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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

My Against All Odds Predictions (and suggestiong)

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, takes an in-depth look at this Sunday’s TNA Pay Per View. He looks at the matches, themselves, and the future remifications from this show.

TNA is in a tough spot on Sunday. The WWE’s Royal Rumble drained a lot of PPV budgets, especially if (like me) a person did the three PPV package deal. TNA’s really going to have to throw everything they have into this one. They have some really solid matches. My only concern is how the finishes are going to happen. I think fans are going to be surprised (and not necessarily in a good way) by how Russo and the boys do this one.

“Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams v “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Backstory: Petey was molded in Scotty’s rather bizarre image, a few months back. The silly two-tone beard thing, the headdress swiped from the road show of Richard III, and the attitude from Hell were all granted to Little Petey. Petey was also one of the first victims of a Main Event Mafia Hit. Petey disappeared for a few weeks, but now he’s back and ready to exact revenge on his former mentor.

Predictions: The TNA website usually lists matches on their site in reverse order. Since this was at the bottom, it’s likely going to be the first match of the night. Petey is going to keep Scott off his game for most of the match. I really expect the Mafia to show their muscle and somehow get involved in this whole thing. I’m trying to figure out which Mafia member is going to get involved. I’d have to go with Booker, to be honest. Nash is likely going to be used in the main event. I’ll get to him and that one, a little later. Since this PPV is called Against All Odds, I’m going to go out on a limb with this one. I think the Mafia interference is going to backfire and Petey is going to pull out the upset victory.

Predicted Winner: Petey Williams
Predicted Grade: B

Abyss v “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Backstory: They were the Felix and Oscar of pro wrestling. Abyss was the child-like Monster looking for a friend. Morgan was the beastly battler looking for glory, no matter the cost. They were so oil and water together. It was only a matter of time before this little duo imploded. A chair shot from Morgan lit the match on this powderkeg. Abyss has sworn to make Morgan pay for betraying him in this match.

Prediction: This is going to be a Monkey Butt Ugly kind of match. Expect Abyss to roll out all the Toys for this blood fest. I shouldn’t have trouble predicting this one but I am. I’m not sure where TNA is going with these two. I’ve been leaning towards Morgan uniting with Brutus Magnus to form The Gladiators tag team (since both are former Gladiators UK/American Gladiators regulars). I could see Magnus coming to the aid of his Gladiator Brother in this match. That could bring Suicide or Rhino out to assist Abyss. I’m hoping that the return of the “old” Abyss happens in this match and Morgan gets handed his head on a slightly tarnished platter. Sadly, I’m going the other way with my pick. Morgan, with a little help from Magnus, will take the win.

Predicted Winner: Matt Morgan
Predicted Grade: B+

Booker T v Referee Shane Sewell
Legends Championship title match

Backstory: Shane Sewell, a former wrestler turned ref, has basically made enemies of several heels in TNA> He first feuded with Sheik Abdul Bashir. Recently, Booker wanted Shane to aid the Main Event Mafia during a match on Impact. When Shane didn’t, Booker and the Mafia issued a Hit on the rowdy ref. This match is for the worthless Legends belt that Booker wears around his waist like Mr. T wore gold back in the 80s.

Prediction: Since the Legends belt is basically worthless, there would be no need to put it on Sewell. Booker’s defended the silly red belt maybe 3 times since he created it. Sewell will almost certainly win this one by DQ when the Mafia gets involved. Since a title, even a ridiculous, made-up one, can’t change hands on a DQ, Booker keeps the Crimson Strap for another day.

Predicted Winner: Shane Sewell (by DQ)
Predicted Grade: C-

Brutus Magnus’s Open Challenge

Prediction: Ok, Magnus comes out on Impact and issues an open challenge to anyone with the “Bollocks” aka B*lls to face him. I have to imagine that challenge is going to get answered by Rhino. Magnus gets to show off his tremendous strength when he lifts Rhino into the Tormentum. Suicide or Abyss runs out to help Magnus. Matt Morgan runs out to aid Magnus. The Gladiators are born. That’s how I would book it.

