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NWA Title Match Canceled;
The Sheik Denied Chance for First World Belt

 (Chicago, IL) –    Saturday October 24th 2009 was supposed to be the biggest day in the career of  professional wrestling’s “IRANIAN ASSASSIN”- The SHEIK. 

On that day, the infamous Sheik was to receive a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title at Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois against Mexican Legend – Blue Demon Jr. The lineage of the NWA World Title can be traced back to the first “Worlds Heavyweight Championship,” a championship that goes all the way back to George Hackenschmidt’s 1905 title. This effectively makes it the oldest surviving wrestling championship, and therefore the most prestigious World Heavyweight Title in recorded history.

 Instead of that earned title match, The Sheik received a mere phone call telling him that the match is cancelled. No justification as to why, no rescheduled match, just opportunity gone awry. As one could imagine, this news does not sit well with The Sheik, at all. A legend in his own right, The Sheik has waited 12 years to receive this opportunity to prove he is the best that the sport has ever known.

When asked about his thoughts on the recent cancellation of this high profile match, the furious Sheik was quoted as saying….”The NWA did not back out of this match, The Sheik certainly did not back out of this match, The Mexican promoters backed out of this match! The Mexican people pride themselves on having one of their countrymen holding the NWA World Heavyweight Title.  All the while parading him around as if he is an Aztec Warrior. He is no Aztec Warrior. What kind of warrior partakes in all of the glory without any of the risks associated with being the NWA World Champion? Why is this so-called warrior insulated in a comfortable cocoon built around him by the Mexican promoters? Is this to insure that he remains NWA World Champion? I’ve seen him in photos with American stars like the Jonas Brothers, I’ve seen him on television programs rubbing elbows with the rich and famous while I train in a dungeon creating strategies to destroy him. Blue Demon Jr. is a paper champion and the Mexican promoters are guilty of protecting a coward.

 Demon is not the Legend that he has falsely created, built on the ashes of his father Blue Demon Senior. I am the LEGEND, the greatest warrior the world of wrestling has ever known. Demon is nothing more than a faceless coward who will be humiliated by my hand. I will be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion!”

 There is no word as of yet as to what will become of this. Robert K. Trobich, The Executive Director of the National Wrestling Alliance, has not been reached for comment. We have been told by his associates that an annual NWA meeting will be held in the coming days. Hopefully it will determine the outcome of this story.

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