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By Andrew Pritchard

Sid Vicious joined the In Your Head crew this week for a surprise 90 Minute Interview filling in for Scott Hall. Jack One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards conducted the interview for the July 22, 2006 edition of In Your Head wrestling Radio.

Jack asks when the last time Sid was in the ring with Scott Hall, Sid says last time he was in the ring with Scott was in San Francisco for a WCW PPV (SuperBrawl 2000), and says he thinks it was pretty much the end of his WCW Career and says he thinks Scott was in the ring 4 hours after with his back messed up from his power bomb. Sid talks about his first match with Scott Hall, saying this was 20 years ago, and they started their career about the same time Hall in Minneapolis with the AWA and Sid in Memphis, and he went down to a territory called Continental Championship Wrestling as Lord Hughmongous and says he was doing pretty good character wise he says that they were bringing in special people to work with him and Scott was one of those guys, Sid says he was built in CCW for a year and had never taken a bump and this is back in the old days when people really believed what was going on in wrestling and Sid’s character was a monster, Sid says he went to kick Scott, Scott grabbed his foot and sweeped his leg out from under him and he went down and when they got back to the dressing room Scott said he had never heard a reaction like that other than from Hulk Hogan, Sid says what it was, was the first bump of the year he had taken.

The Conversation ensues into Scott Hall as Magnum Scott Hall and Jack says he was going to ask Scott originally what the Alligator Wrestling gimmick was originally about, Sid says he doesn’t think Scott had done Alligator Wrestling before, Sid says if he wasn’t mistaken that was probably one of WCWs first attempts at creating a character like the WWF was doing, Sid says he thinks Scott would be the first to say that gimmick never really got off the ground.

Jack says everyone really expected Scott Hall to be a big guy but didn’t really catch on until the Razor Ramon character, Sid says that he caught on a little bit with the Razor Ramon, and that he really did well and that we’ll all remember him for was the NWO and being an opportunist he took advantage of it, and Sid thinks why he did so well there was because he was unhand cuffed and very few times people like Scott get a chance like that, and Sid says when you don’t have the restraints you usually have you are allowed to do things you think would help, Sid says Scott like himself is really educated in this business, Sid says he doesn’t know Verne Gagne but having watched some of the old shows and what he’s heard about him he had to be a real good teacher from that territory Scott went to Dusty and Sid says Dusty was also a very good teacher and from there he went into WCW where there were a lot of creative minds and Kevin Sullivan doesn’t really get the credit he deserves for being a pretty good booker and Sid says the list goes on and on and Scott ended up getting really educated when he went to the WWF, Sid says what he’s trying to get to is Scott didn’t really get over with the Razor Ramon but had the education to go to WCW with the NWO and really fly.

Sid thanks Scott Hall for being the guy who got him into WCW on his last run. Sid tells everyone not to judge Scott, we all have our problems and Scott is a good guy. Sid recalls Scott telling people in WCW “I do 2 things, I drink and I wrestle”.

Sid Vicious also talked about Steak, TNA, WCW, Vince Russo and much more. To hear the full interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com You can also listen to In Your Head’s amazing 4 year archive including interviews from people such as Trina Michaels, Kevin Nash, Bobby Lashley and many more. Be sure to check out In Your Head’s official message board where you can leave your questions for upcoming guests, and also get all your official In Your Head news, http://www.inyourheadboard.proboards27.com/index.cgi and you can also subscribe to the IYH Blogspot for the latest In Your Head Podcasts at http://iyh.blogspot.com future In Your Head guests include Austin Idol.