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In November of 2005, eighteen women gathered in suburban Chicago to be a part of the inaugural SHIMMER Women Athletes DVD taping. The event was in many ways an experiment to see if a U.S. based women’s pro wrestling product which put the focus on athleticism and wrestling skill could be accepted by wrestling fans, and develop a following. SHIMMER Volume 1 surprised many when it became a hot seller very quickly at ROHwrestling.com, proving that there is indeed an audience for a serious women’s wrestling DVD product.

As SHIMMER built its fan following during the months that followed that first taping, several further editions of the DVD series were filmed, featuring many of the top female stars from around the world, including Ireland’s Rebecca Knox, the UK’s Nikita, Nattie Neidhart from Calgary, and LuFisto from Montreal. SHIMMER introduced Amazing Kong to the American wrestling scene on Volume 5, after she first honed her skills and built her reputation in Japan. During the time period between Volumes 1 and 10, many of SHIMMER’s women athletes moved on in their careers, and new faces were thrown into the mix to take those roster spots. Through the DVD series, fans were able to familiarize themselves with just who each of these female competitors are, and what they are capable of in the ring. Having established a core of athletes through the first ten DVD releases, SHIMMER was ready to take the next logical step… crowning a SHIMMER Champion.

Over the course of two nights in Berwyn, IL, sixteen women participated in a single elimination tournament to determine just who would be the first athlete to wear SHIMMER gold. Many of the wrestlers who had been in action from the very beginning, such as Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Allison Danger, Lexie Fyfe, Sara Del Rey, Ariel, Lacey, Cindy Rogers, Daizee Haze, Nikki Roxx, and Rain were entered into the bracketing. Competitors who made their way to SHIMMER during 2006 and early 2007, such as veteran grappler Malia Hosaka, British star “The Jezebel” Eden Black, and Canada’s Portia Perez were also added to the mix. Additionally, newcomers to the SHIMMER ranks like Alicia and CMLL’s “Dark AngelSarah Stock tried to instantly establish themselves in SHIMMER during their debut weekend with the company by becoming that first SHIMMER Champion.

Now, all of the action as part of the two night, sixteen woman tournament is available on DVD for immediate worldwide shipping from ROHwrestling.com! Volume 11 features all of the matches which took place on the first night, which includes the entire first and second rounds of the tournament. Volume 12 consists of matches which took place during the second night, including the semi-finals and finals of the tournament, as well as several non-tournament matches featuring wrestlers eliminated from tournament action the previous night. These two companion DVD releases total over five and a half hours of action, and feature twenty big matches in all!

The first ten DVD releases in the SHIMMER series demonstrated what each of the members of the SHIMMER roster bring to the table, all in preparation for this tournament to decide just which of the women athletes of SHIMMER is deserving of being recognized as the very best. Volumes 11 & 12 of the SHIMMER DVD series… now available at ROHwrestling.com!

Volume 11 – http://www.rohwrestling.com/shoponline.asp?point=moreinfo&catid=252&id=2492

Volume 12 – http://www.rohwrestling.com/shoponline.asp?point=moreinfo&catid=252&id=2493
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