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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

The RCW (12/9) Extreme Examination!

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, looks at all the action and adventure for this week’s Tuesday Night Delight, ECW.

This week’s episode came from Bridgeport, CT. The show was hosted by the 2008 Slammy award winning announce team, Todd Grisham and Matt Stryker. Miz and Morrison were set to make an appearance. The main event was Finlay & Hornswoggle v Mark Henry & Tony Atlas.

The show opened with a video package about the Finlay/Henry feud.

Tommy Dreamer stood in the center of the ring in street clothes. Tommy started to talk about his years with ECW. Vladimir Kozlov came in and attacked Tommy Dreamer. Kozlov hit a modified Spinebuster on Dreamer and challenging Matt Hardy. He told Hardy through a massive accent “This is your future!” Kozlov left through the crowd.

Jack Swagger came from the back to look at the devastation caused by Kozlov. Swagger jabbed a Tommy with his foot and then nailed the Gut Wrench Powerbomb. Stryker announced that Kozlov has defected to ECW from Smackdown (read that, demotion).

Segment Grade: D (It made little sense)

ECW then showed a video package from Monday’s Raw where Miz and Morrison won the Tag Team of the Year Slammy. Their acceptance speech was almost as annoying as their Dirt Sheet thing. By the way, Miz and Morrison also won a Slammy for that show on the official WWE web site. ECW went to break.

Jimmy Wang Yang and Kung Fu Naki were in the ring waiting for their opponents. The faced off against Miz and John Morrison. The team was announced as the “Two Time Slammy award winners”. They said that they were the only two time Slammy winners. They may be the only 2 time winners in the same night, but Owen Hart was the first two win two Slammys.

Miz and Morrison d Kung Fu Naki and Jimmy Wang Yang

This match really highlighted all four men. The end was a mystery until the final move. Yang got the tag and hit a huge Flying Crossbody off the ropes. Yang dizzied Morrison with Dropkicks. Yang Monkey Flipped Morrison a full spin out off the corner. Morrison went for the Moonlight Drive but Yang powered out. Yang went for a Moonsault off the top rope but missed. Morrison went to the ropes and hit the Springboard Roundhouse to take out the Asian Redneck.

Grade: A
Jay’s Thoughts: I hate to admit it but I’m warming up to Miz and Morrison. I still hate the Dirt Sheet but the team is so talented in the ring. I’d love to see them permanently moved to Raw (or Smackdown). Since ECW doesn’t have a tag title, they need to move to one that does. I understand all the talent exchange stuff but I don’t like the crossovers. Either merge the brands or keep them exclusive.

As for Yang and Kung Fu Naki, I think there is the spark of something there. They need to take the two men aside and mold them into a Dragon Squad. Let both men dress in identical martial arts outfits and utilize their skills together. I’d just dragons on the back. Give them a run at other tag teams.

Mark Henry warmed up in the back. Tony Atlas came out in his Mr. USA outfit. Henry yelled at Tony about his old costume. Mark reprimanded Tony for not putting his bag by his locker. I sensed a bit of tension between the duo.

ECW then looked back at the Slammy presentation for Match of the Year. Shawn Michaels v Ric Flair won. JBL walked out and took Shawn’s award for himself. Somebody call Joey Styles.

ECW then showed the assault on Dreamer that opened the show. Kozlov will challenge Matt for the ECW title at Armageddon. Matt was asked about the challenge. Matt said that Kozlov would not be able to beat him at Armageddon.

Stryker whimpered as The Boogeyman gyrated his way to the ring. Scott Reid waited his fate in the ring.

The Boogeyman d Scott Reid

Stryker admitted being scared by Boogeyman. Boogey pounded on Reid and hit a Running Powerslam. Boogey Power Whipped Reid to the corner, twice. On the second, Boogey hit a Flying Splash to Reid’s back. Boogey then hit his Double Grip Chokeslam.

Grade: C
Jay’s Thoughts: I don’t care for The Boogeyman character. I’ve always considered him a cheap rip-off of Papa Shango. I’m also not a fan of those darn worms. Boogey does some decent basic moves. I would expect him to be much further along at this stge of his career. Boogey really needs some decent competition.

Boogey then broke out the worms. I am so glad I did dinner earlier. Boogey’s face had the Marvel Zombies look to it. Finlay got ready in the back. He talked to Hornswoggle about their battle. Finlay asked his son to listen to him. Hornswoggle was eager to get to the ring. ECW went to a Holiday commercial for shopping at the WWE web site.

NBC will be running Tribute to the Troops on December 20th. I have the original Tribute to the Troops on DVD. It still gets to me to watch it.

ECW then showed the Superstar of the Year award. Chris Jericho won it and then cut a sad promo where he ripped everyone in sight. Cena came out and went after Jericho with a passion. Jericho made tracks to avoid getting his backside handed to him.

Mark Henry and Tony Atlas came out for the main event. Tony actually looked in great shape for his age. Mark was less than thrilled with Tony’s dancing around in the ring. The Irish tandem of Finlay and Hornswoggle came out to a lot of love from the crowd.

Mark Henry & Tony Atlas d Finlay & Hornswoggle

This was a glorified two-on-one handicap match. Finlay battled bravely against both opponents. The crowd really began to get annoyed with the slow pace of the match. The “Boring” chants ceased as Finlay hit a Jawbreaker on Mark Henry. Mark missed a Splash. Finlay kicked the legs of Mark and then nailed the Seated DDT and an Enziguri. Mark grabbed Hornswoggle and hit a big slam. Mark went for a Splash on Hornswoggle but Finlay shoved the dwarfish battler out of the way and took the splash. Mark lifted Finlay and finished him off with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Grade: C-
Jay’s Thoughts: Looks like the Honeymoon’s over for the Mark Henry/Tony Atlas relationship. From a personal standpoing, I’d love to see Mark Henry squash Mr. U.S.A.. The battle between the two will be pathetic. Mark Henry really needs a new place to ply his trade. He’s done about all he can in ECW. He’s not going to get the ECW strap back and the feuds with Finlay and/or Atlas won’t help push him back into the title picture.

Darn it, why couldn’t Mark hit the Splash on the midget? Hornswoggle is the most annoying character that I’ve ever been forced to watch. I hated it when he was McMahon’s child. I was ticked off when they gave the little guy the Cruiserweight title and allowed him to retire it. Now, he’s getting involved in Finlay’s matches, directly. They really need to send Hornswoggle back to the indies and open the door for Finlay’s real son to join him in the near future.

Final Grade: B-
Final Thoughts: The main event was such a disappointment. The tag match was really good. The attack by Kozlov was kind of confusing. ECW just seems like a rudder-less ship, right now. Teddy Long is supposed to be the General Manager, but he rarely makes an appearance. When he does show up, it’s either as a comedy bit or as the foil to the latest newbie. ECW really needs to give Long the boot and put Tommy Dreamer in charge.

–Jay Shannon
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