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SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES News for 10.15.07

Courtesy of the SHIMMER Yahoo Group




SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES returned to the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Saturday, October 13th, 2007 to film Volumes 15 & 16 of the DVD series. Here’s what went down…

The first half of the taping consisted of matches taped for SHIMMER Volume 15.

1. “The Jezebel” EDEN BLACK def. AMBER O’NEAL via tap out with the Garden of Eden (triangle choke).


REBECCA BAYLESS conducted an interview backstage with ALEXA THATCHER, who said she wants to get her hands on ALICIA, who attacked Alexa’s injured foot on Volume 14, but Alicia is nowhere to be found so it will have to wait. Bayless pointed out Alexa’s opponent for the night is CHEERLEADER MELISSA, and Thatcher said she is going to give it all she’s got against Melissa to pull off the win.

3. JETTA def. SERENA DEEB with a stranglehold lungblower turned over into a stranglehold submission.

REBECCA BAYLESS conducted an in-ring interview with ALLISON DANGER, who said she’s trying to set aside her recent losses against CINDY ROGERS and focus on going after the SHIMMER Championship. Rogers interrupted the interview and wound up attacking Danger. A referee slid into the ring as they fought, and called for the bell to make it a match.

4. ALLISON DANGER def. CINDY ROGERS with the Old School Expulsion.

5. “The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew” LACEY & RAIN def. PORTUGUESE PRINCESS ARIEL & JOSIE with a double team tomikaze.

Backstage, MsCHIF & DAFFNEY cut a promo about how THE EXPERIENCE want a rematch from the tag bout on Volume 12, but after attacking Daffney in Florida on Volume 14, this time they’ll have to deal with Daffney as MsChif’s partner, as she is out for revenge.

6. CHEERLEADER MELISSA def. ALEXA THATCHER following the Kudoh Driver.

7. “The Experience” LEXIE FYFE & MALIA HOSAKA def. “The Scream Queens” MsCHIF & DAFFNEY after hitting the double team gourdbuster on Daffney.

8. “Dark AngelSARAH STOCK def. DAIZEE HAZE with a variaton of a victory roll to earn #1 contendership, and get a title shot against the winner of Del Rey/Kong on Volume 16.

After the match in the locker room SARAH STOCK said that she doesn’t care whether it’s SARA DEL REY or AMAZING KONG that she has to face for the championship on Volume 16. Stock proclaimed that she is the best wrestler in the company, and she will become the new champion on Volume 16.

9. “American Angel” SARA DEL REY def. AMAZING KONG to retain the SHIMMER Championship. The closing moments of the match saw both women drained of energy from the brutal fight, resulting in the referee administering a series of ten counts, only for both women to struggle back to their feet and continue to fight each time. Finally Del Rey hit the Royal Butterfly on Kong, but was too exhausted to go for the cover. Del Rey beat Kong to her feet during the ensuing ten count and was awarded the victory.

During a post-match interview in the locker room, AMAZING KONG stated that SARA DEL REY may have technically won the match, but she did not pin her or make her submit. Kong said “I’ll see you again real soon,” and that it’s just a matter of time before the title is hers in a rematch.

Following intermission, matches were taped for SHIMMER Volume 16.

In a locker room interview, PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS boasted of being on an “undefeated streak” in SHIMMER tag team competition, and how they will continue in the great tradition of the Harts and Rougeaus as a Canadian tag team force in pro wrestling, because they’re “frickin’ awesome.”

1. LORELEI LEE def. AMBER O’NEAL with an Oklahoma roll.

2. PORTUGUESE PRINCESS ARIEL & JOSIE def. PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS with a double team blockbuster (Ariel held Matthews up as Josie came off the turnbuckles with a blockbuster).

3. ALEXA THATCHER def. ASHLEY LANE with her signature face kick.

REBECCA BAYLESS interviewed LACEY & RAIN in the locker room, asking for them to reveal their tag team partner to take on the team of DAIZEE HAZE & MsCHIF & “The Jezebel” EDEN BLACK later in the evening. The Home Wreckers then welcomed JETTA into the fold as “The cream of their Oreo,” and an honorary Home Wrecker, while pointing out Jetta’s history against all three of their opponents in Europe.

