremendous drive, determination, and eagerness to constantly learn. She has always tried to improve her game, be it in SHIMMER competition, at OVW, or in her handful of appearances for Ring of Honor.

Despite OVW losing its status a WWE developmental territory last year, Serena remained focused on achieving her goal of impressing WWE officials enough to be given a chance. All of Serena’s hard work has now paid off, as she will soon be relocating to Florida to start with WWE developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling.

Personally speaking, I feel that Serena Deeb is one of the top three female babyface talents in North America today. She’s got unbelievable fire, and can project emotion better than most wrestlers of a similar age and experience level. These are essential attributes to go along with the sound athletic wrestling fundamentals which she also possesses. She’s a complete package, and is perfect for television.

Serena’s training at OVW not only prepared her quite well for professional wrestling in general, but also specifically for the style of wrestling which WWE is looking for. Serena’s continued instruction at FCW will only sharpen her existing skills, in preparation for the next stage of her career.

The three match series between Serena and Sara Del Rey were truly breakout performances for her as a wrestler. I feel those matches excellently displayed Serena’s unbelievable potential to become a star in this industry. In her outings several weeks ago at the SHIMMER Vols. 23-26 tapings in Chicago, Serena continued to show that she absolutely deserved the spot at the top of the card that she had worked her way into.

I’d like to thank Serena Deeb for all of her contributions to SHIMMER during the past three years. From all of the memorable matches, to sacrificing her car on the drive up for the SHIMMER Title Tournament weekend, Serena gave so much to our product. Though we’ll greatly miss her at future tapings, Serena has now been given the chance of a lifetime– to work her way to the top of her chosen profession.

Good luck, Serena… and congrats!

Dave Prazak

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