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Here’s a list of frequently asked questions concerning SHIMMER WOMEN ATHLETES. We will regularly make additions to this FAQ at The SHIMMER Forum as time goes by so that it can become more complete.


Q: What is SHIMMER Women Athletes?

A: SHIMMER is an all female professional wrestling organization based in Chicago. The goal of SHIMMER is to provide the most skilled women pro wrestlers with a forum to truly shine as athletes and perform at the most competitive level. SHIMMER management has selected an elite crop of women from around the wrestling world who are determined to show that women’s wrestling isn’t just a modeling contest, it’s an athletic contest. Fans who are looking for a promotion that puts the focus on the actual wrestling ability of the women involved must look no further than SHIMMER.

Q: When did SHIMMER start?

A: The formation of SHIMMER was announced publicly in a press release on October 4, 2005. The first SHIMMER event was held at the Eagles Club in the Chicago suburb of Berwyn, IL on November 6, 2005. The show consisted of 18 women wrestlers from around North America.

Q: Is SHIMMER a family friendly wrestling show, or is it adult oriented in terms of content?

A: SHIMMER takes pride in being a women’s wrestling product that you can bring your kids to, which is suitable for all ages.

Q: What’s this talk of “tapings” and “it’s a DVD product?”

A: Recognizing the successful business model implemented by Ring of Honor, SHIMMER has focused on producing a DVD product to sell worldwide as its main source of revenue. SHIMMER spares no expense to bring in the most talented and deserving female wrestlers, regardless of where they are geographically located. As a result, the high cost of flying in upwards of 20 wrestlers for a live event necessitates filming two DVD releases at each live show. Generally, each wrestler on a given SHIMMER taping will participate in two matches, one match for each DVD being filmed.

Q: What is SHIMMER’s connection to Ring of Honor?

A: SHIMMER is a “sister promotion” of ROH, much like Full Impact Pro in Florida. Ring of Honor is also the official distributor of the SHIMMER DVD series. The ROH web store at www.ROHwrestling.com is the place to purchase the newest releases in the SHIMMER series. ROH also sells SHIMMER DVDs at all of their live events. Additionally, ROH recognizes the SHIMMER Championship as its women’s title.

Q: How often does SHIMMER hold live events?

A: SHIMMER typically holds between three and four tapings in a given calendar year, to produce between six and eight new DVD releases per year. Our taping season takes place between the months of April and November each year.

Q: Why doesn’t SHIMMER run live events during the winter?

A: Since we film our DVD series in Chicago, and we are so heavily reliant on smooth airline travel to bring all of the talent in for each taping, we cannot afford to risk scheduling a show during a time period when weather conditions often cancel flights, or close down the airports in Chicago. In 2006 we tried holding a taping during February, and due to snow, three key wrestlers were forced to miss the show, and an additional five wrestlers had their original flights cancelled because of the weather. We were lucky enough to be able to move those wrestlers to flights on airlines that were still operating that day, because otherwise we may have had to cancel the show entirely. We can’t afford to take a risk like that again, with upwards of 20 flights for each taping, so we’ve simply declared the winter months to be SHIMMER’s “off season.”

Q: Why doesn’t SHIMMER tape more frequently?

A: The bottom line is, women’s wrestling is a niche product. With as much wrestling as is currently available on free television as well as on DVD these days, there isn’t a big enough market to support more than 6-8 new DVDs of a women’s wrestling product over the course of a year. From a financial standpoint, SHIMMER cannot take the risk of flooding the market with so many DVD releases that the majority of our fans couldn’t afford to purchase all of them. We need strong sales numbers for each and every DVD we produce in order to remain in operation, so we limit the number of new releases each year.

Q: What is the World Wrestling Network, and what does it have to do

A: The World Wrestling Network is the company in Tampa, FL that handles all of the editing of the DVD releases for Ring of Honor, SHIMMER, and Full Impact Pro.

Q: What’s this about “first run” DVDs and “retail versions?”

A: When each new title in the SHIMMER DVD series is released, we get an initial batch of DVDs made to sell. Thus far, it has taken roughly a year and a half to sell through the entire first run of a given release. Once the first run has sold out, that footage goes to Big Vision Entertainment to release in retail. Due to the high costs involved in getting the initial batch of DVDs made ourselves, once that first run is gone, we do not re-issue that DVD ourselves. ROH simply begins to sell the Big Vision/retail version of that title at that point.

Q: What is the difference between the first run of each Volume of the DVD series, and the retail/Big Vision Entertainment version?

A: The main difference is that the entrance music has been removed for distribution of our matches in retail. The actual bell to bell action in each match appears in its entirety on both versions. The cover artwork is also slightly different for the retail version of each release. Also, beginning with Volume 5, the retail versions include a Photo Gallery section, which is a feature that is not included on the first run.

