SHIMMER Women Athletes – 2nd Birthday!

SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES News for 11.06.07

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SHIMMER: 2 Years

Today is November 6, 2007.

It’s been two years since the debut SHIMMER event.

Time really flies by. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been two full years that this company has been in operation.
Words can’t really express my appreciation for each and every person who has put their time and energy into making this concept work. We took a lot of risks even giving this a shot, and it is only with the combined effort of everyone involved that we have been able to get to this point.

What I take the most pride in is the fact that SHIMMER has, over the course of the past 24 months, been able to give thirty-seven women athletes a platform to display their abilities to an audience that can and will appreciate what they have to offer. If the collective efforts of SHIMMER as an organization has helped any of these performers learn, develop, or simply increase public awareness of who they are and “raise their stock,” then everything we’ve gone through has truly been worth it.

We’ve succeeded in filming sixteen full length DVD releases of women’s professional wrestling that we can all be proud of. Through our efforts, we’ve given wrestling fans worldwide a true alternative to the other products that are currently offered, and something unique. A small Eagles Club in suburban Chicago has been the home of the very best in women’s professional wrestling for two years now. Everyone who has played a role in our events over the past two years has something to be proud of.
I’d like to extend a huge thank you to each and every one of the performers who lent their talents to the SHIMMER cause over the past two years. The thirty-seven wrestlers, six referees, four announcers, and everyone on the crew who have worked on our events are all crucial to making our shows come together. Your physical efforts on the shows and other contributions to the product are appreciated immensely.

With apologies to those who I may neglect to recognize along the way…

Allison Danger: For all of her work in turning this project into a success.

Lexie Fyfe: For all of her help in making the SHIMMER talent roster what it is today.
Gabe Sapolsky, Cary Silkin, Syd Eick, Ross Abrams, and everyone at Ring of Honor: For giving SHIMMER the opportunity to be the “little sister” of the best professional wrestling organization I’ve ever been a part of, and expose our product to the ROH fan base in so many ways.
Sal Hamaoui and Director Dave Puente: For all of their hard work and patience for making our live tapings translate to DVD. It is the DVD releases that make our very existence possible.
Danny Daniels and AAW: For being the perfect promotional partner in the Chicago area to bring our live DVD tapings to fruition several times per year in Berwyn.
Mike Robles, Glenn Boyle, Francisco Cartagena, Jesse Irwin, Jamie Potts, and everyone else who has been a key part of the filming process of our DVD series at each of the tapings this past year.
Mike Burns and everyone at Smart Mark Video: For being so generous and giving us the ability to produce such great looking DVDs for our hard working women and our dedicated fans.
Kevin Kleinrock, Ryan Katz, and everyone at Big Vision Entertainment: For bringing our DVD series to the masses via retail distribution. It is with their help that SHIMMER can easily find its way into the hands of casual wrestling fans everywhere.
Jason Deadrich, Chynna Mai, and everyone at For being a dedicated partner in our business for two solid years now, and providing SHIMMER with an additional revenue stream through making our matches instantly available online for fans worldwide.
Dan Lawrence, Erin Morris, PJ Drummond, Andy Long, Trik Davis, Larry Sternshein, and everyone else who helps bring everything together on taping days in Berwyn: For all of their assistance. and everyone on the crew for Full Impact Pro: For making our taping in Inverness, FL back in July a reality.
Powerslam Promotions: For all of our DVD artwork and promotional materials.
Jill McKee, Gilda Pasquil, Walter Lippmann, and Buddy LaMantia: For all of their hard work photographing the SHIMMER events for our fans to enjoy.
Michael Tunnell, Michael Bottella, James Davies, and Stacy McMackin: For giving SHIMMER such a strong online presence through their work on our web site, Yahoo Group, and MySpace page.
Ed Chuman, Rico Mann, Dave Millican, and Reggie Parks: For everything that went into the process of creating such a beautiful championship belt.
George Tahinos, Ernesto Ocampo, and Harry Burkett: For all of the great coverage of SHIMMER in Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Super Luchas during 2007.
Rubye Lane, Michelle Alegria, and everyone at WLS-TV Channel 7 and “190 North”: For exposing what we’re doing in Berwyn to everyone in Chicago.
Elliott Harris: For giving us so much important press during 2007 in his column for the Chicago Sun-Times.
Eva McKendrick: For the local press here in the southwest suburbs for The Sun.
Sheldon Goldberg and Sean McCaffrey: For their assistance along the way, and work toward women’s pro wrestling in their parts of the country.
Sherri Martel, Woman, and The Fabulous Moolah: For the inspiration, all of the memories, and helping pave the way.
Sara Del Rey and Lacey: For everything they did in the ring for us over the past two years, and giving us all such a memorable moment on June 2nd.
Sarah Stock: For selecting SHIMMER as the place to make her return to the U.S. wrestling scene.
Amazing Kong: For bringing something so unique and exciting to our shows, and giving more than 100% every time out.
Eden Black, Alexa Thatcher, Alicia, Nicole Matthews, Ashley Lane, and Jetta: For being such positive new additions to our locker room during our second year. The future looks bright!
Nikki Roxx: For all of her contributions since show #1 to help build our DVD series into something special.
Mercedes Martinez: For being such an important part of our first year of operation, and helping to give SHIMMER such a strong foundation to build on. See you in 2008!
Tiana Ringer: For being so damn smurfy. We hope to see a return sometime soon!
Talent Relations and the Board of Directors: For doin’ that scouting.
Cadillac Jones: For being the King of SPARKLE.
Michael Anthony’s: For the sponsorship.
Bryan Alvarez, Mike Johnson, Bob Magee, Pat McNeill, Brad Dykens, Dwight & Andre at the Ringside Report, everyone at Rumble Radio, and every message board moderator who has allowed us to shill like crazy: For helping spread the word about SHIMMER to wrestling fans everywhere.
And finally, to each and every one of the fans who have supported SHIMMER financially over the past two years by purchasing all of our DVDs, buying tickets to the shows, and showing your appreciation for each of our performers in every way possible. Your support is what keeps us going.
Thanks for a fantastic second year, everybody!
Dave Prazak

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