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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

The ECW 11/11 Extreme Examination!

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, looks at all the action and adventure for this week’s Tuesday Night Delight, ECW.

ECW opened with a classy tribute to the troops. They then heavily promoted the ECW title match between Matt Hardy and Finlay.

The Guitar Hero riff of John Morrison‘s intro echoed off the walls as The Shaman of Sexy came out for the opening bout. The Mix strolled out next. Miz irritated the English crowd as he came tothe ring. The next member of their six man team was Jack Swagger. Jack should still be in red, white and blue if he’s going to use the All-American nickname. Cryme Tyme got a monster pop as their music ripped. Tommy Dreamer was their partner for the battle.

Miz, John Morrison and Jack Swagger d Tommy Dreamer, Shad and JTG

All six men got time to shine in this battle. Jack Swagger taunted Tommy but spent most of the match trying to avoid him. The end was a typical, everyone gets involved, ending.

Tommy flipped Morrison a full circle with a clothesline. Tommy sent Morrison and Miz into the corner. Tommy hit the Bulldog on Miz and a Reverse Pumphandle Slam on Morrison. Shad took out Miz with his version of The Stroke. Swagger then attacked Shad. Dreamer hit the Bulldog on Miz and a D(reamer)DT on Swagger. John Morrison caught Tommy with the Moonlight Drive to take the win.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: This match has great action and the various storylines are kind of interesting. Tommy and Jack are doing a micro version of the Main Event Mafia v The TNA Originals, in reverse. They’re doing it better than Nash and the boys could dream possible. The battle of the Internet stars is starting to grow on me.

Grisham asked Matt if he thought the ECW title match would be brutal. Matt cut a great promo where he told Finlay to bring Hornswoggle, Shillelaghs, Four Leaf Clovers and anything else he had. Matt swore that at the end of the night, he would still hold the ECW title.

ECW re-ran the latest John Cena promo that debuted on Raw, last night. Cena will fight in his own backyard, Boston, against Chris Jericho at Survivor Series.

Mark Henry and Tony Atlas came out to battle Oliver Biney. Biney is from Leeds. One of my dearest friends on this entire planet, Lady Jane, lives in Leeds.

Mark Henry d Oliver Biney

Biney tried for a Go Behind but was shoved off. Henry choked Biney on the ropes and then kicked the stuffing out of the Leeds relative. Henry rushed Biney into the corner and threw hard fists. Henry missed a Splash int he corner but came back with a Clothesline. Henry finished the Squash with The World’s Strongest Slam.

Grade: C

Jay’s Thoughts: ECW is trying to pull a Goldberg angle with Mark. Having him squash low-level talent was boring in the 1990s. Now it’s just pathetic. Mark needs to be on Smackdown or Raw. He’s run his course on ECW and it’s time to move on.

Grisham went in the ring and asked Mark Henry who would win the ECW title match, later tonight. Mark blew off Grisham and left the ring without comment. ECW showed how Finlay beat Mark Henry, last week, to get the ECW title match for this week.

Striker talked about the new AC/DC album, which provides the theme song for Survivor Series. It’s a great album, their best effort in years.

Fit Finlay and Hornswoggle same out to a ear-shattering pop from the crowd. The crowd hit an equally loud pop for the ECW champion, Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy d Finlay,/b>
ECW Championship Match

ECW seriously got this match right. They gave it plenty of time and kept it moving. The ending left everyone satisfied, if not quite happy.

Finlay hit Bombs Away on Matt, who was on the rope. Matt kicked out of a pin attempt at two. Finlay hit another Double Thrust on Matt. matt hit a Kneelift and a third Double Thrust. Matt caught Finlay with the Side Effect. Matt then hit a second Side Effect. Finlay fought out of a third Side Effect attempt. Finlay reversed the Twist of Fate into the Backslide. Matt kicked out at two. Finlay hit another Bombs Away. Finlay went for the Rolling Hills, which Matt reversed into a chance for the Twist of Fate. FInlay countered that into the Rolling Hills. Matt came back and hit a Moonsalut off the middle rope. The two men cracked heads in the corner. Matt came out of nowhere to hit the Twist of Fate and take the win.

Grade: A+

Jay’s Thoughts: Finlay deserves a raise. He is one of the best men in the ring, right now. Despite getting older, Finlay can keep up with just about anyone in the ring. Finlay stepped into the void left by the injury-exit of Evan Bourne. Finlay deserves a chance to wear the ECW Silver. Hopefully, the Belfast Brawler will get the chance before hanging up his boots. I applaud both men for a fantastic match.

Finlay showed true class by offering his hand and bowing in respect to the ECW champion. A lot of the young kids in this industry could learn a lot from the Belfast Brawler. The two men hugged as ECW faded to black.

— Jay Shannon
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