Q: How can I tell if I’m purchasing a first run version of a DVD, or the retail version?

A: If you see the Big Vision Entertainment logo on the packaging, that is the retail version. Additionally, if the price listed is $9.95 or lower, it’s the retail version. The price of the first run of each Volume is $14.95.

Q: Where can I find SHIMMER DVDs in retail in the U.S.?

A: Our DVDs are available for purchase at the web sites of several major retailers, including Best Buy, Circuit City, Virgin Megastore, FYE, Barnes & Noble, Fry’s, MTV.com, Deep Discount, Amazon.com, MovieStop, and others. They are only actually shelved in select retail stores. Big Vision Entertainment, at www.bvdvd.com, also sells copies of the retail versions of our DVDs directly.

Q: Where can I find SHIMMER DVDs in retail in the U.K.?

A: Our first retail DVD title in the United Kingdom is scheduled for release on August 4, 2008. It’s a “Best of SHIMMER: Phase One,” featuring footage that appeared on Volumes 1 through 5. It will be available via Woolworths, Zavvi, and WHSmith, among other retailers.

Q: Can I rent SHIMMER DVDs without buying them?

A: Volumes 1 through 5 are available for rental through both Netflix and Blockbuster Online.

Q: What is www.ClickWrestle.com, and what are its ties to SHIMMER?

A: ClickWrestle is a wrestling video-on-demand service through which you can purchase individual matches for viewing on your computer. They are a business partner of ours, and offer SHIMMER matches for immediate download, in addition to matches from several other promotions around the world.

Q: What is the “License Number” associated with each wrestler on the SHIMMER roster?

A: When each wrestler participates in their first match in SHIMMER, they are given a wrestler’s license. The first two wrestlers on the first SHIMMER show were Tiana Ringer and Shantelle Taylor, so they were issued licenses #01 and #02. As of May 2008, SHIMMER has issued licenses to 43 wrestlers.

Q: Which wrestlers left SHIMMER due to being signed to WWE contracts?

A: Beth Phoenix, Krissy Vaine, Shantelle Taylor, Nikita, and Nattie Neidhart are the wrestlers who have left SHIMMER after being given WWE deals.

Q: Why have some SHIMMER wrestlers been able to appear on WWE and TNA shows without leaving SHIMMER?

A: All of the SHIMMER wrestlers are independent contractors. We do not have any of our talent under exclusive deals. In the past, both WWE and TNA have booked some of the SHIMMER wrestlers on a nightly basis, without signing them to contracts. For example, Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa have both appeared for WWE while still remaining active on the SHIMMER roster.

Q: What is the difference between “Inactive,” and “Alumni” status for wrestlers who have appeared for SHIMMER in the past?

A: “Alumni” status indicates a wrestler who has signed an exclusive contract with another wrestling organization which renders them no longer available to SHIMMER. “Inactive” indicates that particular wrestler has either decided to take time off from pro wrestling in general, or is still active for other promotions, but is not under any sort of exclusive contract elsewhere.

Q: Will we ever see “Alumni” or “Inactive” wrestlers in SHIMMER again?

A: The door is never closed to any wrestler who has appeared for SHIMMER in the past. If contractual status changes, or the right circumstances present themselves, anyone could potentially return to SHIMMER at some point in the future.

Q: What is SHIMMER’s agreement with TNA?

A: In April of 2008, SHIMMER signed an agreement with TNA Entertainment which permits TNA contracted talent to appear on SHIMMER live events, and on the first run of each Volume of the SHIMMER DVD series. However, matches involving TNA contracted talent may not appear on the SHIMMER DVD titles released in retail. This obviously makes the first run of each SHIMMER DVD more valuable, as they will become the only way to see the complete show.

Q: Why does SHIMMER film its DVD series at the Berwyn Eagles Club?

A: We feel it is the perfect setting for our product on DVD. We’d rather fill a small venue than run a larger building with empty seats. We also have the necessary elements readily available to us at the Eagles Club to produce DVDs that look good on camera (ring lights, video screen, etc).

Q: Is SHIMMER going to go “on tour” to other cities?

A: We have no plans to take SHIMMER “on the road.” Again, we’re primarily a DVD series, which means the most important aspect for our tapings is the appearance of the location on camera. We have such a strong fan following in the Chicago area that we can fill the Berwyn Eagles Club without even announcing any matches, and the location looks ideal on camera. There’s no reason to roll the dice and move the shows to other cities where we may not have a big enough following to draw a respectable crowd, and may not be able to set up our live production in the appropriate way.

Q: I noticed that Volume 14 was filmed in Florida, rather than Illinois. Will SHIMMER be returning to Florida for future events?

