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We are just hours away from the return of live SHIMMER Women Athletes action to the Chicago area!

Tickets will be available at the door today at a cost of $20. One ticket grants you admission to both DVDs being filmed today– Volumes 29 & 30 of the SHIMMER series.

Three of the four young joshi stars arrived last night. Ayumi Kurihara, Misaki Ohata, and Tomoka Nakagawa have had a full night’s rest and are prepared to make their American pro wrestling debut this afternoon. Kurihara and Nakagawa have been in the midst of an intense rivalry in Japan, and this afternoon, will bring that feud to the States, as they do battle on Volume 29. S-Ovation/Ibuki officials look forward to Ayumi and Tomoka showing the SHIMMER fans what joshi puroresu is all about as they will present their unique style of action for the Berwyn fans.

Dark AngelSarah Stock arrived last night from Mexico City, ready to step into the SHIMMER ring again for the first time since April of 2008. A former top contender to the SHIMMER Championship, Stock was overheard discussing the SHIMMER Title Tournament from 2006 where she eliminated the now SHIMMER Champion, MsChif, during the second round. Dark Angel is back with a purpose.

Hiroyo Matsumoto competed yesterday in the SENDAI Girls’ Pro-Wrestling tournament, and immediately hopped on a plane to Chicago. Hiroyo will be arriving at O’Hare during the taping of Volume 29 this afternoon, and will head straight to Berwyn to compete on Volume 30!

Both Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews of SHIMMER Tag Team Champions “The Canadian Ninjas” are in Chicago, with neither claiming any sort of illness to excuse themselves from defending the belts this time. Allison Danger is pleased, and prepared, for Portia to step back into the Eagles Club today.

The youngest graduate of the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy, Jamilia Craft, is anxious to make her debut this afternoon in Berwyn. Daizee Haze has taught her well, and she will need every bit of knowledge on her side as she faces the difficult challenge of SHIMMER veteran Mercedes Martinez on Volume 29.

Madison Eagles greatly impressed not only the Berwyn fans, but her fellow wrestlers in the locker room during her first two SHIMMER singles outings on Vols. 23 & 24 against Del Rey and Martinez. Madison is back in SHIMMER competition this afternoon, and is more focused than ever. She has said 2010 will be her year in women’s professional wrestling.

Daizee Haze is another athlete returning from the injury which sidelined her from our last set of tapings. We’ve seen in the past from the Haze what she can do in technical wrestling bouts against the likes of Lacey, Rebecca Knox, Sarah Stock, and Nicole Matthews. This weekend, Daizee requested the opportunity to test her skills against the visiting joshi athletes. Volume 29 will see Daizee step into the ring against Misaki Ohata for the first time anywhere in the world.

Cheerleader Melissa is ready to kick some ass.

Doors open at 1pm! SPARKLE begins at 1:30pm! Bell time is 2pm! We’ll see you at the matches!