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So you all know – SICW Wrestling Explosion is now on youtube in addition to Charter Cable.  The link is below.

The episode, which airs this week, is #121,  For those involved working on the shows, #122 will have Travis Cook and Ironman Kasa, #123 will be Vaughn & Texan vs. Jackson & Hargas, #124 will have Chas and Heath Hatton.

We  have a new tv producer, Grant Murphy, and he did a terrific job.  Almost missed the finish on this tag but he got it!  And we’ll improve our communication so he gets even better.  Also, on the classic inserts, we will have an intro so folks know what the date is – just missed it in the hurry of the week.  For your info, the Brody-Patera-O’Connor-Rocky Johnson (The Rock’s dad) bout is from May 4, 1980.

Spread the word – SICW Wrestling Explosion is on YouTube!

Below is the YouTube video attached to the account “SICWwrestling”. The videos can be seen by anyone, anytime, anywhere by searching for it or emailing anyone the link like the one below. Let me know if you have any questions.

Click below for video: