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Shawn StasiakThe following was transcribed by
Andy J of www.wrestlingweekly.com:
On November 6th, ‘Wrestling Weekly’ host Doc Young and Les Thatcher were joined this week by Bryan Alvarez for ‘Hot Topic’ & featured guest, former WWE Superstar Shawn Stasiak

Wrestling Weekly airs every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern at www.wrestlingweekly.com
Bryan Alvarez joined Doc & Les for ‘Hot Topic’. They discussed:

– Bryan’s eye injury and how it happened

– Bryan Alvarez noted he will facing Kevin Naylor for ‘Derby City Wrestling’ on November 15th in Louisville, Kentucky & wrestling again in November 18th in Philadelphia at the New Alhambra Arena (formerly the ECW arena) against Larry Sweeney.

– The “Hot Topic” for this week, which is the suspensions of Chris Masters (suspended for 60 days) & Harry (“D.H”) Smith (suspended for 30 days)

– Bryan talked about the suspensions in some detail & that he received a phone call from the late Chris Benoit when the wellness policy was first put into place & to explain to Chris what was going on with the policy.

– They then spoke briefly about Harry’s father, Davey Boy Smith and Harry’s friendship with Chris Benoit

– Discussion continued regarding wellness failures in pro-wrestling & other sports like Mixed Martial Arts (UFC)

– The possibility of Congress regulating pro-wrestling & it‘s potential effects on independent promotions, which Bryan highlighted in his view, regulating wrestling will never happen

– Bryan talked about his website, f4wonline.com and what wrestling fans will receive if they subscribe to the members-only area & also that Bryan is now the main host for ‘Wrestling Observer Live‘, which airs for free every Sunday.

Doc & Les were then joined by Shawn Stasiak as their featured guest: They discussed Shawn’s new DVD, which Les states ‘takes you on a journey’. Stasiak talks about a segment on the DVD with his friend, Rob Van Dam & the places he visited for his DVD project. Shawn then discussed the wrestlers he watched from the Portland territory & at the Sportatorium in Texas, where he saw the Von Erich‘s & Bruiser Brody.

He spoke about his late father, Stan ‘The Man’ Stasiak and since he’s been away from wrestling, he’s focused on building his character & is glad he was released when he was as “I wouldn‘t be who I was today if I didn‘t have the trials, tribulations & hard times I had to go through to become the man that I am today”.

Stasiak highlighted if he was given a chance to wrestle for WWE again or TNA that he would “show who I really am & what I stand for”.

Les said that Shawn told him about ‘Planet Stasiak’ & that it was an idea he came up with from watching Jim Carey as ‘The Riddler’ character in the ‘Batman’ movie.

Shawn Stasiak highlighted that what he stands for is a “second generation wrestler, world class athlete…then if he ever happens to be on the grand stage again, wants to kick ass”. Shawn continued by saying he’s a huge mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fan & that Randy Couture is his idol. Stasiak noted that he wants to stand for overcoming adversity, never say die attitude and that he has a storyline for WWE where he promised to win the World championship to his dad, so himself & his father can be the two generations to hold the WWE title.

Shawn Stasiak noted that Stonecold Steve Austin, The Rock were successful characters & that “you’ve got to take a piece of your own reality, a piece of your personality, amplify it times ten” and Stasiak discussed his ideas further and says he just would have to be himself and is willing to work for any wrestling company. Shawn Stasiak then highlighted that “The business is in my blood, I’m not going to let you down, give me the ball and watch it happen”. Shawn said that he prefers the old school wrestling of the 70’s & 80’s as it told more of a story & that “people did something then that meant something”.

Stasiak emphasised that his work is now getting better than ever and doesn’t have to be someone he’s not, feels more focused in the ring & talked about his future plans for his wrestling career. Les mentioned that he was a bodybuilder and trained body builders and talked about the the weight training & nutritional aspects of Stasiak‘s new DVD.

Shawn Stasiak talked about when he was a NCAA amateur wrestler and that he‘s now a chiropractor, still wrestles occasionally & does weight training to keep in shape. Stasiak highlighted that his passion now is to be a motivational speaker, which he hopes to do from 2008 onwards & highlighted, in detail, what his messages will be. Shawn discussed the Sports Arena again in Portland and that on his DVD he’s sharing his stories and for him the project was theraputic.

Doc said the interview will continue next week and talk more about his career & answer questions from the Wrestling Weekly listeners. Shawn Stasiak noted his DVD can be ordered from www.musculargalore.com and he is having a new official website built at www.shawnstasiak.com & has an official Myspace at www.myspace.com/shawnstasiak

Next week’s guests will be the second part of the interview with Shawn Stasiak & Daivari

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