ODB v Awesome Kong
Knockout Championship Match

Backstory: Kong has aligned herself with SoJo Bolt, Raisha Saeed and Rhaka Khan. The so-called Kongtourage is supposed to be banned from ringside. ODB is the best challenger to Kong that TNA has. ODB has just never really made the impact that she should have made.

Prediction: Kong keeps the belt, period. While I like ODB’s style, she’s just no match for Kong. ODB is fun to watch and, on a personal note, someone that I’d just get a kick out of having a beer with. She deserves to be champ, but Kong and/or the Kongtourage is going to derail the Trailer Park Princess on Sunday.

Predicted Winner: Kong
Predicted Grade: DD

Eric Young v Alex Shelley
X-Division Title Match

Backstory: This was the typical Last Minute Match. Eric Young came out to aid Jay Lethal in a tag match, after Consequences Creed was injured by Beer Money. Eric took out both members of the Motor City Machine Guns with a Double-Edition DVD (Death Valley Driver aka Spicoli Driver). Alex had a hissy fit and challenged Eric to an X-Division title match. Eric agreed, only if Chris Sabin stayed in the back.

Prediction: TNA is setting up the Guns as the Rogue Team. They are, kind of, associated with the Frontline. They are more interested in protecting their own interests, than helping run off the Main Event Mafia. I have to think that Sabin is going to end up in the middle of the mess. Eric’s going to be shafted, big time, in this one. Shelley will serve up a little Sliced Bread and keep his title.

Predicted Winner: Alex Shelley
Predicted Grade: A-

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed v Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm)
TNA World Tag Team Title Match

Backstory: Lethal Consequences cashed in their Money in the Bank…Oops…Feast or Fired contract and took out a one-sided Beer Money for the tag belts. They lost the straps back to Beer Money almost immediately. Roode attacked Creed on Impact with a steel chair. Creed’s elbow was damaged but it’s unclear how badly.

Prediction: It all comes down to the arm injury on Creed. While the match was actually taped a few weeks back, TNA is going to push that the elbow injury is fresh. I’m expecting Lethal to have to go this one alone. I had the odd thought that a Dutt/Lethal reunion might happen, but that’s just too weird for thought. With Lethal running this one alone, he’s going to be easy pickings for Roode and Storm.

Predicted Winners: Beer Money
Predicted Grade: 90 Proof…err…B

Kurt Angle v Brother Ray v Brother Devon v “The Icon” Sting
TNA World Heavyweight Title Match

Backstory: Team 3D decided that they wanted to give solo careers a shot. The boyz formerly from Dudleyville set their sights on Sting and Kurt Angle. The original plan was to have Ray and Devon take on Kurt and Sting in individual matches. Jim Cornette decided to spice things up a bit and set all four men in a Fatal Four Way kind of thing with Sting’s belt on the line. Kurt made the comment that the World title would stay with the Mafia, no matter what.

Prediction: Kurt’s rather cryptic comments are a red herring. Mot fans are expecting Kurt to pull a Ric Flair/Horsemen/Evolution stunt and take the title and boot Sting from the group. Ain’t gonna happen, at least not on Sunday. I thought this one through. Sting won’t face Samoa Joe for the title, due to a previous stipulation in one of their matches. Joe Could face Kurt for the title. Sting could end up leading the Frontline against those that turned their back on him. If this was a perfectly booked world, that’s what would happen. This is Vince Russo’s world, so that is just not going to go down like that. Kurt will come to Sting’s aid and help Sting keep the title. The Mafia will become more united and Ray and Devon go back to chasing Beer Money.

Predicted Winner: Sting (assist to Kurt Angle)
Predicted Grade: A

Final Grade: A-
Final Thoughts: This should be a monster PPV. Sadly, it’s going to be just above mediocre. Titles are going to stay where they are. The Mafia keeps on rolling. Yawn! I might have considered plopping down my $30+ for this one, if No Way Out wasn’t set for the following week. TNA needs some fresh writers, fast. I’d be willing to relocate to Florida. (grin)

–Jay Shannon
[email protected]