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As we previously reported, Abyss and Sonjay Dutt left Impact Wrestling last week and will be starting with WWE in a backstage capacity.

Wrestling Inc. has learned that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms will be returning to the company as a backstage producer. Helms had been working with Ring of Honor since this past June.

Helms brings nearly 20 years of experience in the business on a national level, dating back to his signing with WCW in 1999. His biggest career run came when he started dressing as a superhero named “The Hurricane” in the WWF in 2001.

During a recent media call, Paul “Triple H” Levesque discussed the company increasing their efforts in hiring talent in backstage roles.

“We’re always on the lookout for talented people that can contribute to the product and to the WWE as a whole,” Levesque said. “It doesn’t matter where they’re from, the quality people that are talented, that have a passion for this and want it to go to the next level and succeed, I’m always looking forward to those people.”

Helms is expected to begin with WWE today. Wrestling Inc. has learned that Abyss and Dutt are believed to start their new roles by mid-February. Levesque indicated that their roles are not yet fully defined.

“Sonjay coming in here, Abyss coming in here [in] behind the scenes roles, we’re going to see where that best fit is for them,” Levesque said. “I’ve heard of them, I know of them.

“So many people speak highly of them and their jobs over the years, from a talent standpoint and other standpoint, so, I’m looking forward to working with them and seeing where they best fit through all of this, as we all are. Everybody here will determine where they fit, what they want to do, and how they can help contribute in the best way to the product going forward.”

credit wrestlinginc.com