4. “The Experience” LEXIE FYFE & MALIA HOSAKA def. ALLISON DANGER & SERENA DEEB following the double team gourdbuster on Serena.

5. CINDY ROGERS def. DAFFNEY via submission with the TCB, after targeting Daffney’s knee, which was re-injured early in the bout.

6. DAIZEE HAZE & MsCHIF & “The Jezebel” EDEN BLACK def. “The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew” LACEY & RAIN & JETTA in roughly 25 minutes when Daizee pinned Jetta following the heart punch/Yakuza kick combo.

7. AMAZING KONG def. CHEERLEADER MELISSA after the Amazing Press.

8. “American Angel” SARA DEL REY def. “Dark Angel” SARAH STOCK two falls to one in a two out of three falls match to retain the SHIMMER Championship.

SHIMMER will now spend the winter months releasing the DVDs that have been filmed this year, before returning to tape new DVDs in the spring. Due to the unpredictability of the winter weather and SHIMMER’s reliance on smooth airline travel to bring all of the talent in for each taping, this will become a regular part of SHIMMER’s schedule, where we will film DVDs from the spring through fall, and take a hiatus from live events during the winter.

WLS-TV Channel 7 in Chicago was on hand to film a segment on SHIMMER for an upcoming episode of Channel 7’s “190 North” program. Several SHIMMER stars including SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey, Allison Danger, MsChif, and Josie were interviewed for the segment, which will air on the 10/28 edition of the show.

Photographers Walter Lippmann, Buddy LaMantia, Jill McKee, and Gilda Pasquil were all on hand at the taping. Look for their material to be available online very soon.

We’d like to thank all of the fans who traveled from all over the country to be a part of SHIMMER’s final DVD taping of 2007 in Berwyn. This was our second sellout at the Eagles Club, with 250 devoted fans in attendance!

Post your thoughts on the taping in the Official 10/13 Results thread at The SHIMMER Forums…


Pro Wrestling Illustrated devoted six pages of this year’s edition of the PWI 500 issue of the magazine to profiling SHIMMER! The article, written by Bill Meltzer, is an introduction to what SHIMMER is all about to fans who may not be aware of us yet. Several of photographer George Tahinos’s shots from the June 1st & 2nd weekend of tapings will appear along with the article’s text.

You can read the text of the article on PWI’s web site, at the following link…


We couldn’t have hoped to be included in a higher profile edition of PWI than the 500. A big thank you to everyone at Pro Wrestling Illustrated for helping spread the word about SHIMMER to wrestling fans everywhere!

The tenth DVD release from SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES is now available for immediate worldwide shipping from www.ROHwrestling.com. It is a Region 0 DVD, which means it will play anywhere in the world.

Featured on the Volume 10 DVD is a main event of Sara Del Rey taking on Nikki Roxx, in Nikki’s first ever SHIMMER main event matchup! Plus Daizee Haze tries to use her quickness to battle the size and power of Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa takes on Lacey, the UK’s “Jezebel” Eden Black battles Canada’s Tiana Ringer, and much more!

The DVD artwork can be viewed here…



Item# SH010

1. Portia Perez vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
2. Alexa Thatcher vs. Rain vs. Malia Hosaka vs. Josie
3. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers
4. Lexie Fyfe vs. Serena Deeb
5. Amber O’Neal vs. MsChif (w/ Daffney)
6. Tiana Ringer vs. Eden Black
7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Lacey
8. Daizee Haze vs. Amazing Kong
9. Sara Del Rey vs. Nikki Roxx
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Item# SH009

1. Rain vs. Eden Black
2. Ariel vs. Alexa Thatcher
3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Allison Danger & Cindy Rogers
4. Portia Perez vs. Josie
5. Daizee Haze vs. Amber O’Neal
6. Tiana Ringer vs. Nikki Roxx
7. Lacey vs. Serena Deeb
8. MsChif vs. Amazing Kong
9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Rey
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