A: We held the Volume 14 event in Florida in cooperation with both Full Impact Pro and SLAMminLadies.com. The opportunity presented itself to run a live event in that region at minimal financial risk to us, so we gave it a shot. Though we have not ruled out running an occasional show in Florida in the future, our main focus is on running shows at the Berwyn Eagles Club from this point forward.

Q: I noticed Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald appeared for SHIMMER on May 21, 2006. Why isn’t she on the DVDs filmed that day, and will she ever wrestle for SHIMMER?

A: Nora’s appearance was an added bonus for the live crowd that day. She did not wrestle on the show, but signed autographs, posed for photos, and sold merchandise. Though we have extended the offer to Nora to wrestle in SHIMMER if she ever wishes to return to the ring, she hasn’t expressed an interest in wrestling again.

Q: Why did SHIMMER wait until Volumes 11 & 12 to crown a champion?

A: We made the decision to wait until the promotion had developed a fan base that was familiar with the various members of the roster before holding a tournament to determine a champion.

Q: Will we ever see SHIMMER Tag Team Champions, or a secondary singles title established?

A: When we feel the time is right, additional SHIMMER Championships will be added to the mix.

Q: Will we ever see a SHIMMER television show?

A: We have no aspirations of producing a television show. We are a DVD series, and we believe in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” As a live event and DVD product, we have the freedom to produce the kind of matches which we wish to present to our fan base. In doing television, a wrestling company must answer to the network in terms of content. Not to mention, there are additional expenses involved in producing television which make the idea of doing TV something we’re just not interested in.

Q: Will SHIMMER ever do pay-per-views?

A: As with producing a television show, producing pay-per-views is another concept which we don’t really have any aspirations of doing. Never say never, but it’s unlikely.

Q: Is there a SHIMMER wrestling school for women interested in becoming a part of the SHIMMER roster?

A: We do not operate our own wrestling school, but recommend that interested women enroll at the ROH Wrestling Academy in Pennsylvania. Daizee Haze is very active at the ROH Wrestling Academy, and along with head trainer Delirious, works with the students at the ROH facility. Visit www.ROHwrestling.com for more information on training at the ROH Wrestling Academy. Fully trained, experienced female wrestlers interested in being considered for SHIMMER should E-mail [email protected] for more information.

Q: Is there an official SHIMMER mailing list?

A: Yes. There are two, actually, and we encourage everyone to sign up for both in order to stay informed about the latest happenings, DVD releases, and other information from SHIMMER management. We have our Yahoo Group, located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shimmerwrestling/ which serves as our E-mail list. Make sure you adjust your settings to receive “individual E-mails” when you join the group, or else you won’t get sent each update. We also have a snail mail list, to which we send *FREE* glossy flyer cards prior to each taping. We send the free glossy cards to everyone who wants them, no matter where in the world you are located! If you aren’t already on the list, E-mail [email protected] with your full name and postal mailing address, and you will be added.

Q: What is SPARKLE?

A: SPARKLE is the pre-show at the live SHIMMER events. It typically consists of male wrestlers from Chicago’s AAW promotion, which holds monthly events at the Eagles Club, and is our promotional partner in Berwyn. The King of SPARKLE is Cadillac Jones.

Q: At the live events, is there an opportunity to meet the wrestlers, get autographs from them, and get pictures taken with them?

A: Yes. We hold a lengthy intermission between the filming of the two DVDs at every taping, where you can interact with the wrestlers and purchase merchandise items from them. You can also interact with the wrestlers at the official after party following each taping. We encourage you to buy them their food and drinks!

Q: Where is the after party, and is there any age requirement to get in?

A: The SHIMMER after party is at Michael Anthony’s Restaurant & Bar, located at 6434 Ogden Avenue in Berwyn, IL, just one mile from the Eagles Club. Though Michael Anthony’s does have a bar area for those who wish to drink, it is also a family restaurant, which means fans of all ages are welcome to attend.

Q: I’d like to help spread the word about SHIMMER to other fans. How can I be of assistance?

A: We encourage our fans to spread the word about the SHIMMER live events and our DVD series to other fans online. Adding links to www.SHIMMERwrestling.com to your signatures on message boards, posting reviews of our DVDs, etc. all help us in many ways. If you live in the Chicago area and would like to help distribute flyers promoting our upcoming tapings in your area, E-mail [email protected] expressing your interest.

Q: How can I contact SHIMMER?

A: You can reach us by snail mail at SHIMMER Women Athletes LLC, PO Box 3294, Lisle, IL 60532, USA. Our office telephone number is 630-505-1012. Our live event information hotline number is 630-585-3958. Contact [email protected] to reach us by E-mail.