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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon

Which Legend Faces Hericho at WrestleMania?

Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, begins his Wrestlemania 25 series of columns by looking at who should battle Chris Jericho at the upcoming Pay Per View.

Chris Jericho has taken his issues with the Legends to new lows. He’s attacked Jimmy Snuka (whipping him with a belt), Ricky Steamboat and others. As Wrestlemania grows nearer, Jericho is likely going to end up facing a Legend (or Legend offspring). In this special edition of HeadLocker, I want to give my thoughts on how should get the honor of shutting Jericho’s mouth.

Jimmy Snuka

Snuka has worked the indy shows, quite often. He’s still in decent shape for someone his age. He would, however, fall far to easy to Jericho. Snuka will likely be at ringside for Jericho’s match, but I doubt that he will face off against Jericho.

Odds of facing Jericho: 100 to 1

Jerry “The King” Lawler

He’s a Hall of Famer. He’s been involved in matches, from time to time. Lawler has been getting more and more upset at Jericho’s actions. I could see Jericho take a guitar to Honky Tonk Man (Lawler’s real-life cousin). That could be the spark needed to ignite Lawler’s temper. With other Legends at ringside, Lawler just could take this one.

Odds of facing Jericho: 3 to 1

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Duggan was insulted by Legacy, several weeks ago, for being too old to keep fighting. Jericho could play off that and push Duggan into a match. If Jericho manages to get take the bait, he’ll get a reasonably easy night. He’d easily dispatch Duggan.

Odds of facing Jericho: 10 to 1

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

This could be a fantastic match, except Piper’s in really bad shape. Piper’s body just couldn’t possibly go against Jericho for more than a few minutes. Piper, like Snuka, will be at ringside to help whoever faces Jericho. Piper just won’t be able to go, which is so sad.

Odds of facing Jericho: 25 to 1

Dusty Rhodes

This would be painful to watch. Rhodes has been so inactive, in recent years, that Jericho might as well face Jabba the Hutt in the ring. Goldust would be a better choice than his dad.

Odds of facing Jericho: 100 to 1

Hulk Hogan

This would be my favorite match-up. I’m just not sure what Hogan’s status is with Vince McMahon. Who better to face Jericho than the Ultimate Legend? Hogan would most definitely have the crowd behind him. There is absolutely no way in Heaven or Hell that Jericho would be able to defeat the Hulkster. Jericho would be allowed to really shine in this one. In the end, it would be the three punches to the head, Big Boot and Leg Drop o’ Doom to seal the deal and shut the mouth of Chris Jericho.

Odds of facing Jericho: Even Money (if Hogan and Vince can patch things up).

Steve Austin

If Hogan isn’t available, Austin gets Jericho…period. Austin is the valedictorian of the Class of 2009. Austin will be involved in Wrestlemania and the match against Jericho makes perfect sense. Austin would trash Jericho is short order and soak in all the love of the Texas fans.

Odds of facing Jericho: 2 to 1 (Sure Bet if Hogan’s not available).

The Next Generationers

There are several second and third generation stars available to battle Jericho. Sim Snuka, Ricky Steamboat, Jr. (who’s in FCW), Manu, Joe Hennig (also in FCW) and others could step up to defend their famous fathers. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable as seeing a Legend trash Jericho, but it’s a possibility.

Odds of a Next Generational Star facing Jericho: 250 to 1

Ric Flair

Jericho has tried to tempt Flair to step out of retirement to face him. I’d actually hate to see this match. It would so undermine last year’s Shawn v Flair match. i would be quite disappointed if Flair took the match.

Odds of Ric Flair facing Jericho: 10 to 1

Terry Funk

The new Hall of Fame inductee is one of the toughest old men in the business. It would be a great battle. I could see Dory, Jr. standing at his brother’s side. Funk would take the battle to Jericho. In the end, I’d have to say that Funk’s age would be too much of an obstacle to overcome. Jericho would take the win in a bloody, vicious battle.

Odds of Terry Funk facing Jericho: 5 to 1

In Conclusion:

I’m pretty sure that Jericho is going to face a Legend at Wrestlemania. I’d love to see Hulk Hogan working the match,but I’m almost positive that Steve Austin is going to get the nod. The WWE just couldn’t depend on Hogan not to pull a no-show. Austin would definitely give it his all. The match could be promoted as a LegendsJack (Lumberjacks: Piper, Snuka, Dusty, Flair, Goldust, Steamboat, and Jerry Lawler) Match. Regardless of who Jericho faces, I have to think that he will end up on the losing end in this battle.

–Jay Shannon
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